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The fortunes of the U. S. automakers seem to be turning around, and that’s surely good news for the country and for Detroit in particular. While there is still uneasiness in some quarters over the health of the economy both domestic and international, some American households are heaving at least tentative sighs of relief.

But many other households are still feeling a bit gloomy. The stock market continues to see-saw, and talk of a double-dip recession just won’t quit.

So what are you to do? If you have a job, hold on to it. Shop and save wisely. Seize every opportunity to improve your finances. And of course, let Publishers Clearing House help you out.

At you can find ways to shop and save wisely – on quality hard-to-find merchandise at terrific prices. And, as always, you can count on us to get you “unbeatable” deals on magazine subscriptions, some of which — like Money, Consumer Reports, and Smart Money — can help you out even more.

And, of course, at you can enter the fabulous Publishers Clearing House Sweepstakes for a chance to win prizes worth thousands, even millions of dollars! For over twenty years you’ve seen our Prize Patrol award huge cash prizes to hundreds of lucky winners. Wouldn’t your bank account welcome one of those Big Checks?

So take a moment to visit and check out all ways you can shop and save with great deals on magazines and merchandise. You may find something you like! And remember, no purchase is ever necessary enter or win the PCH Sweepstakes.

All the best,

Dave Sayer
Executive Director

22 thoughts on “Shop and Save With Publishers Clearing House”

  1. Chris Holley says:

    Just as I thought no comments, hurry erase my comments,show your really scamming ,,waiting on this last months winner to materialize or am I wrong and PCh is on their way to my home ,I believe only close friends and relatives win

  2. Chris Holley says:

    No one from Danville,Alabama35619 area has ever won a major or minor prize

  3. Chris Holley says:

    My belated grandmother was 84 yrs.old .when she passed,you PCh and readers digest used these same tactics to scam money from her a poor lady , I aim to see how many PCh entries from the past feel the same ,about their family,by the way she entered regularly never won anything at all in 84 yrs. Of diligent efforts and entries

  4. Chris Holley says:

    Why do you keep erasing my comments ,I will post them daily till I get answer multiple times PCh fans deserves to know ,I have proof of my comments,PCh fans contact me at 256-476-4629 if you have proof of PCh lies and scams for a law suit

  5. Chris Holley says:

    Who is the last months guaranteed winner from Danville,Alabama35619 area I was an elgiable entrant why was I passed by ,answer this question PCh ,o have proof you said in writing someone from this areas would win the 7000 a week plus who the winner named also ,if an elgiable entrant was found,I want to know who ,if you can’t answer then why was i passed over ,I did & still do meet those qualifications?????

  6. ezabelamakarosyan says:

    i whant ti wish mr.dave a happy brith day and many more to come i also shop i bought this nice braclet for my best friend for chrismis and i hope i could be the next big winner it will help me and my kids.

  7. CAROL MAZZOLA says:


    1. Laura At PCH Laura At PCH says:

      Hi Carol,

      Sorry to hear you are not satisfied! This FAQ answer will provide you with information about returning items:

      Laura @ PCH

  8. Joyce Hite says:

    Shopping at PCH is fun. It is great to have things delivered to my home. I do hope I when a sweepstakes soon, I would love to pay off all of my Dr. bills!
    Thanks PCH,
    Joyce Hite

  9. hope you have great days, in enjoying to see others win a super prize. i hope i am one of them, but so does everyone else and we each probably have extreme situations why. so happy, happy, to you and those that win. sheryl hawker

  10. sheila Honeycutt says:

    Merry,Merry on you way,safe travel all the way .Christmas joy to your knock,knock,knock ,Pch travel,has always been a giving thing.May a door swing open for the one to see your smile and check to fill their joy,and maybe be more . And in the spirit of giving, may it not at that door. Gift to give is a special thing from any door . Happy Holiday

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