Winning the World Cup™ and PCH Sweepstakes

As an avid soccer fan and passionate supporter of the United States Men’s team, it was a treat for me to watch our Country compete against the greatest in the world in hopes of winning the World Cup™. Even though the United States World Cup™ winning moment was cut short by Ghana in the 1st round of the knockout stage, it doesn’t take away the sheer excitement, willpower and togetherness our squad displayed during those two 2 weeks in the tournament. Through overcoming three consecutive early goal deficits and several questionable referee calls, the United States was able to finish 1st in their group for the first time since 1930! More importantly through all the adversity, the players and the people of the U.S. came together to form a bond so strong the love could be felt all the way across the world. That sense of a team resonated down from the coaches and players to every single crazed, red, white and blue face-painted American hoping to realize the dream of winning the World Cup™. Trust me I know; I was one of them!

One place where that same strong team bond exists is at Publishers Clearing House. With over 400 employees designated for different tasks, you could say we make up quite the extended, well–oiled winning machine! With every single day I find myself meeting someone new or taking on new challenges, but it’s the help I receive from my peers that makes accomplishing those challenges possible. Our team environment at PCH is even more evident through our joint effort to accomplish goals with different departments. Being a creative writer, I must work side-by-side with designers to make sure my copy is consistent with their creative design ideas. I find it amazing how so many pieces of the puzzle can come together, finding one way or another to help each other out to ultimately reach one single, common goal…

To bring YOU more opportunities to win, more exciting prizes, and some of the best deals possible on a huge selection of merchandise and magazines.

AND GUESS WHAT! With every entry you become that much closer to winning big. Unlike the United States Men’s soccer team, you don’t have to wait 4 years for another opportunity to win. You can visit right now to enter!

Matt S.
PCH Intern

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