Winning Number Found Report

Have you ever wondered how the Publishers Clearing House SuperPrize drawings work?

It all starts with your PCH Sweepstakes entries. Every sweepstakes entry we receive is processed with care and a secure, electronic record is kept on our Contest Audit File. This file contains each entry’s identifying numbers and date of receipt.

How is a winner identified? On prize drawing day, a winning number is randomly generated for the giveaway. If a matching number is found on the Contest Audit File, the computer sends a Winning Number Found Report to Maryann Carter of the PCH Contest Department. After the entry’s eligibility is verified, as set forth in the Official Rules, a new SuperPrize winner is identified! The wheels are then set in motion for a PCH Prize Patrol delivery, and an unsuspecting new winner will soon receive the surprise of a lifetime.

What happens if there’s no match to the winning number? Unfortunately, not everyone who receives a SuperPrize Number sends in a sweepstakes entry. If no match is found on the Contest Audit File, our computer sends a Winning Number Not Found Report to Maryann Carter.

That’s why we often say “Don’t risk forfeiting millions of dollars!” Can you imagine how you’d feel if one of your SuperPrize Numbers ended up being a match to the winner and you had not sent in that entry? You don’t want your SuperPrize Number to end up on a Winning Number Not Found Report!

When there’s a guaranteed award of a base prize or the full amount and no matching winning number, Publishers Clearing House awards the prize to an alternate winner randomly selected in a second chance prize drawing among eligible entrants. Our newest millionaire, Joseph Beane, won the August 31st SuperPrize on a second chance drawing.

So, make sure you send in your Publishers Clearing House Sweepstakes entry every chance you get! That’s the only way to make sure each and every one of your SuperPrize Numbers is on the Contest Audit File, ready and waiting to be found if it’s a match to the winning number.

Good luck!

Deborah Holland

Executive Vice President

PCH Publishers Clearing House

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  1. santa hickey says:

    how do
    you find your winning # and what goes into search?

  2. I prey to god for good luck for us god No’s how bad we need it and I now their is a lot of others but I made a promise to PCH and and god to help people who need it and the chairitys and anybody who nows me we are people of are ward so please give USA chance please god and pch

  3. Raisa Ader says:

    Hi thank you for considering me for the next win. I hope I did this right. I’m still not sure what I should do next.

  4. EL Wilks says:

    Have tried for many months, untold hours and have never gotten a number to even know it was ever generated for a fair chance to be drawn – screens saying a browser needed updated and when tried to Explorer said it already was the best – How can the Public ever know WE actually finally HAVE a chance and a NUMBER?

  5. Please activate my superprize number and prize 4900

  6. WILMA Barrett says:

    my number I 4900 too.

  7. Evone Woody says:

    MY Name is Evone Woody and i searched for the winning number and generator and i wanting too iock that number in so ant to be the next big winning giveway For Life.

  8. Hello PCH thank you forgive me this Opportunity to Become A Winner and thanks for Generating the Winning Number in My Name for Prize Amount Eligibility $7,000.00 A Week For Life on April 30th from PCH GWY NO.4900 thank you Very Much

  9. I hope I did this right :-) I searched for winning number generator…im wanting to lock the number in! No number displayed but this is for giveaway #4900

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