Dreams Can Come True!

PCHlotto held its first-ever BLACK EVENT during the month of May, and boy, were there some lucky winners! The main feature of the Event was the Black Scratch Instant Win where members could win cash and gift card prizes, including the largest instant-win prize, $25,OOO.OO! Imagine winning that much cash instantly, simply by scratching the scratch card and matching the prize-winning images. Almost sounds too good to be true, right? Well, IT HAPPENED!

Leigh Anne Tomes of Louisville, Kentucky, played the Black Scratch card on May 5/31st and WON! Anyone can unlock a chance to win instantly on by first playing all four game cards, and that is exactly what Ms. Tomes did. The $25,OOO BIG prize was guaranteed to be awarded and – as all instant-win prizes are – was awarded completely randomly. Although the prize could have been awarded at any given point during the BLACK EVENT, Ms. Tomes must have had some Memorial Day luck. Stay tuned for more info on Ms. Tomes and how she won!

Other Black Scratch winners included Charlesetta M. from Beaufort, SC, who won $500 cash, Norman B. from Pasadena, CA, who won $500 cash, Brian W. from Marcellus, MI, who won $500 cash, Evelyn S. from Ridgeley, WV, who won $100 cash – and the list goes on! There’s simply not enough room to feature all our instant winners here!

Don’t worry! There are still instant-win prize opportunities available EVERY DAY at PCHlotto! And during the June Summer Prize Shell-Out, additional prize opportunities – totaling $1,261,500 – are available on the 4 pick quick cards. Pick your numbers now, and you could become one of PCHlotto’s many winners!

Don’t forget the PCHlotto motto: Free to Play, Winners Every Day!

Christine Dagey

PCHlotto Prize Suite


  1. I hope I’m the winner in Norman Oklahoma

  2. Mrs. Patricia Katz says:

    Patricia Katz
    How wonderful it would be to have an opportunity to help as many needy people and organizations. I would definitely make certain that the person after me would be the kind of person who would continue to do good works.

  3. Jerry Holder says:

    who won the june 30th 2mil,plus 10,000.00 a week ,plus a new car,or has a winner been picked yet.

  4. michael walczak says:

    hello pch and yes i would like to win the 25,000.00 cash plus 2 million and the 10,000.00 a month for life and the new car and the 3 million dream home and the 5,000.00 a week for life

  5. susie riopelle says:

    I’m in it to win it and i’ll never give up i need a miracle dream to come true love pch lotto

  6. Glenda Perez says:

    Is so Amzing I love play all the game.please let me win.

  7. Irina says:

    I keep up with you all feom your mother. I am so proud of you three, I know it is diniguraocsg not to have donations coming in AND having all the mishaps. It has cooled off here no fans running and I’m waiting for rain (gardens really need it). The Red Sox are in a rain delay, so maybe it is coming this way. Hope you enjoyed your time w/ Tom and Sarah. Love to you all!

  8. Wow! How Incredible! I would feel so very blessed just to win a small portion of that! I hope it helped to change her life in a very beautiful way.

  9. Way to much fun just doing what you enjoy doing.. Searching things and playing games…you just NEVER KNOW IF YOUR THE NEXT MIRACLE…

  10. Greg Tharaldson says:

    OK That is really good I try to put in every info in to get an entre in 3600 bonus Gwy prize and I must be missing something, However I really been praying and wishing that I win the super prize one Million dollars a year for life 3080 and 5K each week for life this is something that I been Wishing for all my life, This would make ALL my DREAMS come true, and make my family very happy so we could live a better life I have to tell you that I get these tell a marketers calling ever day and try to sell you something and after you try to tell them you can’t afford it they say, ya I under stand and still they try to sell you something it gets to the point were they jest don’t understand No. So I have toss this phase around on to myself I have for many months now telling myself No I am not going to give up, I want this to happen to me, I want to Win this prize on February 28th so bad I can taste it this is some thing that I have always, always wanted. I want to WIN. I am not going to give up.

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