Just Imagine Winning $5,000 A Week For Life From PCH!

As I was fiddling with my TV’s remote control the other day, a cute young woman popped on to the screen singing an old song called “Just Imagine.” It was that 1940’s/‘50s movie star June Allyson appearing in an MGM musical “Good News” – all about rah-rah college life in the Roaring Twenties.

Well, the song’s lyrics were all about imagining that the campus football hero (Peter Lawford) would propose marriage — right after he scored the winning touchdown in the Big Game, of course. Guess what: Her imaginings came true by movie’s end.

It’s now 2010 – many decades later. I could write some new lyrics to that “Just Imagine” song, and they’d have nothing to do with college life. Here they are:

“Just imagine – the Publishers Clearing House Prize Patrol rings my doorbell. Ding-a-ling. I open the door and what should I see: roses, balloons, champagne, smiling faces, a video camera, and a huge Big Check that says I’ve won $5,000 A Week for Life!

“Just imagine – the thrill of it all, the freedom from financial stress, the fun of having a bank account large enough to have a new home, a new car, a vacation whenever I want, with plenty left over to share.

“Just imagine – not marrying a college football hero but winning the Publishers Clearing House Sweepstakes! Now that would indeed be a dream come true!”

OK, these lyrics might not work with the music. But that dream could come true if you wake up and ENTER the Publishers Clearing House Sweepstakes at pch.com. By the way, there’s another song in that “Good News” movie called “The Best Things in Life Are Free.” Entering and winning at PCH is FREE! So what are you waiting for? The deadline for our “$5,000 A Week for Life” SuperPrize is August 23 which gives you time to enter today — and enter every day until then to improve your chances of winning.

So go for it! Just imagine that our next huge SuperPrize winner could be you!

Dave Sayer

Executive Director

PCH Prize Patrol

866 thoughts on “Just Imagine Winning $5,000 A Week For Life From PCH!”

  1. 5.000 A week for lift im all in…? 1-21-15

  2. Audrey says:

    PCH has been been with me during my darkest hours and the PCH search engine has been my guide and my answer through many challenging hours and questions and after our darkest hours there is light at the end of the tunnel. I believe and I will always believe. My precious daughter is now among the sweetest of angels. She was so brave and she loved that I always called her my angel. It may sound weird, but it isn’t. PCH was there for me everyday in ways beyond belief with answers and aids and wonderful polite and caring sponsors everyday in ways that were like magic. When I needed relief, I played some challenging games and kept my thoughts busy in another way for a some moments everyday. Thank you for the vision and hope of see that light so bright as it leads my all the way out of the tunnel.

  3. Pavlina Ilieva says:

    Why not me
    I love you PCH
    Thank you PCH
    Pavlina in beautiful Colorado. :)

  4. I would love to win the $5000.00 a week for life i could get out of my trailer its full of mold. I have tried everything to get rid of it but nothing has worked i have had some people tell me thats why i stay sick and i cant afford to move cause i draw social security and have no other income i live from month to month on what i get from that .its hard to live on what i draw and i want to move into a regular house with wood or brick an well insulated . So yes i really want to win this for better health and life thank you so much for taking a minute for me.

  5. Yes I want to win 5000.00a week pch giveaway #3080

  6. Howard says:

    I could do so much for my family if I won the $5,000 /week super prize. My daughter would also benefit very much. I enter pch every time it pops up on my email, in hopes of winning this huge amount of money. I’d never have to suffer the struggles of paying a bill or having to ever rent an apartment. I’d just buy my own house!!


    yes i want to win 5000.00 a week for life PCH GIVE AWAY NO 3080

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