The Women of the Publishers Clearing House Prize Patrol

As related in previous blogs at this site, two men from Publishers Clearing House, Todd Sloane and yours truly, founded the PCH Prize Patrol back in 1988. But there have been nine important women who have accompanied us on our travels over the years – not counting scores of other female “guest Prize Patrol deputies” from various departments at PCH, ad agencies, and TV shows. They have been instrumental in our successfully awarding huge cash prizes worth millions upon millions of dollars to surprised winners in every corner of the USA.

Now – don’t get excited: I am not about to provide a calendar with revealing photos of our female colleagues – as attractive as they all have been; but I would like to recognize them by name: Starting in 1988 there was Gina Riccio, then Stacy Helman, then Carroll Rotchford, then Dorothy Addeo, then Jamie Heinz, then Juju Quinnonez, then Eve Saldin Fish, then Allison Pavone, and now, in 2010, Danielle Bertellotti. We thank you one and all! We could not have done it without you! And, of course, we wouldn’t even know what winners we were surprising or where we were going if it were not for Maryann Carter who “keeps the home fires burning” as Contests Manager at PCH headquarters in Port Washington, NY. Thank you Maryann!

Some may be wondering how a woman gets a job like being a member of PCH’s famous Prize Patrol “as seen on TV” inviting viewers to enter the PCH Sweepstakes. All have been employed in some advertising or contest capacity in PCH’s Promotion Development Department – and they usually got there having prior experience in some kind of marketing at other companies.

Chances are that if you enter and win one of our contests, Danielle will be among the presenters who will arrive on your doorstep with roses, balloons, champagne and – ta-dah! – the Big Check! But, of course, that cannot even begin to happen unless you enter the Publishers Clearing House Sweepstakes.

Since you are online right now, may I suggest you simply click on this link to where you can enter without delay – today and every day!

Here’s hoping we meet in person soon!

Dave Sayer

Executive Director


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