How to Enter the PCH Sweepstakes Online

Knowing how to enter the PCH Sweepstakes could change your life, if you win, and online sweepstakes entry is easy!

What would you do if you won $5000 A Week for the rest of your life? Personally, I would throw a big party with a live band and a bouncy house, and then probably look into buying a 1952 red Ford Thunderbird before I’d decide to be responsible by investing the rest of it. Publishers Clearing House is once again prepared to make a lucky winner’s sweepstakes dreams come true with a SuperPrize of $5000 A Week for Life. This contest is so huge, even other sweepstakes blogs are writing about it! “Talk about financial security,” A Contest Blog writes, “especially in this economy.” But in order to win this amazing giveaway, you first need to know how to enter the PCH Sweepstakes!

Entering the PCH sweepstakes is very simple. For online sweepstakes entry, go to our PCH homepage at and click on the giant, green “begin” button. Just enter your information and retrieve your Super pass. Once you have gotten to that point, you will have the opportunity to check out our spectacular magazine deals, nifty gadgets and As Seen on TV products. Whether you choose to buy something or not, your PCH online sweepstakes entry will be confirmed in no time!

The excitement and daydreaming of the PCH Prize Patrol pulling up to your house with flowers, champagne and the famous Big Check can begin. It’s always a treat to see our sweepstakes winners and their reactions, which you can view at Enter today for your chance to have your very own winning moment filmed and posted on PCH TV!

If you want to read more about our $5000 A Week for Life contest at A Contest Blog, just visit

Now that you know how to enter the PCH Sweepstakes online, let us know … if the Prize Patrol showed up at your doorstep, what would YOU do with $5000 A Week for Life?

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501 thoughts on “How to Enter the PCH Sweepstakes Online”

  1. Joshua E. Mitchell says:

    My search did not whatever your Email mentioned. Hope I’m not passing up anything
    I shouldn’t. I played several games that were attached (749).

    1. Hope this info can help clear up my problem satisfactorily

  2. Marc Anthony Cooper says:

    I hearby activate all my entry’s in the $5,000.00 a week for life prize # 4900 . And would welcome the prize patrol to my home at
    2426 se 57th Ct
    Hillsboro Or,97006.
    Hope to see you.
    Marc Cooper

  3. Dear Mr.Todd Sloane thank you for your email
    I Am Hereby Confirm and Contest Win -All in One Place
    I Am Also Confirming to Win $5,000.00 A Week Forever Prize from our Special Early Look Event from PCH GWY NO.4900 Win This Prize and on August 31st and Will Receive $5,000.00 A Week For Life after that those Same Payments for a beneficiary to My Family Will Continue to Receive a Lifetime of $5,000.00 A Week for Life ,and Will be Glad to Well Come Prize Patrol Should I be Selected As Winner
    Best Regards Yusuf Nasir

  4. carolinejinks says:

    yes PCH I want to win the 5,000.00 aweek for life gwy no 4900 and be set for the rest of my life

  5. Brigitte brooks says:

    Wow! Still not closer 😔thank you God for my health and getting me up in the morning ! Pch sure didn’t !!

  6. Special Early look Mega Millions Event Winner Revealed that Start a Legacy with my Daughter’s

  7. Annette Michael says:

    pch please activate all my entries for all prizes that go with and including the $5,000 a week “forever”

  8. Dear Mrs.Susan Williamson thank you for your email
    I Yusuf Nasir Accept My Personal Number for Final Decision on 8/13/15 to Win $5,000.00 A Week Forever from PCH GWY NO.4900 On August 31st to be Eligible for Winner Selection Process
    Best Regards Yusuf Nasir

  9. This is For the win! May the aspect of the mean go to the best man. Witch is me thank you!!! This is for gateway No.4900 & God Bless Publishers Clearing House. for my opportunity to play!

  10. Rene Tremblay says:

    I found my I’d no. But can’t read the no. I can make out 4numbers at the beginning the rest is very blurred. Can u help me please god bless

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