Some people curtail their driving when the gas prices go up. And we members of the PCH Prize Patrol are no different. But when duty calls and it’s time to deliver huge cash sweepstakes prizes to Publishers Clearing House prize winners, we say “”Fill ‘er up,” and we don’t stop driving our Prize Patrol van until we can say “Mission Accomplished.”

Now, it’s true that we don’t drive excessive distances if travel by air to the winner’s town makes better sense. And, yes, we would stop driving if we learn that the winner is away from home for an extended time, then arrange delivery later.

But we do deliver – and I mean deliver BIG TIME. I’m not talking pizza-delivery here but Big Checks delivery – with free sweepstakes prizes worth thousands and millions of dollars!

In 2009 our Prize Patrol deputies logged thousands of miles bringing the good news of winning to over TWO HUNDRED lucky PCH Sweepstakes entrants all over the USA.

You could be one of our 2010 winners!

Of course there are lots of ways to win cash prizes at Publishers Clearing House. In addition to playing the PCH cash sweepstakes every day at pch.com, you can play free online games at PCH Games, try your luck in the daily drawings at PCH Lotto, and get a free sweepstakes entry when you conduct an online search at PCH Search & Win.

So get moving! Simply click on this link to pch.com to get started.

Good luck!

Dave Sayer

Executive Director



  1. How come it seems like the powers that be want to help yet it seems too be playing very close attention but always avoids the luck on a draw

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  3. People can make mistakes , and luck may not always prevail. To regret not giving to chance. The most important parts of life may pass . To, at least, notice this, regret is only what happens to you when you plan on doing something else . I know miracles to be real. This is, in memory ,of, things i do not regret. So that i could get back all i could give . This is opprotunity .I really do want to win the sweepstakes .If you only knew! Dated june 23, 2011 thank you for consideration . STEVEN PRESTON

  4. eillther says:

    i want to win because of my job status, and people who who need me. and because i deserve to win.bangorme04401

  5. Jeff P says:

    2 Days!!!!!!!!!!!

  6. i believe that the powers that be and positive energy bringing the natural laws of attraction know how much it would mean to steven preston to be validated winner of the biggest superprise in sweepstakes history and all the goodness it truly would fulfill lifelong dreams that can be imagined and that miracles can bring. this is to be considered my confirmation . thank you for your time and cosideration . and for letting me play pch . your friend sdp steven douglas preston

    1. Chad Mitchell says:

      I hope and pray you win everyday Steven. You deserve it!

  7. Jeff P says:

    The Ford Escape Hybrid, may save you some gas to Dave (True ?)Be safe no matter how you travel Prize Patrol.

  8. Jeff P says:

    Are you coming to Mi ? I’ll be home or at work ,so if i get picked.I’m retiring lol

  9. useme gail says:

    i live in the same state don’t even drive that close well as always entering through the two three e-mails sent a day

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