Winning a Sweepstakes Takes Persistence – Just Like Championship Tennis

I just finished reading “Open,” the soul-baring autobiography of tennis legend Andre Agassi. It’s quite a ride, and I’d recommend reading it.

By the time Andre was a teenager, he had practiced returning literally MILLIONS of tennis balls hurled at him by the “dragon,” a menacing machine installed in his backyard by a father determined to make his son the best tennis player in the world. The goal was met, and there’s no doubt that persistence played a crucial role in achieving Agassi’s success.

I’m not suggesting that you should enter the Publishers Clearing House Sweepstakes millions of times as Andre returned millions of tennis balls; but if you’d like to win a Big Check worth MILLIONS of dollars, the more times you enter our fabulous contest the better.

The more PCH Sweepstakes winners I meet, the more I’m convinced that persistence is really important. You may be encouraged to learn that I have known some winners who had “beginner’s luck” and won with their first entry. But, for the most part, the folks who win enter our sweepstakes enter every chance they get – either by sending an entry back by mail or by entering religiously online at

So don’t delay: Simply click on this link to – and you could be on your way to winning a Sweepstakes. And be persistent: enter every day to improve your chances of winning.

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Good luck!

Dave Sayer

Executive Director


27 thoughts on “Winning a Sweepstakes Takes Persistence – Just Like Championship Tennis”

  1. henry13204 says:

    I remember a time when i was a kid i wanted this new bike so bad but my mom said we couldn’t afford it so i went and got a paper route with my friends dad and sold cup cakes at school lol until i was able to get it im not going to lie i did almost give up but in the end im glad i didn’t and learned a valuable lesson never give up on something you want and eventually you will get it good luck to everyone in ghe prize drawing

  2. James Morton says:

    I am just hope that I win so I can buy me a house and do some other stuff that I need to do for awhile so if I win I can do that stuff so may god be with me so that I will win this time so god bless ever one at PCH

  3. June nelson says:

    FAITH AND HOPE I JUST FOUND OUT MY HUSBAND HAS PRE CANCER SO I MUST STAY STRONG AND IF I WIN PCH I WILL BUY MY DREAM HOUSE GIVE MONEY TO CHARITIES take a nice vacation with my husband I know everyone thinks I am crazy for trying to win but I will follow my dream and I just might go from Rags To Riches Good Luck To Everyone stay strong and just Believe have Faith Fairytales Can Come True It Could Happen To Me !

  4. Paul Polletta says:

    WOW, I play Tennis and yes Agassi’s book is what is call in the ZONE some days, Never give up. Just like PCH, in it to win it, keep the faith, and you will win

  5. Barbara says:


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