Sweepstakes Winners Go For “Freedom”

Don’t Just Read The Best Seller: Go For “Freedom” – Via PCH

I have not yet read what many critics are calling the book of the year, Jonathan Franzen’s new best selling novel “Freedom.” I intend to do so soon.

But I just read a few of the many, many letters we get back from sweepstakes winners of the Publishers Clearing House Sweepstakes, and there’s another whole exciting book about “freedom” in what they have to say.

• “I now have a savings account!” wrote Margaret Anderson.

• “Our meager investments tanked in the last few years, so it is great to have [the prize money] in the bank. What piece of mind!” said Eleanor Carlson.

• “Just the reality that I won’t have to live paycheck to paycheck for a while is a great comfort,” wrote Michael Dudley.

• “I don’t have to worry about the house [mortgage] every month. What a big relief!” said Beth Hillis.

I could go on and on. The point is that in these uncertain economic times who wouldn’t enjoy FREEDOM from financial stress?

Some of these sweepstakes winners wondered if the PCH Prize Patrol would ever show up at their doors with roses, balloons and a Big Check. But they kept entering anyway figuring “Someone’s got to win those huge cash prizes. Why not me?” And sure enough, they did WIN! Just like YOU can!

Enter the Publishers Clearing House Sweepstakes today and every day. Just click on this link to pch.com and ENTER without delay.

Wishing you the best of luck on the road to “freedom.”

Dave Sayer
Executive Director

21 thoughts on “Sweepstakes Winners Go For “Freedom””

  1. Milton says:

    Understanding human behavior and how to ididnefy the habitual patterns people fall victim to is the source of great power. It’s a well written mag and yes I subscribe to their online media way better than the paper version. I’ve done about 30 installs on sneaker and bed mount self loaders and we always box the frame solid cab to tail. I’ve folded my share of trucks in half so I know plating every 6 just doesn’t work unless your only client is a VW dealer lol

  2. Patti C Fisher says:

    Blessings in the LORD JESUS and Good day to you,

    I just wanted to say, ” a BIG AMEN ” to your priorties and professed faith! For my hope and rest is in ALL the PROMISES in GOD’S WORD. The TRUTH does indeed sets us FREE!

    Secondly, what a absolute joy it would be to have ANSWERED PRAYER from the everyday financial worries/stess to be non existent! Complete FREEDOM of ALL FINANCIAL DEBT would be a GODSEND! Oh, how wonderful it WILL BE to have the awesome PCH CREW knock at my door with flowers, a BIG CHECK , and the announcement that ” I AM THE NEXT BIG WINNER FOR LIFE!”

    Indeed, I will be HEAVEN TALL and patiently await this day which I long and hope to be SOONER THAN LATER! Amen, amen! I am one that is very acqainted with grief, unjust situations, and financial stress. However, this does not change my being nor, character. I love GOD, LIFE, PEOPLE and choose to SMILE! Believing the positives and seeing the negatives as lessons.

    KNOW THIS; When the PCH CREW ARRIVES to announce MY BIG WIN then I shall follow my dream. Ahem, I shall “PAY IT FORWARD!” My dream shall become a reality (I smile:O) Read below of my dream I share with thee…

    To open up a Non-profit organization for those that have been abused, neglected, unloved, orphans, widows, drug addictions, or whatever form of addiction. My hope is to give our youth a place to feel and see there are people who care and will make and take the time to be there. Having the community give of themselves with their talents they have and teach them a trade. Making sure there are professional individuals donating their time to assist those in need (ie, counselors, doctors, nurses, teachers, mechanics, musicians, artists, actor/actresses, homemakers, every need we have or work that makes us all a community, our community.)

    Basically if you can think of it, then let’s do it! No limits just possibilities. The goal once again is simple which is; That these children or adults find by human kindness and care the spirit of hope, love, and faith. Faith in our GOD ABBA FATHER , hope we can change , and the love that makes it all possible. This action would and will change a life from once lost in pain w/ no confidence, to a loved and self confident person that becomes a productive citizen in our community. Whether they are young or old it does not matter. Also, giving our youth a place to hang that is safe. Hence, I would call it . Ah, I won’t tell ya the name for it is still a dream. Peace out!

    In closing, I once again express and say dear sister in Christ our Lord, ” Bravo, Bravo!”

    Patti C. Fisher

    PS… Can you imagine what an absolute joy it must be for the PCH CREW to go to individuals daily and bring great joy of FINANCIAL FREEDOM to WE THE PEOPLE. God Bless the whole PCH FAMILY:o) Keep up the joy gang. Oh, Can I join the gang?Best Regards,Patti


    Yes, “Luck is still on my side! I have this most amazing feeling and I have no words to describe it! I will just enjoy what I am feeling! Love you all and be safe in your travels! Good luck to everyone!


    LUCK IN ON MY SIDE!!! “I can feel it!”


    Dave Sayer
    Executive Director

    I had been hesitant to respond to your Blog due to the fact that the Book titled, “Freedom” by: Jonathan Franzen has not been available to me and I am still looking for it. I have not been able to find it yet. However, I will continue looking. I can’t wait to read it! I am a Collector of Books, all signed by the Authors and so it has been most important for me to be able to buy my own copy and find a way for the Author to sign it! Last year in August our home burned down and we lost everything, including, “My prized collection of signed books!” So, I have to start my collection all over again and it would be a dream come true for me to have this particular book (signed by Jonathan Franzen) Even though I have not read it yet, it holds a true, sincere meaning to me. Meaning, it is connected to you all and this is one of my “DREAMS”. To write my own book about the Publishers Clearing House – Also would have to be a #1 Best Seller! I would not accept any less of myself! It certainly would “highlight” my own experience with your Legendary Company “The Publishers Clearing House” So if there is any way you can help me in this department, “I would forever be thankful!!!” I do look forward to hearing from you. As always, to all, “Good Luck” as we are getting closer to the PRIZE DATES and I am so excited! *I AM FEELING LUCKY!

  6. Jeni Christen says:

    I just keep praying that they will show up at my door. The economy has hit my family hard… this would make life worth all the strugling and hardship we have gone through. I will just keep praying. Please show up at my door!



  8. useme gail block says:

    does this mean if u show up on halloween i have to give u candy? Well if u do show up then yell trick or treat u like something good to eat

  9. Michelle Armstrong says:

    Thank God for the freedoms that we have in the United States of America. Remember that there are people in this world that do not have such freedoms like we have here.
    I, like alot of people in the USA, would love to be able to go buy groceries without the worry of running out money. Believe me, it would be more than a blessing to see the PCH van pull up in the front yard.

    God Bless Everyone and a Tremendous Thanks to Everyone at PCH for Making Our Dreams Come True.

  10. Nancy Sexton says:

    A FIRST freedom outside of monetary for me is the FACT I AM resting assured of My Lord’s soon-to-be return AND my going to Heaven!!!

    Then there’s PCH Prize Patrol’s “soon-to-be” arrival with balloons, etc. FOR ME!!! That’ll be my SECONDARY freedom from these “earthly” things called DEBTS!!!

    God Bless PCH for everything FREE!!!


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