A Common PCH Sweepstakes Winner Exclamation: “I Never Won Anything In My Life!”

I’ve heard it countless times as we award a Big Check to a surprised and ecstatic PCH Sweepstakes winner: “I’ve never won anything in my life!”

Then they say something like, “Well, I take that back. I remember winning a crummy door prize at a luncheon – worth maybe four bucks.”

I can identify with this. I never won anything substantial myself. I do remember “winning” free French fries at McDonalds once, and I remember winning a gallon of upholstery cleaner at a church bazaar when I was a kid.

Everyone seems to remember winning SOMETHING during their lifetime. Generally it’s something small. Yet, it’s funny that even if a prize is minimal the event is burned into the recipient’s memory.

But, believe me, nothing compares to the thrill of winning a huge cash sweepstakes prize from PCH. I have been present at hundreds of these awards – not on the receiving end of course but as head of the PCH Prize Patrol making the delivery. The roses, the balloons, the champagne, the video camera rolling, the PCH’ers in navy blue jackets and the famous Prize Patrol van “as seen on TV”: it’s VERY exciting. No wonder there are screams and tears, congratulatory applause from the bystanders, and coverage by the local TV and newspapers.

If you’d like to win something substantial like a Big Check from PCH, the best suggestion I can make is enter the PCH Sweepstakes at once! You can get started simply by clicking here on this link to pch.com.

One more suggestion: Make entering the PCH Sweepstakes at pch.com part of your daily routine. That way you’ll get more entries “in the pot” and increase your chances of winning.

Here’s hoping the next prize you win will be a BIGGIE!

Good luck!

Dave Sayer

Executive Director


39 thoughts on “A Common PCH Sweepstakes Winner Exclamation: “I Never Won Anything In My Life!””

  1. Brad Landvik says:

    I have been a loyal customer since 1999 ive never won a dime , a few times ut said i won$80,000 but. They never sent me my money, ver sad

  2. Carla M Antee says:

    I won a prize from PCH. I plan to win a Bigger one next

  3. I agree, Started entering in mid 1960’s. My Dad played for years and bought all kinds of merchandise that was junk and fell apart within months. PCH seems to be nothing but a big SCAM.

  4. kim says:

    entered pch before computers were invented and entered by snail mail and now do it on computer and i still have not won anything. what a scam

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