PCH Sweepstakes Winners Are Real – Believe Me!

I Should Be A Millionaire…

I’ll bet if I had a buck for every time someone has asked me whether Publishers Clearing House sweepstakes winners are real and if we really award the Million Dollar SuperPrizes, I’d practically be a millionaire myself. You see, I’ve been an employee at Publishers Clearing House for the past 23 years and I’ve been asked those questions more times than I can count. And my answer is ALWAYS the same: YES, we AWARD the BIG Million Dollar SuperPrizes to REAL sweepstakes winners!

In fact, I’ve had the pleasure of meeting many of our sweepstakes winners when they visited us at Corporate Headquarters after their BIG WIN. I still get a tear in my eye as I watch PCH Prize Patrol footage of the winning moments. Of course, I always try to compose myself and wipe the tears away before DAVE SAYER, Prize Patrol Executive Director, stops the tape and asks for the lights to be turned back on. One of the best parts about working at Publishers Clearing House, is making a sweepstakes winner’s “dreams come true”. It never gets old.

I must admit that Publishers Clearing House has come a long way since I began working here. When I started on July 13, 1987, we had typewriters … not computers. We typed memos that were hand-delivered from office to office … there was obviously no email system. A “tea cart” would be delivered to each department for a companywide 10:30 break … now we have a fully-stocked Cafe in the Dining Room. Sweepstakes packages were all paper mail … now we proudly have PCH.COM, where you can enter the PCH Sweepstakes online EVERY DAY with a few clicks! But, what remains consistent to this day is the fact that we continue to AWARD BIG CASH PRIZES to really wonderful and grateful entrants!

What are you waiting for? Enter the PCH Sweepstakes online NOW and you could become one of our PCH sweepstakes winners! Perhaps I will get to meet you and your winning moment will make me cry, too!

Donna W.

Creative Department

PCH Publishers Clearing House

47 thoughts on “PCH Sweepstakes Winners Are Real – Believe Me!”

  1. Carla M Antee says:

    I’m Real

  2. the real allpch.com$5,000.00 a week forever winner vernon eric Thompson.jr

  3. Karla Brown says:

    I am PCH next big winner in Jesus name. Amen

    1. Frazier says:

      Have you sowed any seeds of faith? Faith without works is dead. Hope u win cuz there are tons out there hoping the same way. God bless u.

  4. Brenda Blackmon says:

    hi Danny Conn.There are so many veterans that are in need of our help, instead of looking down on the men and woman who went to fight for the freedom for the rest of us to have our freedom,they went to battle for us now lets fight for them, there are veteran relief centers from state to state so many people who are able to help, please lets open our hearts and our purses/wallets to all the Veterans!!! and thank you Danny for my freedom.brendaj

  5. Brenda Blackmon says:

    Donna,I’ve always watched the pch prize patrol giveaways myself and everytime it brings tears to my eyes and chill bumps to my skin to see the excitement the joy it brings to so many people. i try to keep my head held high and my heart and mind open to the ideal of mybe one day that on one of those vedios could be me.so thank you for your giveaways that i have watched for so many years and good luck to everyone,because i know there are so many people in need.thanks again Brenda B.

  6. Danny Conn says:

    I have been playing PCH for over 30 yrs. I have known 2 people that have won money form you guys when is it going to my time. Know I am unemployed veteran with no income living in a veterans home.


  7. azure linder says:

    I have been entering the sweepstakes for 14 years. Hoping and praying to become the next big winner but was never so lucky. I’ve started entering again although I know the likelihood of me winning is slim to none.

  8. Girish says:

    Hi I loved your Homespun style & Bazaar style books and I am looking fowarrd to reading Pretty Pastel Style. I am doing a freelance writing course and was considering pitching an article for the interior style section of my local weekly newspaper on your new book. This would be my first ever pitch so really very scary, but if you pick me it would show that it is meant to be and I will have to get on to it straight away! Perhaps you could spare a few moments of your time for an interview also?:-)

  9. Judith says:

    I express my inner betauy thru my poetry, photography, and how I treat others around me! I don’t wear makeup and the only betauy routine I have is to wash and moisturize my face and wear lip balm! LOL Nature is my inspiration for everything!Angie14earth at gmail dot com

  10. Falicity May 12, 2013 at 11:25 pm # Hello Adam, I’m a 15 year old woman and attempting to lose weight.

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