PCHblog Comments Issue Has Been Fixed!

Update from 8/10: The comments issue has been resolved so that you can now leave comments on the PCHblog without registering with WordPress! Soon you will be able to register with WordPress, Facebook or Twitter and leave comments with those accounts.

Hi PCHblog readers,

We’ve been informed that the PCHblog comments are not working properly. Most of you have most likely received a error message that reads like the following:

The e-mail could not be sent.
Possible reason: your host may have disabled the mail() function..

We’re working hard to find a fix for this issue and are optimistic that it will be resolved by tomorrow (August 10th). In the meantime, we’re asking you to direct your comments to the Facebook Fan Page. I created a new Discussion Topic called “Temporary PCHblog Comments” for you to post your thoughts on the new PCHblog design or anything else.

Thanks for your patience and we’re looking forward to hearing what you think!

Frank @ PCH

75 thoughts on “PCHblog Comments Issue Has Been Fixed!”

  1. Christian says:

    PCH Slots and Lotto will not function, never loads fully, is that a problem with shockwave or is it a server issue???

  2. PCH all techs need fixing I stopped playing. No point never downloads what is says it will.

    1. Jay says:

      All PCH’s websites are slow, glitchy and filled with error messages. Now my tokens are disappearing without any logical reason why!? I’m starting to see the reason why so many ppl stop playing.

      1. Lillian says:

        I have to agree just today I have been getting kill pages.I’m sick of playing and it stops in the middle of the game..It takes hours to sit here and play and search and enter in all the sweepstakes,you need extra time just to finish PCH. I’m not going to sit here all day just to play and try to win.I want to win,but it is hard when PCH has tech problems.I’ve cleaned everything on my computer that is what they told me to do.But it is not me it’s PCH site..

  3. Stephanie says:

    Pch games will not work for two days for me. My account will not load. I can’t play games and I can’t enter the contests on pchgames. All the other aspects are working. Is this happening to anyone else? Thanks.

    1. Lonnie says:

      Yes it’s happening to others and most of the time I’m not playing anymore.

  4. Tommy Gavin says:

    They said that tehy didnt give away the super prize because that number was not taken?I dont recall having any numbers is there a way we can see the numbers for all our entries and see the number that was not chosen?

    1. Lillian says:

      It gives you the GWY then a number all the sweepstakes have it you have to read everything its normally on second line

  5. lillian says:

    I’m tired of PCH not responding when I am in the middle of playing the games.I spend 4 straight hours a day 7 days a week to play.and this past week was the worst it knocked me out of games wouldn’t let me enter my sweepstakes enteries..I use Chrome as my browser.What is the problem???

  6. sandy miller says:

    6/9 PCH.COM Vault and scratch Tech errors all tokens lost today! PCH.COM Sucks today!

  7. Why don’t you take shockwave flash
    to the trash or stop playing bingo
    and play something else? I hope this is set up right as far as the
    Website URL I’m just guessing about

  8. Arthur Eldridge says:

    They still are not working right…can’t do all the scratch offs and instant win. PCH SUCKS.

  9. Marguerite Lemons says:

    Video from Todd Sloan doesn’t work.

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