Sweepstakes Winners Predicted By Parrot?

Some people wonder if sweepstakes winners can be predicted. Is there a secret source, or perhaps a psychic animal with special sixth sense, that foretells to whom sweepstakes prizes will be awarded?

Recent news of Paul, the British octopus who has predicted the outcome of every German game in the World Cup soccer tournament, may fuel this type of speculation. According to the NY Daily News, “Paul the psychic octopus has proven himself to be a reliable source” in picking World Cup winners.

Then there’s Punxsutawney Phil of Punxsutawney, Pennsylvania who pokes his head out of his burrow every Ground Hog Day, supposedly using his animal intuition to predict whether or not we’ll have an early spring by staying out or immediately retreating.

Here at PCH there’s a parrot named Izzy.

Izzy, the beloved African Grey pet parrot of Maryann Carter, the manager of the PCH Contest Department, is an unofficial departmental mascot. He doesn’t visit our headquarters where sweepstakes winners are selected, but his photos are proudly displayed in Maryann’s office on her shelf and wall overlooking her computer desk. With only a little bit of prodding Maryann lights up and recounts all kinds of amusing stories about the bird’s antics.

African Grey Parrots are known for their intelligence and ability to mimic speech. Izzy can say “Hello,” “Be a good boy,” “Me kiss (followed by an authentic smooching sound),” “Water,” “Don’t!” and “Wha-a-a-t?” (which he undoubtedly learned by hearing Maryann repeatedly ask him what he wants when he’s begging for a treat). And, according to Maryann, he uses these words in context to really communicate.

With Izzy’s high IQ, an intimate relationship with the manager of the department that has awarded over $223 Million in sweepstakes prizes, and a bird’s-eye photographic view of the very screen where the PCH mainframe computer sends encrypted winning number information, if anyone could predict the PCH sweepstakes winners, it would be this feathered marvel.

The truth is, though, no one, not even Izzy, knows who the winner of the sweepstakes prize will be until the drawing is held. All Publishers Clearing House sweepstakes winners are selected at random.

So, despite his impressive vocabulary, when it comes to sweepstakes winners, this privy parrot’s not talking, IZ-HE?

Deborah Holland
EVP, Publishers Clearing House

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Jeannie Jaggers said...

I would like to send lzzy my photo to see if he responds to it ,I think its my time to celebrate I want to build a home for elderly that don`t have a place to go and I`ve written a book that needs to be published.

ccastaldo said...

Very cute..Hope Izzy predicts my number to be the winner.

gail said...

I just have my dog the only thing he knows is feeding time and oh yeah the bathroom plus run and hide when i say time for bath if only he knew i would win pch. That big check would come in handy right now i really need that size of check to fan myself.

    Lisa N said...

    Hi Gail!

    Is that your dog in your profile pic? :-)
    Whats his/or her name if you don’t mind me askin’?

    It looks maybe like a Golden Retriever??

    Haha, love what you said about bathroom time… my parrot sure knows when it’s time for “poopies” & taught him to go on queue, too!, LOL I know that sounds gross..but I’m sure since you are a pet owner the poop does not phase ya’ anymore?!

    I can’t get over how beautiful animals are!! Especially their body/hair/feather colors, features & the loving personalities!! :-)
    I’m a proud pet owner lol!
    What I would do with out my little companion?!!

    When I was younger, we had a family dog, a very handsome German Shepherd, Max was his name. My sister, brother & myself (middle child ..eh!! :-/ ) loved him SOO much!!
    We had him since he was a pup!!
    We were real young- so our dad thankfully took care of & fed Max all by himself, along with a little help now & then from us!!
    Even built him his own Dog House & generously sized outside cage!!

    Max would bark, for attention & whatnot, but at night, his barking got to be a bit much! My father then tried different things, one of them being a collar, not sure what the specific name is?? no bark collar? After realizing that the zapping process was too immoral, or maybe unethical? or both?? He no longer wanted to use the electronic collar!! I know do NOT blame him!!! He did also try other solutions, other attempts to change Max’s behavior!!
    ..That’s like putting a collar on a/my parrot for squawking!!!

    Anyhow, for a neighbor, it was apparently too much?
    The city (I believe it was? or animal control or similar?) therefore had my father give OUR Max away to another family!!! (Max was then about 2-3 yrs old!)
    I can’t forget this…I was old enough to know what was happening & my father also told us the situation!

    However, my dad found a loving family who came & picked Max up & took him home as their own!! Max thankfully acted as it was HIS family & jumped right in to their van (I’m NOT kidding!!) It’s like he knew??
    But I guess it was better for Max & he has probably lived a better life than we maybe could have given to him @ the time?? met the family, they seemed to be very nice & loving!!

    So, happy ending to a sad story…
    but I WOULD NEVER give away or sell my bird because of the squawking (no matter how many headaches it’s caused me!!)!!
    I would move & take my bird TOO!! (which is nearly impossible to me right now b.c you need a good or great credit score/and or credit history & the financials! & I don’t have a dime leftover after my “necessary” co-payments & bills, to even afford a market rate apartment!)

    I am very sad that the economy is the way that it is & sad about how MANY people & families & many more now due to unemployment on the rise, live pay check to pay check!!! :-(
    What stinks more, is how us wonderful disabled persons also have very little- or no means to get OUTSIDE for some fresh air, as much as we would like!! or even extra cash for clothing or enough food every month!!!
    (WITH the help of fd pantries now & then!)

    I know it does not have anything to do with this blog post, but on one last note..


    Ok, thks for hearing me out!! :-)

    Goodnight all!!

    Lisa N said...

    As I look @ your pic again Gail, do you have a cat? lol


Deborah Holland said...

My dog’s IQ increases dramatically when I’m holding a treat for her! :)

Lisa N said...

Hi Deborah & all @ PCH!!!

Oh Deborah, you are so kind for taking your time to reply on the blog/make posts & speak with us PCH FANATICS!!!

I’ve heard of that Octopus!! Did not know his name was Paul!! lol & not to forget “Punxsutawney Phil” what A NAME!!

IZZY looks & sounds so friendly!!! Tks for the pix!!
My bird does the same, what a bunch of mimickers!!!!

I wanted to mention here, possibly since you have pets too, & Deborah-your dog(may I ask your dog’s name?) & Maryann with Izzy ☺, maybe you could have apathy for me!

I don’t mind & actually LOVE entering on PCH, just about 2wks ago, I also found a flyer in my local news paper telling the “GOOD NEWS”, prize event alert & how I could keep on entering in hopes of being a PCH WINNER!!

SO- I thought maybe it was a sign from above? Lol? I took that flyer & ENTERED some more!!!

Anyhow, I’ve run into sort of a pickle here!! My lovely clown of a pet, my Sun Conure, name’s Puto, has been getting terribly upset, visibly mad & biting ME OH SO HARD(I might add!!!) ..when I turn on the computer & start my entering to win & playing PCH games(which are SOO FUN, also keep’s my mind off my chronic pain symptoms & other issues)!!!!!

This is so terrible b/c I don’t want or need my parrot to become more stressed out then he/she is naturally!!
This is also a bad thing b.c I get extremely stressed out due to Puto seeking my attention & being unable to give it at the moment!! (With all pets & my conure especially, I know they need a WHOLE LOT of stimulation, daily!!)

So, me wanting & needing to enter @ win here @ PCH is for numerous reasons, but first & foremost to try to better my physical & emotional health & well being, not only for myself, but for MY PARROTS SAKE!!!! (That over the past 10+ years, Western Medicine, i.e., physical therapy, exercise, bio-feedback & more, has yet to give me or produce any relief, any pressure (literally) off my shoulders!!!)

So again, I pray there is some hope in my near future, that will allow me to not have to use my computer as much..(I’LL STILL PLAY PCH GAMES ONLINE HERE & watch movies of course!!)

This is my sweet little “mascot” too! ..here @ home, but again, unfortunately, when it comes time to pay most of my attention to the computer, the sweet little pumpkin goes away, & turns into a little scary devil jack-o-lantern attention seeker!!!

If you’d like to know, I do punish/reward accordingly & give some time out for the unwanted behaviors, however, I live in an apartment, with close by neighbors & if Puto does not get the hint after about 5-10 mins & depending on the day (like if it’s a weekend day) I can NOT have this birdy yellin’ off the top of his/her lungs for me!!! & any hour of any day, of the matter.. he’s just a very LOUD parrot, when exited, upset, bored..etc!!! & I get even more stressed out worrying that I will be kicked out of my apartment b/c of neighbor complaints (which it has already been said by the landlord, come this May 11’, my lease is NOT going to be renewed!! ☹), I can not afford monthly rent, let alone a first last/deposit/sec..what’s needed for a new apartment!! & I have a not so good credit!!(due to a defaulted student loan, due to my illness’.) & I do not have willing family members to co-sign!!

So even though I am & will be still searching high & low come the next month’s for an affordable place -HA, YEAH, RIGHT, NOT IN THIS TOWN (where I’ve lived my whole life & went to school & grew up here!!) I don’t mind that I have to look a bit more west, north, or south for a little more affordability, a which would be whole new town, neighborhood, medical Dr’s/facilities ..etc!! I’M REALLY BUMMED, so is my parner (of 5 yrs)!!

So it is also one of my life dreams to be able to have a stable home(I’m on disability/& disability income too), possibly to own a house of my own, where I can RELAX & accomplish what I need to!!

PLEASE, PCH Prize Partol team, FEEL FREE TO VISIT & COME HERE TO MA. & help this spectacular woman in need of PCH’S famous T.L.C.!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

One more thing..as per my post over on Dave’s blog post, regarding Billy Nation, on of PCH’S past winners/ Amarillo, TX.. I would like to find out, is possible, if Izzy is protective of Maryann, the way that my parrot is of me?!
I said..“ please always be aware that winners may have verocious pet/s, dogs,birds, animals or what not..!

…I know African Grey’s are way smarter than conure’s are, but, I wonder if Maryann Carter’s beloved parrot does the same to her friends & folks?? I’ll have to post on the other blog, by Deborah H., where I see “Izzy” the beautiful parrot is featured & see!”

BTW, Deborah, Puto’s IQ/ attention span seems to grow too when I’m holding his/her fav. fruit, PINEAPPLE, or a treeeeeat!! ☺ I have found interesting articles here online & have tried to teach tricks/que’s with rewards (@ first, but treats are no longer needed!)!

Puto loves now & becomes exited by doing a “hand-shake” with both feet/hands, laughing, talking & things like dancing (which he does now w.out music LOL)!!

Alrighty, keep in touch!! Thanks for listening!!! I wish the best of health & luck, to all of you out there, including the PCH staff, family members & PETS!!!

Lisa N.

    Deborah Holland said...

    My dog’s name is Pony. She’s a “Min Pin” (Miniature Pinscher), who’s very small in size but big in charm and attitude! Maybe one of these day’s I’ll write a blog story about her!

      Lisa N said...

      Thanks,Deborah, please do!!

      The Miniature Pinscher breed is one of my favorites(my b/fs too)!!! They are sooo adrorable!!! & from what I have seen from other owners, they do have such a personality/attitude :-) too!!
      I do have to add that I think that the full grown Pinscher is just as handsome!!!!

      Are the Doberman Pinscher’s like your mini, Pony?

Rana Brockman said...

I have created a visonary board last fall which I’ve posted to the inside of my front door. I plan to present it to you when you arrive…Love Yall…Bunny from Kentucky

michael rolle said...

Izzy is a very smart bird she hold the keys to a millionaire life.

Lisa N said...


I was just thinking about youtube, I love watching parrot & pet videos!!

I wanted to post this here, if it’s ok??

For anyone that would like to see :-)!

I saw this a while back! ((I LOVE how animals & humans can co-exist with each other!!))

It’s a beautiful Doberman & a green cheek conure- parrot together! (same family of parrots, as my sun conure!)

Here’s the link…


… I’D NEVER PUT MY BIRD IN THIS SITUATION THOUGH!! & no matter how cute I think this is & playful as it looks, it’s probably stressing the two out!! & IT CAN BE FATAL for the small parrot!!!!

timothy stahl said...

Hi MartAnn, We have two ocockatoos and they might talk as much as Izzy does. My wife just has a way with them and they will talk up a storm with her. It is really cute to watch and listen to all the things they say and do with their feathers.But I am sure Izzy does all that cute stuff and probably alot more for you. Have a great day.

Charlene L.Wilcox said...

You out did Yourselves,well done.Thank You !I hope that Parrot mentions my name next.

Lillian said...

Ho Izzy your adorable I heard you said *Puerto Rico* * thats Fantastic for Me Have a beautiful day Love Parrots Like IZZY

Jeef Petree said...

Izzy want a cracker?
Izzy replies ” I want Jeff & Kathie P of Newport, MI to Win PCH COMBO Deborah ”

JoAnn Stefanyak said...

It’s my turn to win after entering PCH’s contest for 25 plus years. :-)

Regina Wriston said...

Izzy sounds like a real sharp bird. The name is great too. My daughter and son in law have a friend whose baby daughter (age 3) named Izzy. She has cancer and my have to have one of her legs amputated. She has been taking chemo for some time now but she is a tough three year old. She is beautiful although she has no hair.
PCH can bring the check to me on February 28, 2011 and I can help Izzy and her family as well as my family.
Thanks for your story of your Izzy. Am an animal lover too.

jennifer gobay said...

I love birds wish dat I can have izzy and if I was tto win the PCB contest ill donate to the lupus foundation becouse I also suffer with it and I want to help out as well I never been an winner to anything and that would be an very good blessing thank you and god bless.

maryellen williams said...

Love IZZY how cool is that adorable parrot. I am sure she is great company. hope to meet IZZY someday!