Dinner Conversation About Prize Patrol Winners Is Hard to Beat

Whenever my wife and I have guests for dinner it would be nice (for a change!!) for the conversation not to include tales of my latest Prize Patrol winner trip.

Forget talking about current events or sports or the latest movies. Our visitors want to know, “So Dave: Where have you been lately? I know you haven’t knocked on my door with that Big Check! Who’s the latest lucky prize winner?”

So I tell them: “Well it was this savvy young businesswoman in Memphis” or “a retired croupier in Reno” or “a struggling autoworker in Michigan.” Then, because the questions never end, I relate how the winner reacted to the unannounced visit, what the plans are for the prize money, and what it’s like for the Prize Patrol to make people so happy.

Come to think of it, this subject matter makes for pretty good dinner table conversation! It beats talking about the bickering at City Hall or who will occupy that empty storefront on Main Street or the weather.

There’s another thing I know for sure: for days and weeks to come dinner table conversation at each winner’s home will focus on what the “winning moment” was like. I have talked to past winners who tell me that years later they cannot be at a social gathering without being asked to recount the experience of a lifetime, the day the PCH Prize Patrol rang the doorbell and announced, “You are a winner in the Publishers Clearing House Sweepstakes!”

YOU could be a winner too. Entering online is fast and easy, AND our rules allow you to enter every day, thereby increasing your chances of winning. So, don’t delay. Enter the Publishers Clearing House Sweepstakes simply by clicking here on this link to pch.com.

Who knows? The next person to receive the fuel for years of mealtime conversation could be you. And the Big Check will be pretty stimulating too!

Good luck!

Dave Sayer

Executive Director


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gail said...

i wish i could just eat without being sick but getting up and entering everyday keeps me going

Jeff P said...

when i win everyday will be a reminder at the supper table about winning the Publishers Clearing House sweepstakes.It’ll be all around me!
Come to Michigan Dave/Prize Patrol!

Mai T. Nguyen said...

Has the winner been announced for Giveaway NO. 1400 for the 31st yet?? It’s the $1 Million giveaway. I wonder who the winner will be. Come to Pennsylvania Dave/Prize Patrol!! :)

Chris @ PCH said...

Hi Mai,
PCH will release information about the Memorial Day drawing on Memorial Day. Tune in then for an update!

Mai T. Nguyen said...

Torture!! haha.
I can’t wait to see who the lucky winner is :)

Dorilynn Glover said...

I stay in a town that sometimes does not appear on the map, so I know my chances are slim to none. But I still have faith that maybe one day it will happen. Luv U all PCH.

Jeff P said...

I Respect and appreciate any kind of PCH Prize that i may win, and theres quite a bit of good to great to WOW!! things to win.