Are You Ready to Win?

Not too long ago, I was busy at work when I suddenly remembered that I had forgotten to return a call from one of the class mothers from my daughter’s school. Without thinking, I picked up my office phone and quickly dialed her number.
After a few rings, she answered, bewildered and breathless. That’s when I realized that since I’d called from my office, the name PUBLISHERS CLEARING HOUSE had appeared on her caller id!

After I explained who I was and that I work for Publishers Clearing House she exclaimed, “I keep hoping that the Prize Patrol visits me. I thought maybe they were calling to ask for directions!”

We shared a good laugh and I apologized profusely for getting nearly giving her a heart attack! Then I assured her that if she keeps entering online at, maybe her dream of a Prize Patrol visit would someday come true. But, I made sure to remind her that at PCH, as a rule not notify winners over the phone … we award our prizes just like you see on TV with the Prize Patrol showing up at your door with the big check, the roses and balloons!

I don’t know if she’ll one day win a big PCH Prize – but she was certainly ready to become a Publishers Clearing House winner! What about you? Are you ready to win? But, remember, you can’t win unless you enter!

20 thoughts on “Are You Ready to Win?”

  1. Dominique says:

    I’m ready to when this April on the 30th. I pray and hope my dreams come true, I need you PCH!

  2. Carla M Antee says:

    Good morning yes I am

  3. Carla M Antee says:

    PCH yes I Am

  4. Harry Black says:

    Me too please

  5. Joyice Knouse says:

    Iam ready to be a winner. I would like to help some of my

  6. D Johnson says:

    Been a long time, still waiting……….

  7. Jamie Ziola says:

    I’m so ready to win!!!!! The hardship is to hard to bare, and I only have PCH to hope for….I’m ready for financial freedom….my giving list is long.

  8. Glen Smith says:

    I’ve been play for 30 years… not meant to be!

  9. Hello PCH Employees, I’m Ready to Win! Have the Best Thanksgiving Ever! God Bless!

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