Are You Ready to Win?

Not too long ago, I was busy at work when I suddenly remembered that I had forgotten to return a call from one of the class mothers from my daughter’s school. Without thinking, I picked up my office phone and quickly dialed her number.
After a few rings, she answered, bewildered and breathless. That’s when I realized that since I’d called from my office, the name PUBLISHERS CLEARING HOUSE had appeared on her caller id!

After I explained who I was and that I work for Publishers Clearing House she exclaimed, “I keep hoping that the Prize Patrol visits me. I thought maybe they were calling to ask for directions!”

We shared a good laugh and I apologized profusely for getting nearly giving her a heart attack! Then I assured her that if she keeps entering online at, maybe her dream of a Prize Patrol visit would someday come true. But, I made sure to remind her that at PCH, as a rule not notify winners over the phone … we award our prizes just like you see on TV with the Prize Patrol showing up at your door with the big check, the roses and balloons!

I don’t know if she’ll one day win a big PCH Prize – but she was certainly ready to become a Publishers Clearing House winner! What about you? Are you ready to win? But, remember, you can’t win unless you enter!

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  1. I would be delighted beyond all recognition to win a large prize. The first thing I would do would be to sell my house and move a more quiet neighborhood with out all the traffic . A new car would be niice also. My car is 24 years old. It is a 1992 Toyota Camrey. I would be wonderful not to worry about house payments also

    Thanks for the opportunity. William Lindley

  2. Yes I would love to be a $7000.00 a week for LIFE! GWY 4900 on OCTOBER 23, 2015. I would be in shock and my wife would go crazy cause she would not believe it. I keep saying to her it will come TRUE.