Security Door Alarm “To Go”

B Lyons PCH Merchandise 100

“This security door alarm is so compact and easy to use, I don’t know why anyone would travel without it!”

-Barb Lyons

Senior Director, PCH Merchandising

If you’re like me, you’ve watched enough creepy movies to want to double lock your doors in motel or hotel rooms. (Think of Tony Perkins in Psycho, creeping up on that gorgeous Janet Leigh…)

In my opinion, we can all use some extra security. It doesn’t matter if you’re on a fancy cruise boat – or at home. We all want to go to sleep without additional worry.

I know a lot of our customers agree, because TENS OF THOUSANDS of them have ordered these sturdy, yet surprisingly lightweight Bell & Howell Door Alarms.

I’d like to take a security door alarm from Bell and Howell with me when I go on my next business trip for PCH (which I don’t get to do often enough!).

And if my co-workers keep bothering me when I’m trying to concentrate on putting together the best possible deals for customers, I’m going to put a Bell & Howell Door Alarm under my office door! Either that or I may need to adopt a big dog and bring him to work.

All kidding aside, the Bell & Howell Door Alarm is one of my favorite problem-solvers. It’s easy to use – just turn it on, slide it under your door. Then if anyone tries to open the door, the electronic screech is loud enough to wake YOU up – and pretty likely scare THEM away.

You can use this security door alarm at home or when you travel – it works anywhere. Plus, it’s a fabulous deal! (Of course it is — it’s from Publishers Clearing House!) Order a set of two Bell & Howell Door Alarms and you GET ONE FREE!

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