Why is “No Purchase Necessary” in the PCH Sweepstakes?

Every PCH Sweepstakes promotion says “No Purchase Necessary.” Have you ever wondered why?

Over the years, PCH has delivered a wide variety of sweepstakes entry opportunities both online and through the mail. With so many different types of sweepstakes, it takes a team of PCH employees dedicated to managing all of them! They make sure each and every prize is delivered and check that all of our promotions, including each set of rules and sweepstakes facts are legally compliant. There’s one thing however, that’s always the same in every sweepstakes entry opportunity that PCH sends out, and that’s a notice stating “No Purchase or Fee Necessary to Enter.”

Many people have asked us why we always include that notice in our mailings and online promotions, and the simple answer is that, as a legitimate sweepstakes, we don’t (and can’t lawfully) require a purchase or fee to enter. In fact, no legitimate sweepstakes provider will ever require a purchase or a fee, because if they do, their sweepstakes could be considered an illegal lottery. In the United States, subject to a few exceptions, only governmental entities and their agencies and certain exempt charitable organizations are allowed to run games of chance that require any type of payment to enter.

If there’s no purchase necessary, then why do we include merchandise and magazine order forms with our PCH sweepstakes prize entry opportunities? Publishers Clearing House is a multi-channel marketer and we make our money through the sale of magazines and merchandise. Our dedicated merchandising and product buying staff works very hard to find the kind of products our customers want at prices they can afford. The order forms simply give our customers the option to purchase great merchandise or popular magazines at a low price if they choose to do so. Many people choose not to purchase anything and prefer just to enter our sweepstakes – which is OK with us – their entries have the same chance to win either way! The customers that do choose to buy from us help generate revenue, which is used to fund our famous sweepstakes and run our business. That includes paying the other 400 employees that work at PCH, maintaining the building we work in and paying outside vendors to help us build the company we all know and love.

After all the prizes have been delivered and expenses paid, the profits are distributed to the owners of Publishers Clearing House. What few people know is that, due to our ownership structure, over 40% of the profits of Publishers Clearing House go directly to the benefit of  charities and charitable trusts.

If you’re interested in learning more about Publishers Clearing House visit the About Us page on our Sweepstakes Information Center.


Frank @ PCH

19 thoughts on “Why is “No Purchase Necessary” in the PCH Sweepstakes?”

  1. Lana Walton, EdD says:

    I understand that you do not have to purchase anything from PCH to enter sweepstakes. My question is do you have to purchase anything to win?

  2. Louis Cruz says:

    Keeping my side of the bargain… Ready to “win” June 30, 2014

  3. Monica Thomas says:

    The items i have purchased are super

  4. Ann Tadler says:

    Yet you send me the final set via email to claim my 2 entry number and when I click the link I get the PCH search and notice stating to claim my 2 entry numbers. The problem is the idiot that created this did not show or tell you how to get the numbers when it only has a search box and you have to put something in it but are not informed what to put in the search box in the first place and you say no purchase necessary, flat out lie on your part. Think I will contact several of my lawyer friends and have you charged with false advertising.

  5. Velma A Davis says:

    Cannot order at this time due to I am laid off from my job and money is tight. Hopefully can order sometime later. Thank you

  6. Vlelma Davis says:

    I cannot order at this time as I have been laid off from my job. Thank you

  7. I thank you for replying. Its been on my mind a long while. I do now understand; and while I cannot, because of a recent big life change cannot order this time….next time I will. Its fun. But I’m trying to adjust now and its difficult. All things turn out well w/ God’s help. Rev. Aileen Gordon

  8. eillther says:

    2012 stillentering

  9. tamara sikora says:

    im keeping my faith everyone asays im wasting my time but i belive in pch im keep beliving and hoping praying that god and pch will hear my need to win please thanks pch from me to you and gods ear

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