Online Sweepstakes Entry Takes A Minute to Win It

Would you invest a minute in an online sweepstakes entry to go for a huge million dollar SuperPrize?

Recently I flipped on the TV set and came across a show called, “A Minute To Win It.” Twin brothers were challenged to perform all sorts of whacky stunts of ever-increasing difficulty in front of a live studio audience in order to work their way up to winning different prize levels. In each level, one of the brothers competed against the clock while his twin cheered in support. Failure to complete a given task within one minute (60 seconds) would result in prize forfeiture.

I must admit, it was fun to watch these young men demonstrate Olympic precision rubber band sharp-shooting skill as they managed to knock playing cards through tabletop goal posts to qualify for a $10,000 prize. And, it was a real hoot to see their muscular hulks delicately blowing yellow-colored ping pong balls off a pizza tray without disturbing the red ones to qualify for a $5,000 prize.

As amusing as the show was, I couldn’t help thinking … it was a lot of time and work for a chance to win some prizes, especially when you compare it to how easy it is to go for a big win with an online sweepstakes entry at, PCH Search & Win,, or any of our online play and win sites. Just ask Joe Beane of Las Vegas, Nevada, who took a minute out of his day not so long ago to submit an online sweepstakes entry at PCH Search and Win – and, guess what – he won it! That’s right, Joe’s our August 31st million dollar SuperPrize winner.

So, if you’d like a huge million dollar SuperPrize, why not take a minute to get your chance to win it with an online sweepstakes entry at Publishers Clearing House?

Good luck!

Deborah Holland

Executive Vice President

PCH Publishers Clearing House

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  1. Teresa Johnson says:

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