Enter the PCH Sweepstakes and Check Out Our Offers!

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Good luck!

Dave Sayer

Executive Director


34 thoughts on “Enter the PCH Sweepstakes and Check Out Our Offers!”

  1. Robin Mays says:

    i want to order.

  2. Prabhat says:

    Love is bigger toeghter than each is separately. It means you make me a better me and I make you a better you and toeghter we are better than both of us.The one thing I think of on Valentine’s Day to symbolize love besides hearts would have to be Teddy-Bears! Fancy ones dressed up who come with romantic poems/love notes or music boxes(inside)or chocolates or diamond rings .

  3. yvonne west says:

    why am i not getting merchandice offers any longer. i need to order a mesh pattio screen

  4. J Klatt says:

    I wanted to order two items but it would only allow me to order one item. Why?

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