PCHblog Comments Issue Has Been Fixed!

Update from 8/10: The comments issue has been resolved so that you can now leave comments on the PCHblog without registering with WordPress! Soon you will be able to register with WordPress, Facebook or Twitter and leave comments with those accounts.

Hi PCHblog readers,

We’ve been informed that the PCHblog comments are not working properly. Most of you have most likely received a error message that reads like the following:

The e-mail could not be sent.
Possible reason: your host may have disabled the mail() function..

We’re working hard to find a fix for this issue and are optimistic that it will be resolved by tomorrow (August 10th). In the meantime, we’re asking you to direct your comments to the Facebook Fan Page. I created a new Discussion Topic called “Temporary PCHblog Comments” for you to post your thoughts on the new PCHblog design or anything else.

Thanks for your patience and we’re looking forward to hearing what you think!

Frank @ PCH

90 thoughts on “PCHblog Comments Issue Has Been Fixed!”

  1. mark mays jr says:

    Hope i win soon im not gonna give up keep trying till i do win and keep praying

    1. Sharon says:

      Hope it’s allowing you to play free lotto. Haven’t been able to play in a week. Good luck!

      1. Sharon says:

        Still can’t play pch lotto, so how can I take the final step?

  2. James Campbell says:

    The pch SuperFan game won’t load. It keeps going back to the home page.

  3. The pch games have not been working right. It has locked up several times, and failed to give me tokens I earned. It has two days in December it claims I haven’t played that I know I did. Sometimes I get sent to weird pages instead of winning token page. And I have not been able to see my token history for most/if not all of December. What is happening? Were you hacked by same people who hacked online gamers not on PCH? I just want a fair change to win.

  4. Stancio Butler says:

    Are there going to be those five non Prize Patrol winners only in the Publishers Clearing House $500.00 Brrring In The Cash Sweepstakes on 12/28/2014 which is just for today?

    1. Stancio Butler says:

      ‘cuz I’m not on Facebook anymore

      1. Stancio Butler says:

        even today????!!!!????

  5. Stancio Butler says:

    because my Facebook page got erased & terminated for good

  6. I still can’t go anywhere to find winning lotto numbers! Says “page expired ” or may have moved?!?

  7. Tammy Clark says:

    I am a vip player and game revealed I had won a cash bonus then I wasn’t on the winners list and didn’t receive any more information

  8. Pch Vip win $ 10,000.00 cash prize isn’t working , I’ve been trying all day to make it work,

  9. Kay says:

    Scratch off cards have not been working for awhile. They get to the last card before unlocking the vault and then just have a blank.

  10. Ms S M says:

    I think these blogs have a virus in them because every blog in my email has the same message over and over again. PCH, please check out your systems so we all don’t get it on our computers too…I am going to discontinue use for awhile so I don’t get it on my computer. Good Luck to you all !!

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