Who Do You Want to Win? (The PCH Sweepstakes Prize Drawing, Not “American Idol”)

This season’s “American Idol” is into its final rounds, and the country is abuzz about who will win. Of course everyone has their favorite performer, and millions of votes will be pouring in to determine the megastar of tomorrow. 

But when it comes to a contest like the Publishers Clearing House Sweepstakes, you don’t have to watch any TV show or talk among your friends to pick a favorite. You know that YOU want to be the winner of the prize drawing! Even if you have no musical talent or show-biz flair, you know that you’d like to be the recipient of the Big Check from PCH!

I’m here to tell you that you “have what it takes” to win. In fact, if you enter our sweepstakes at pch.com on a regular basis, you’ll have a lot more than a single chance to win. You’ll have multiple chances in the prize drawing! Our PCH contest rules allow you to enter every day, and that increases your chances of winning a huge cash prize worth thousands, even millions of dollars.

We are finding that more and more of the people who enter the PCH sweepstakes online are winning. And that makes sense: after all, the more entries you have in the prize drawing the better your chances of winning.

So do what so many of our recent PCH winners do: enter sweepstakes online right now – today and every day – at pch.com!

You may not win “American Idol.” But you CAN win the prize drawing in the Publishers Clearing House Sweepstakes!

Good luck!

Dave Sayer

Executive Director


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Jeff P said...

$1 Million Memorial Day ! Could i be this Lucky !

gail said...

ford escape big screen tv computer washer and dryer! Why Because my van just broke down just love to have a big screen tv my computer is over ten years old and washer and dryer i could really use them that is what i would like to win and why.

Natalie B At Pch said...

@ Gail –
My favorite purchase was my washer and dryer. I named them Wixie and Dixie. I never had my own up until last fall. I almost love to do my laundry. Almost. :)
Good Luck!
~Natalie Bostelman
2008 SuperPrize Winner
PCH Goodwill Ambassador

Jeff P said...

If i get as lucky or as close to lucky as you Natalie lol. I’m getting rid of my 1995 auto(Chitty, Chitty Bang Bang) for eather a Chevy Silverado pick up truck, or the New Chevy Camaro ss.Now it’s a Dream, but i know It’s A Dream that could come True.

akali jack said...

i pray i am the winner it would be a blessing. A dream come true, i could provide for myself and 7 children without the stress, i could go to school fulltime and persue my nursing degree, wow that would be great!!!!!!!!!!!

Penny said...

I would like my parents to win. They have been there for my three children and I when things were at their worst and then some… God bless always!

pree said...

I pray, I wish and search everyday because I would like to win for my scholarship and to help family and another people.

Barbara Alvarado said...

I am 69 years old and disable. I live in an 11 year old mobile home and drive an 11 year old Hyundai. I have two artificial heart valves, pacemaked/defibrillator (cardiac arrest (2007), diabetes, sleep apnea, anemia and severe arthritis. I have so many doctor appointments and I am afraid my car will break down and I am on a limited income with many medications that I could not even afford to get it fixed. I am would like to give something to my Church as they have been there for me throught everything. Bless you!

gregory roseth said...

it would be awsome to win the big cash prize i can think of many reasons i would like myself to win i would help myself and my famly and finally get to shop on line time to time my grandpa has been entered into pch for as long as i can rember it would be a dream coming a reality

Kim Ellerbee said...

I would just like to provide for my children, right now it’s a matter of how we will get dinner every day and have christmas. My husband and I both work every day, very hard but it just doesn’t seem to be enough. we have never had a vaccation I would love to take them to Disney, and of course share my wealth with my family and St. Judes.

Alice Moore said...

I am still trying to win at least one time on PCH&Win. I have tried all that I can now I will try this way by leaving a note for who ever sees this message and let me win a little lady from “Texas”. Thank You.Alice Moore

Marilyn Joan Hadey said...

I do not think that the Memorial Day gift is over just yet , is it? I hope that there is another Big Gift, I could use a nice Big Gift about now, you see, for I am not working right now and it Stinks and hurts. I would and could help my boyfriend pay the bills here in our trailer park. ThankYou marilynh89

Neoma Henry said...

I wish every one good luck I feel as if I could use it my self thanks for the fun games PCH

Donna Harrison said...

I would be blessed to win the sweepstakes and very happy person

marie nickles said...

Hi my name is marie nickles n I want to win because I see a lot of homeless people on the street n I I want to help them out for the want freeze or have a heat stroke.I also want to help my husband take care of my family like my nephews we have staying with us because there mother didn’t want them.my husband has highblood pressure n it’s hurting him that he can’t pay all the bills.we have to move cause our landlord does not want to fix the house n we have to move by the first n no money to move.I have diabetes n authorities n I can’t walk sometime. I think I should win because I will not just help me I will help others in need.