Wisconsin Tax Free Winner Happy that He Entered Every Day at PCH.com

PCH Appleton, Wisonsin Tax Free Winner

Just look at the happy faces on Dick and Jean Maigatter of Appleton, Wisconsin. Well, wouldn’t you be smiling too if you just won our special $100,000.00 TAX FREE prize from Publishers Clearing House?

Dick is also happy that he had the good sense to enter our sweepstakes virtually every day. He figured that he could get more chances to win that way, and he was right!

The Maigatters were headed for a family gathering that night and were hoping to surprise everyone then with news of their good fortune. But the way good news travels around town when the Prize Patrol comes to call, “fat chance”!! The neighborhood was already abuzz when we departed.

Before flying out of Appleton the next morning, various residents of the area approached me to talk about the news that appeared in the newspaper and on TV. One aspect of the story really got the attention of a policeman I met at breakfast: “Wow, I see that man entered the sweepstakes almost every day. Gee, I thought you could only enter maybe once a year.”

I set everyone straight on that, telling them that they should ENTER the Publishers Clearing House Sweepstakes every day. “Make it part of your daily routine,” I suggested.

And I would suggest YOU do the same! ENTER NOW by clicking on this link to pch.com! Who knows? The next winner that our Prize Patrol visits with balloons, roses, champagne and a Big Check could be YOU!

Good luck!

Dave Sayer

Executive Director


5 thoughts on “Wisconsin Tax Free Winner Happy that He Entered Every Day at PCH.com”

  1. Judy.L says:

    Yes !!! I Entered Every Day At PCH.Com .

  2. RON says:

    pay my many bills and invest in my art

  3. Jeff P, while m says:

    The florist did a nice job with the roses, they look great. Now remember i like Blue, so alot of Blue balloons, Hope i’ll see you soon PCH.

  4. Jeff P, while m says:


  5. useme gail says:

    not saying a word pictures says it all as always

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