Winning Number Found Report

Have you ever wondered how the Publishers Clearing House SuperPrize drawings work?

It all starts with your PCH Sweepstakes entries. Every sweepstakes entry we receive is processed with care and a secure, electronic record is kept on our Contest Audit File. This file contains each entry’s identifying numbers and date of receipt.

How is a winner identified? On prize drawing day, a winning number is randomly generated for the giveaway. If a matching number is found on the Contest Audit File, the computer sends a Winning Number Found Report to Maryann Carter of the PCH Contest Department. After the entry’s eligibility is verified, as set forth in the Official Rules, a new SuperPrize winner is identified! The wheels are then set in motion for a PCH Prize Patrol delivery, and an unsuspecting new winner will soon receive the surprise of a lifetime.

What happens if there’s no match to the winning number? Unfortunately, not everyone who receives a SuperPrize Number sends in a sweepstakes entry. If no match is found on the Contest Audit File, our computer sends a Winning Number Not Found Report to Maryann Carter.

That’s why we often say “Don’t risk forfeiting millions of dollars!” Can you imagine how you’d feel if one of your SuperPrize Numbers ended up being a match to the winner and you had not sent in that entry? You don’t want your SuperPrize Number to end up on a Winning Number Not Found Report!

When there’s a guaranteed award of a base prize or the full amount and no matching winning number, Publishers Clearing House awards the prize to an alternate winner randomly selected in a second chance prize drawing among eligible entrants. Our newest millionaire, Joseph Beane, won the August 31st SuperPrize on a second chance drawing.

So, make sure you send in your Publishers Clearing House Sweepstakes entry every chance you get! That’s the only way to make sure each and every one of your SuperPrize Numbers is on the Contest Audit File, ready and waiting to be found if it’s a match to the winning number.

Good luck!

Deborah Holland

Executive Vice President

PCH Publishers Clearing House

719 thoughts on “Winning Number Found Report”

  1. Caroline says:

    Instructions are vague. This is frustrating and the constant emails are not helpful and annoying.

  2. Melisa says:

    If you enter online do you still get an 11 digit number

    1. my 11 digit id number is 02347299279 and my winning no.3080

      1. Tigger says:

        They go by the number on the Mailing they send you

    2. im the winner pch 500000 forever no.3080

    3. Tigger says:

      You have to call 1-800-566-4724 enter 11 random numbers, you will be told they are in correct and directed to Customer Service, You give the the information they request, and they will tell you your 11 digit code.. Note: Customer Service is staffed from ;9:00 to 17:00 Monday to Friday excluding Holidays when they are closed.

  3. please activate bulletin sw-3305 final notice winner selection winning number 3080

    1. Tigger says:

      The only way they can activate yur bulliten is if yu mailed to back to PCH i a timely manner

      1. what 11 diget iden.number or how do you find it

      2. Tigger says:

        Call 1-800 566-4724

        Press 2 to enter by phone, then 1,

        You will be asked for your 11 digit ID Number

        If you do not know this number you will be routed to Customer Service They will ask you questions to locate your ID Number and they will tell you this number, Write it down for future reference.

        You can only enter once per day Via Phone entry

  4. June nelson says:

    MY PCH PRIZE #IS 3869 1401 3213 7641 91042 (3080 3600) IN IT TO WIN IT AND WIN IT ALL!!!!!!!!!!!!

    1. Tigger says:

      Good Luck!

  5. Chelsea peterson says:

    I’m not finding the winning numbers picked and can’t figure out how…also I’m not sure if my entry was locked in for the $5,000 for life give away….if possible please show me where I can check them and make sure my entry went through…thank you

  6. pauline mcpherson-thomas says:

    PCH im Claiming my secure Superprize No.for today’s entry… Ensured to Win $5,000.00 A Week “Forever” on Aug. 28th gwy no. 3080… Pls Activate me my Prize No. so i can complete my Final Step, and my Prize No. be added to the Winner Selection List, thnx Pauline…..

    1. mary moore says:

      I am unable to find my winning number. where am I going wrong?

      1. Tigger says:

        You are not going wrong, You will know if you have the Winning Number when The Prize Patrol Knocks on your door

  7. Ms. GG says:

    Hi pch I’m trying to locate bulletin 33-01 to activate and secure my entry number for gwy 3080. . I’m just steps away from getting my final winning number.. However, I’m not able to locate the link and the newsroom page is unavailable. . I’m using my smart phone to activate my entry but I haven’t been able to enter. . Please activate my entry immediately if possible. . I want to get my prize number now before is too late. . Please help me win.. I wish to win and be your next big WINNER

    Thanks pch

    1. Tigger says:

      You have to enter via email or by calling 1-800-566-4724 Select Prompt 2, then Prompt 1 at this time you will be asked to enter your 11 digit Customer Number

  8. June nelson says:


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