Shopping with PCH is super easy!

I love buying items through the internet and mail. I’m not necessarily a few minutes away from my local mall, so having the opportunity to try something out at a low price is always nice! Publishers Clearing House makes it simple and affordable. I have purchased items in the past that get my friends talking. A few months ago, I purchased some satin pillowcases through Publishers Clearing House. My hairstylist had suggested them years ago to help limit breakage. I tried them out, and they feel great AND they’re gentle on your hair while you sleep! I take them with me whenever I travel and I sleep on one every night. My hairstylist is impressed by how much my hair has improved. Now my friends are thinking about trying them out.

I’ve also tried out a few magazines through PCH. The most current one is Real Simple, and I love it! It’s chock full or organizing ideas and tips. It’s exactly what I need for settling in to my new home.

There was one time when something arrived and it wasn’t exactly what I wanted. One quick call to PCH’s customer service, and I returned the item easily.

Remember, no purchase is necessary to win, but if you do decide to make one, you can trust that your satisfaction is guaranteed!

Good Luck!

~Natalie Bostelman

2008 SuperPrize Winner

PCH Goodwill Ambassador

23 thoughts on “Shopping with PCH is super easy!”

  1. Carla Antee says:

    Seach and win has allowed me to search and be shop in the ffuture

  2. Carla Antee says:

    Shopping should be super easy


  4. carlamantee says:

    Shopping around is very easy

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  7. Paulo says:

    Thanks for the best trip I have ever had I love Oakland!!! It was amazing I thhguot our rooms could have exploded they where so warm the food was cool it was a better meal every night5

  8. Jebbar says:

    If you are tall, try and get a seat in an exit’ row because you can serttch your feet out. Take munchies and reading material and unopened water/drinks. Get up and serttch your feet and walk around several times during flight. When you check-in, always ask if there are any upgrades. Sometimes you can get a much better more comfortable seat for cheap. Go to duty-free; always great buys. Always know where your passport and your tickets and itinerary are for your entire trip. Don’t pack valuables in your checked luggage. Don’t leave valuables in hotel room unless you have in-room safe, then use it. Watch out for London pickpockets. Best to have pouch of some sort around neck or waist inside jacket at the front. Keep your passport and money there. Get everything together on your bed of what you plan to take. Pick out 1/3 of that and pack it. Take lots of money because England is very very expensive, even just a coffee and burger, ouch! Try not to drive as they drive in a totally different way (and I don’t just mean on the wrong side of the road), and driving there can be very scary. Plus gas must be out of this world right now. Get a train pass cheapest most comfortable and best way to travel Great Britain and Europe. Don’t ever leave your suitcase unattended. Flights into Manchester are much cheaper than into London Heathrow if that works for you. Be sure you are aware of the items you cannot take in your carry-on; these are changing a lot and if you are going through security you may be forced to leave something behind. That happened to us hubby has an expensive multi-tool that he keeps on his belt, so he totally forgot about it. Security said we had to leave it (was like $200) I wasn’t about to leave it, so went back into the main airport and mailed it home. It actually arrived a day after we returned, LOL. Go to all the pubs and have lots of chips with malt vinegar, mmm (that’s french fries in US terms). Take a compact fold-up umbrella and rain poncho from home. They take little room and will be much cheaper than buying there when you need it. Take warm jacket or sweater depending when you go, if it rains, you will feel a chill to your bones. You will have a blast, it is a great trip.

  9. vera stanard says:

    Don’t push other products from different companies only directly from PCH

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