Big Checks and Good “Stuff” at PCH

The late comedian George Carlin had a great routine about all the “stuff’ we acquire and how we must find places to put all our “stuff.” More and more “stuff” piles up and then there’s no room for more “stuff,” so you have to get rid of some of your “stuff.”

I invoke Carlin’s memory every now and then when somebody asks me why I haven’t come to their front door with a ton of cash from Publishers Clearing House. Quite often this question comes from a person who has lots of material goods. “You don’t need any more ‘stuff,” I tell them, to which they reply: “I don’t want much: just one of those big checks made of cardboard that I see you handing out on TV.”

Well, they are right: that one simple thing, a big check that says “Publishers Clearing House SuperPrize” on it has satisfied every single person who has received it – and I’ve known a lot of those lucky folks since I’ve personally awarded prizes worth over $200 million as head of the PCH Prize Patrol.

How would you like to win one of our Big Checks? You can if you click here on this link to and enter the PCH Sweepstakes without delay.

Besides the huge cash prizes, there’s other good “stuff” at Publishers Clearing House. You can entertain yourself at PCHgames, win more prizes at PCHlotto, conduct an online search at PCHsearch&win, view exciting PCH “winning moments” at, and find great deals on magazine subscriptions and merchandise at

So enjoy yourself, and the best of luck!

Dave Sayer
Executive Director

10 thoughts on “Big Checks and Good “Stuff” at PCH”

  1. Carla M Antee says:

    PCH. I would like to have The Big Checks and all the goodies

  2. george ngaji says:

    am prayign o to the pch team who will awrded big check to george this is the day i will never forget in my life from america

  3. caren says:

    Whew!!! Haven’t posted a few days (computer problems again).

    Anywhooo, My “stuff” is very old & I need to replace it.

    But, good luck to all!!

  4. gail says:

    hmmmmmm just started to play the slot like game that pops up the money would be great but the suv is a very nice prize.

  5. ~Happy Birthday wishest~ go out to mr.Frank Alb and to mrs.Christine Dagey at the Publishers Clearing House, *Happy birthday* to You Guys and Have a Nice Day!

  6. Nancy Sexton says:

    Well, I’d certainly have lots of PLACES to “stuff” all that money should we win!!! The people we’d share with can go and have their own “stuff!!!”

    For us, we’d have to clear ourselves of alot of “stuff” so that we’d have to do what’s right with all that money (& it’s not to purchase “new stuff” either!!!)!!! It would HAVE to be shared amongst GOD’S people!!! Amen!!!

    Thanks for all the opportunities, PCH!!!


  7. Lakeisha minor says:

    Wow if I came to the door and PRIZE PATROL was i dont what i would do! I know for sure i would be so happy and u will see tears of happiness and joy! Only GOD knows how happy i would be. Ive been thru so much in my life, everything u can think of from childhood issuses 2 even having a stroke and im only 25 so this 5,000 a week or any check would help pay off bills and be able 2 njoy life would be a BLESSING! HAVE A GREAT DAY

  8. I would just Love to Win.A SuperPrize Check would be nice. But I enter everything because I may be A Lucky Searcher for other drawings as well. Hope I am the next Big Winner! It is so much fun to play at Just the opportunity excites me to no end. My husband does not think it’s Real. Lets show Him it Really true. I believe in Winning at! God bless Al and have the Best Day Playing Fans that You can!

  9. The big Check? its such a Surprize of who will recieve it even i’m a bit skeptical, of Who’s gonna be the NEXT BIG WINNER? but if its ME- what a ~SuperPrize~ it is.

  10. gail says:

    WOW I loved that guy he was so funny. Well yesterday wasn’t for me i just found out i am losing my job in two weeks That is a really good bithday gift to me that is the last week u will be working now i have to bust my butt to find a job. Early happy birthday to me like george always said there r 11 words u can’t say and i like to really say them right now but i can’t Conrats to whoever wins next week.

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