A Check Payable to Publishers Clearing House

I just made out a check payable to Publishers Clearing House. It struck me as kind of funny because most people would expect Publishers Clearing House to be the one sending a check. But, you see, I just ordered some magazines and wrote the check to pay for them.

As a PCH employee, I’m not eligible to enter and win the PCH contests and sweepstakes. But, employees can and do order magazines and merchandise from PCH! We really appreciate the variety of magazine titles and huge selection of value priced merchandise that our company sells. Plus, the convenience of home delivery is excellent for someone like me who is working too hard to go out and shop at stores.

Got a Snuggy? So does my daughter. Her “cool” mom got a leopard print one from PCH for her. Apparently, it’s the latest craze on college campuses.

Need a pair of shredding scissors? So did my mom. Guess who ordered a pair from PCH and put it in Mom’s Christmas stocking? She’s still talking about how they really come in handy.

Our product buyers do a terrific job of sourcing popular items as well as unusual and hard-to-find products – all at fabulously low prices! I’m looking forward to attending the next quarterly Product Expo meeting when our PCH Buyers will present the new items available for next season. It gives me an advance look at what will be offered in our mailings and online promotions. I know our customers will be in for a treat when they see the high quality items offered at bargain prices and … I just might start planning my holiday gift giving at the same time!

Have you ever tried any of the merchandise or magazines sold by Publishers Clearing House? Let us know what your favorite items are!


Deborah Holland

Executive Vice President

PCH Publishers Clearing House

11 thoughts on “A Check Payable to Publishers Clearing House”

  1. Kim Weeks says:

    97 winner,

  2. Carla M Antee says:

    This is next

  3. brooke blair says:

    My name is brooke Blair I am 21 and have a three year old boy. My mother past a way a few months before I became pregmet. Iv been struggling my sons hole life with bring sauces full. I havnt seen the light st the end of the tunnel yet. If I win I will finly be the mother I’ve always wanted to be.

  4. Patricia Gregory says:

    I am very dissatisfied with the knives I brought from PCH washed them in the dishwasher and they came out with rust on them, I was given a so called free gift of two pillows and they were flat within two weeks of using them. Where in the world do you get your products from….signed a very, very unhappy shopper, it won’t happen again trust me!

    1. Victoria At PCH Victoria At PCH says:

      Hi Patricia,

      We are sorry to hear that you are not satisfied with your purchases. Please contact our Customer Service department using our Ask Us page found here: http://pch.custhelp.com/app/ask.

      Victoria At PCH

  5. glenwilson sr. says:

    I sent two checks 20.00 apiece and four more in front of me to send in. at 20.00 apiece …….

  6. Evelyn says:

    I am into doing puzzle books . I really don’t belive some people win contest at all I have entered contests for 15 years.

    1. PCH Customer Service PCH Customer Service says:

      Hi Evelyn,

      Publishers Clearing House prides itself on running a fair and honest sweepstakes for over 40 years in which we have awarded in excess of $300 million in prizes across the United States and Canada. We are registered with the Secretary of State in New York and Florida. Our mailings are opportunities for a chance to win, and provide clear information that the recipient has not yet won any prize, must enter by the deadline, and must be chosen to win. In order to win an entry must be selected by random drawing or match the winning number selected. Please remember that while we receive entries from all across the land only one individual can actually win each giveaway. All PCH prizes of $500 or greater are awarded by either certified mail, or in person by our famous Prize Patrol. These awards are done as soon as all winning entries and prizes are matched.

      Many of our winners are just like you. In fact, the majority of our winners of $1 million or more have done so as a result of a non-order entry. We really mean it when we say that there is no purchase necessary. While our sweepstakes are designed to create interest in our magazine and merchandise offers, it clearly states in all of our mailings that there is no purchase necessary to enter or win any of our sweepstakes.

      Each entry received has an equal chance of winning and we never know who our next winner may be. Our winners are as varied as the faces you see in our famous television commercials coming from all walks of life, ages, ethnic backgrounds and regions. We have had winners who live in big cities, small towns, trailer parks, high rise apartments and even the Alaskan tundra.

      Jodi @ PCH

  7. I’m into health and fitness, too! I run 3 days a week, try to work out twice a week and try to eat healthy. I get a lot of tips from Fitness magazine.
    Deborah @ PCH

  8. Jeff P says:

    I like the Health and fitness magazines,And anything that influences a healthier life style, foods & diets. Even Home improvement magazines & gardening.
    If i become a big winner ide have a whole home gym anything i needed , a stable healthy diet.
    Ide like to have a Home with creative landscaped big walk through garden, with many plants and little water falls , areas to sit to relax etc.

  9. gail says:

    yes me too sending them money for something i bought never had them send me a check ha ha ha but i like the pch search i can look up something with out all the sites thanks just hoping someday i will win

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