The New PCHblog – We’re Looking for Your Feedback!

Today we’re launching the new PCHBlog. As you may remember a few months ago we posted a special peek at the new PCHblog logo design (If you missed it, you can find it here). After months of hard work, we’re finally at the point where we can share the exciting new design and features with you, our loyal blog readers!

From the get go, we wanted to make sure the new PCHblog was easy to navigate and contained plenty of interesting and fun information. On the top you’ll see links to all of our online properties like PCHgames, PCHlotto and PCHSearch&Win. We’ve also included a direct link to Customer Service if you need to contact them. Apart from that, we included separate pages with Prize Patrol Videos, PCHblog Photos and PCHblog author profiles. We always love to hear your stories and thought we might as well tell you our personal stories as well!

On specific Blog posts, we improved the design to make it easier to read the posts, make comments and share the blog posts with your friends. Just click on a post and you’ll see all those features below the text.

There are a bunch of other improvements but we’ll leave those for you to find! So go take a look around the new PCHblog and give us your feedback in the comments. We hope you like what you see!


Frank Alb
PCH Community

168 thoughts on “The New PCHblog – We’re Looking for Your Feedback!”

  1. Dave says:

    “Enter now or lose”; stop with the cheesy hard sell. Publishers Clearing House is a fraud. A modern day electronic Ponzi scheme. With your unplayable games, and you annoying, childish come-ons for your stupid “contests”. Then you have pages and pages and pages and pages of over-priced plastic junk that are to lousy to be called “crap”. Then comes the multiple pages of magazines. Hey, zippy, NO ONE reads hard copy magazines. You have heard of the “internet”, because you harass me on a daily basis with multiple ignorant and annoying email enticements. At least you stopped with the ads for that ass clown and his “i won the lottery a gazillion times” bull crap.

  2. says:

    It’s not bad enough that you clowns are a scam; you can’t even be a GOOD scam. Your contests are stupid; the same overpriced plastic junk, with the same $5 discount every time. And the same stupid unreadable magazines with the same 85% off. And games that MIGHT be fun to play if they ever loaded correctly. Not to mention the ever present interruptions by ads for insurance scams or dopey jerks and their “win the lottery” scams. Why don’t you just offer swamp land or the Brooklyn Bridge for sale? It would be more honest than the scams you run now.

  3. HATE the new PCH Games set up…it sucks, so I will be looking elsewhere for free games to play

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