Friday the 13th Could Be Your Lucky Day!

Some people think Friday the 13th is an unlucky day. But, it could turn out to be the opposite for you. If you enter the PCH Sweepstakes today and your PCH Sweepstakes entry turns out to be a cash prize winner, it’ll be the luckiest “unlucky” day you’ve ever had!

Friday the 13th superstitions are thought to have their roots in two medieval beliefs. One is that Friday is an unlucky day, and the other is that the number 13 is unlucky. In 2010 there’s only one Friday the 13th that’s in August (today), but last year there were three: one in February, March and November.

Other superstitions having to do with luck are that black cats and broken mirrors are associated with bad luck, while a rabbit’s foot and a four-leaf clover can bring good luck. Can you name any other signs of good luck? When you enter the PCH Sweepstakes, do you have any good luck superstitions that you hope will bring you a SuperPrize?

The Friday the 13th movie series is very popular for those who find a thrill in being frightened. In these flicks, a group of young adults discover an abandoned camp, where they soon are subjected to a lot of bad luck in Hollywood suspense style. I’m no fan of this genre, and, personally, I think these teens would have been better off if they had stayed home and played free online games at, or filled out a PCH Sweepstakes entry at!

Let’s be optimistic, this Friday the 13th could turn out to be the luckiest day of your life! If you enter the PCH Sweepstakes today, and your PCH Sweepstakes entry turns out to be a cash prize winner, then the unfortunate reputation this day has obtained would undoubtedly change for YOU! As a cash prize winner you could start a new, happier way of living right away. After all, luck is what you make of it—but $5000 A Week for Life doesn’t hurt either.

So, try your luck! Go to and check out our free cash prize winning opportunities. You can also have a go at our play and win offers on and Don’t be in fear of an unlucky day. For all you know, today may turn out to be the best you’ve ever had.

Good Luck!

Liz D.
PCH Intern

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