Sweepstakes Prize of $5000 A Week For Life is More Than a Nest Egg

The sweepstakes prize of $5000 A Week for Life currently offered by PCH would certainly provide lifetime financial security for a lucky sweepstakes winner. It’s amazing how many websites there are that have to do with financial security and “nest eggs.” But there’s one website, pch.com, that could provide you with the BIGGEST nest egg of all: a gigantic sweepstakes prize paying you $5000 A Week, every single week, for the rest of your life!

Actually, that amount of dough is a lot more than a nest egg. By definition a “nest egg” is a reserve of money or savings, kind of like a rainy day fund. Clearly, if you win $5000 A Week for Life that’s a whopping, big fund! To carry the bird metaphor a bit further, you could really feather your nest big-time!

Just think of what you could do with such a huge cash windfall: buy a new home, travel the world over, buy a new car or two (or three!), pay education expenses for yourself, your children or grandchildren, donate generously to charities, do all kinds of “makeovers,” be set for life!

I think of many PCH sweepstakes winners that I’ve known over the nearly thirty years I’ve been awarding huge cash prizes to lucky folks who entered the Publishers Clearing House Sweepstakes. They have known the joy and financial security of winning and are mighty glad that they followed our advice: ENTER! You have nothing to lose! You don’t have to go to a store that sells lottery tickets or wait on line or shell out dollars or even a penny!

Just click here on this link to pch.com to enter the Publishers Clearing House Sweepstakes online without delay. And like a bird who’s up early each morning to “get the worm,” return to pch.com and enter every day! That will improve your odds of winning this fabulous sweepstakes prize and the possibility of our Prize Patrol arriving on your doorstep to announce, “You are a Publishers Clearing House Sweepstakes winner!”

Good luck!

Dave Sayer

Executive Director


446 thoughts on “Sweepstakes Prize of $5000 A Week For Life is More Than a Nest Egg”

  1. Renai says:

    Faith Having Faith !!!

  2. for 28yr. i have been positive that this this year i would win i have told myself this every every year iam still hopefull

  3. Carla M Antee says:

    Winning 5000.00 A Week is More than I nest egg Gwy. No. 3080

  4. Piearah Wilkerson says:

    If I was to win the struggle would truly be over financialy !
    In God I trust!

  5. Tina hand says:

    I Tina Hand Wants To Win 5000 dollars a week for life so I can buy a home and not be homeless or hungry any more I hope I win I need a financial blessing so I can buy a home and have a happy life .I pray I win thank you
    Tina hand

  6. bonny blake says:

    I love to take care of my grandchildren make sure that they have money for college take care my parents and my family

  7. Glenn S. Makuch says:

    January 12, 2015, Monday Morning!!! Good Morning Publishers Clearing House!!!
    I, Glenn S.Makuch is the early bird every day with Publishers Clearing House every
    single day because you are wonderful, great people, to wake up too!!! I love to get up
    EARLY IN THE MORNING, every morning is a great day to start off with Publishers Clearing House. I love reading the PCH FrontPage Newspaper and Win SuperPrizes
    like you said Mr. Sayer the early bird has to get up early for that worm, because if you snooze you lose just like the Early Bird, I follow the Winners in life not the Losers, and
    Publishers Clearing House is my Winning Team that I would be their for them if you
    needed me I would Rescue You all , great beautiful people that people should care
    more about, If people listened to me We Would Have a better out look on daily
    Activities in your Life to make it better. I grew up I had to go to work when I was 9years
    old working on a farm milking cows before I went to School , feed the chickens, what-
    ever I had to do as my parents told me, your not going to make no money by sitting on
    that couch and I was told by my Father he didn’t want to see me sitting their on that couch when he came home from working all day. I kind of got the message quickly
    and went to work to go and find a job and hand over my pay check at the end of the week, which was $80.00 a week 7 days a week and graduate high school at the same
    time going to work and school, O.K. that my early bird story in the morning!!!
    O.K. lets jump into the Winners Circle this Morning, I thank God that I never woke up
    mad or unhappy in my lifetime, I love Life and I love people and I love me. O.K. I am ready to be the next Publishers Clearing House “Big Winner”!!! I would love
    to win because I grew up with the Winners!!! And it’s funny and I’m still with the Winners
    Mr. Todd Sloane, Mr. Dave Sayer, Mr. Mike Collins, and Ms. Danielle Lam, Ms. Deborah Holland. I really want to prove I can become the next Publishers Clearing
    House Multi- Millionaire and I really want to Win to make my life a lot easier and a lot
    of others, I would love to Win the Publishers Clearing House Sweepstakes Prize of
    The “Forever” Prize $5,000.00 A- Week forever with weekly payments from GiveAway
    No.3080 on February 27, 2015 and be in the Winners Circle with the Winners.
    The Publishers Clearing House Sweepstakes Prize $5,000.00 A-Week For Life is More
    Than A Nest Egg Mr. Dave Sayer , Ms. Danielle Lam, Mr. Todd Sloane, It is unheard
    of in the 59 years I have been here on the Lords Earth, I am like what, I am jumping
    with joy and I didn’t even Win!!!, that’s funny!! It would be a lifetime financial security
    for me, I please love to win and we can talk about being lucky Winner that’s a Gigantic
    Windfall of a ” ‘Nest Egg” payments every week for $5,000.00 and then a love one get to carry on with the payments that is unheard of. Every single week, plus on February 27, 2015 their is a Bonus I am putting With that Windfall of my PCH Blue Diamond Prize Eligibility Card I Glenn S. Makuch is using from giveaway No. 4900, I am so PROUD of my Blue Diamond Card and I love to have a Blue Diamond that I can wear
    on my hand I would go buy in the Diamond District, YES,I want to win that I can go buy a Blue Diamond, “Big Diamond’ on my hand size 10, ” plus in this entries that $5,000.00
    is a weekly payment every single week also Danielle since I went into your personal
    “Forever” mail that was pretty cool, I said to myself I don’t want Mr. Todd mad at me
    I said to myself but he will for give me I’ll take the chance, that was pretty funny caught
    me in the middle between a hard rock and a hard place, plus yesterday I received a
    $1,000,000.00 SuperPrize Bonus With Giveaway No. 3080 and found it a few times
    like 5 times so, I am using my Blue Diamond Card on the Million Dollar Bonus giveaway no. 4900 that was with the $5,000.00 giveaway no.3080 February 27, 2015
    on top Giveaway No. 4900 For the Million for life, The PCH prize Patrol what a Windfall
    of a definition of a “Nest Egg” that’s more than a rainy day Mr. Dave, I would have everyday funds for this Kid!!! I would set up a nice Charity because I followed my PCH
    Advise from everyone from Publishers Clearing House I listen to learn and learn to listen as Danielle asked a few weeks ago Tell us something that you learned what’s new did you learn something new today or in the past. I want to WIN this amazing moment in my life, Like Mr. Dave said the early bird needs and gets that worm and that is me, If you snooze you lose, Mr. Dave the Executive Director of the PCH Prize Patrol
    The apple don’t fall to far from the tree and what a Windfall OF a Nest Egg I would Love to Win from my Guardian Angels to yours, Thank You and God BLESS………….
    Mr. Glenn S. Makuch

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