Prize Award Delivery Forecast

What’s the prize award delivery forecast? It’s always fair weather – when the PCH Prize Patrol arrives!

I don’t have to check with the TV weather man or The Weather Channel to find out what the conditions will be like when I lead the PCH Prize Patrol to the door of a lucky sweepstakes winner. No sir: it’s always fair weather when our Prize Patrol van pulls up and we ring the doorbell and announce to a shocked resident “You are a winner in the Publishers Clearing House Sweepstakes!”

I was reminded of this recently when our good friend Dave Price, the weather anchor of CBS’s Early Show, “tied the knot.” On the day you get married OR when the Prize Patrol comes to call the sun is always shining and there’s not a cloud in the sky – even if the actual weather report showed that there were sprinkles, a downpour or even a snowstorm in the area.

I’ve had the pleasure of appearing on TV twice with Dave Price. Once we ran around New York’s Times Square asking sightseers if they’d welcome a prize award delivery visit from the Prize Patrol. (They would!) Another time we surprised a family in North Carolina with a life-changing knock on the door. On both occasions the temperature was near freezing; but for everyone in the immediate vicinity it felt like we were in the midst of a tropical heat wave – with no discomfort whatsoever!

Even though I’m not a meteorologist or a weather man like Dave Price, I’ll go out on a limb and predict the “weather” for your town should you be the winner of our next Big Check: It will be sunny, bright and just plain perfect!

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Since we’re currently planning to make a huge prize award delivery tomorrow, August 31st, we’re looking forward to a “sunny” day for our newest millionaire! Will it be you?

Good luck!

Dave Sayer

Executive Director


127 thoughts on “Prize Award Delivery Forecast”

  1. Boyd driggers says:

    Pch prizes patrol hope the forecasts for ohio is good so u can come to my house an gave me a big check for number4900.

  2. cbarbee says:

    I wanna win, I want to meet Prize patrol at my door, Please do let my dream come true oneday!!!

  3. Cynthia Frazier says:

    I really want to win pch ,what ever the forecast is please come knocking on my door if your wet I’ll have some towels and if your cold hot chocolate will be waiting surprise me cause I really need some good luck .

  4. Yusuf Nasir says:

    Dear Mrs.Holland thank you for your email
    thank you for Good News ,I Hope it Will Happen the Way you Forecast and this Time The Bus is Heading to 9446 Mirror Pond Dr. Fairfax VA 22032
    This Will be to Win $10,000.00 A Week For Life on 12/30/15 from Nationwide GWY NO.4900 to become the Lifetime Winner
    I Am Here to Confirm A Matching Winning Number Registration on timely Manner
    Plus I want to Respond to Win $50,000.00 in Bonus Cash from GWY NO.4902 on top Of A Lifetime Prize (thank you Very Much )
    Best Regards Yusuf Nasir

  5. Pearl S. My Breakthrough Is On The Way. says:

    Delivery Forecast To Ohio Is Beautiful, Warmly Sunny As You Come To My Door With The Biggest Check $$7000.00 A-Week-For-Life , Millions$$ To Be A Blessing My Family & I Really Need. I Look Forward To Meeting You All. 😊 I Believe Its My Turn , Time For My Breakthrough, To Be Debt Free, To Share With Others In Need. To Be Relieved Of Some Of Lifes Demanding Pressures… It Is A Large Dream, Hope, Wish And Prayer To Be Blessed So I Can Be A Blessing To Others. Thanks To PCH Team , All Of You For Encouraging Us To Endure, Follow Through, Etc. Be Safe In All Your Travels Everyone, Even In Daily Routines, Go In Peace.. I Wish GodFilled Blessings For All.

  6. Geraldine says:


  7. Erica Dennis says:

    I could really use this now.God has a plan.

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