Another Appleton Wisconsin Winner – Lightening Does Strike Twice!

I can’t believe it myself, but as you read this I will be leading the Prize Patrol back to Appleton, Wisconsin to surprise another lucky resident with another Big Check from Publishers Clearing House.

And yet, I shouldn’t be surprised. As one of our old PCH TV commercials used to say (or actually sing), “Miracles can happen, can happen for you: Publishers Clearing House, the house where dreams come true.”


Just last month, on St. Patrick’s Day, we surprised Appleton’s Jon Knostenberg with a $10,000.00 prize (See picture to the left). He was thrilled, of course, and vowed to keep entering the PCH Sweepstakes everyday at because he wanted us to come back to Appleton, maybe with one of our multi-million dollar SuperPrizes – for him.

Well, we’re coming back! But, alas, to see someone else, not Jon. I guarantee that this new winner will be “over the moon” – because this prize is $100,000.00 TAX FREE! (Next week I will file a report on this site so you can “read all about it” and see the actual “winning moment”)

Jon K.: If you are reading this, don’t despair. Your recent entries still keep you in the running for a SuperPrize. Let’s get together in Appleton so I can personally encourage you to keep on entering – because, as you can see, lightning can strike twice!

As for the rest of you reading today’s blog: do what these lucky Appleton Wisconsin winners have done so religiously: ENTER the Publishers Clearing House Sweepstakes! You never know! You could be our next big winner! And enter every day. Our rules allow you to do that, thereby increasing your chances of winning.

Remember: “Miracles can happen, can happen for you: Publishers Clearing House, the house where dreams come true.”

Sweet dreams and good luck!

Dave Sayer

Executive Director


20 thoughts on “Another Appleton Wisconsin Winner – Lightening Does Strike Twice!”

  1. carlamantee says:

    Having lightning strike twice is totally awesome. Congratulations

  2. Carolyn says:

    This is exciting. Holding my breath hoping my name gets picked for February 27 th

  3. meg says:

    hi i just logged in to win 10,000 a week. it would be nice for someone from texas to win .i am a married woman with two kids with struggles just like evryone else. thinking we will never get ahead in life. hope to be a lucky winner to help with lifes bumps.

  4. Ricardo says:

    No bubble! Just a llttie froth coming off the market in a few local markets such as California, Florida, The Entire East Coast, The SouthWest, The Northwest, and The Mid East. Waco Texas real estate for example seems to be holding up very well.

  5. Billie Jo Holzer says:

    I’m from Trempealeau, Wisconsin!! I’m sooo excited and can’t wait to find out if I’m the mega prize winner this November 30th on NBC. I can’t think about anything else! I am dreaming about how much fun me and my family and friends could have together.

    Bless you all and be grateful for what we all have!!

  6. Becky Payne says:

    I’m from Appleton … I want to win too!

  7. Kim King says:

    Prize Patrol getting pretty excited about the next winner. Are you ready for a small town country welcome.

  8. Richard Carpenter says:

    Hi, thats amazing that lightning struck twice in one town with two winners. I like to think a mirracle could happen to me, Im a college student in Little Rock, AR. and I stuggle week to week, while tryying to become a teacher at the U of Arkansas. What a dream… I enter every day in hopes of some serious luck and a little blessing from above.

  9. Jeff P, while m says:

    Other then random computer picking,I hope theres a human heart behind picking the final winner.

  10. Regie says:

    Earlier, I blogged and blew my horn about how I thought I topped the score on Momjohng game. I actually haven’t even made it to the top 10. ha! Learned some lesson about understanding clearly what I read before embarking on it.
    I had a good experience though with the PCH service center who were very patient to answer my questions until I understood the whole picture.
    I also better not “count my chickens before the eggs hatch” or something like that. ha!

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