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Promotions of magazine values abound here at Publishers Clearing House, but have you ever thought about the real value of magazines?

The other morning when I sat down with my bowl of steel cut oatmeal, sliced over-ripe banana and mug of freshly brewed French roast coffee, instead flipping on CNN for the latest headline news I flipped open a magazine. Piled atop a heap of mail on the kitchen counter, its red-framed cover with a black and white silhouette of a pregnant woman and a headline touting the first nine months’ influence on one’s eventual adult health caught my eye. Relishing in the nostalgic silence of an announcer-free breakfast, I embarked on my mission to speed-read the featured story, not really thinking about magazine values or any other values for that matter.

En route to destination page 51, I paused to read a thought-provoking article on the meaning of free speech under the First Amendment. Next, I shuddered through must-know facts about the recent bed bug epidemic. Shaking off that crawly feeling, I started turning again, only to encounter another “deep dive” detour at a report about the inspiring efforts of a female oceanographer to protect diverse undersea species and their ocean habitat.

Page after page of well-written articles about super-interesting topics, and I hadn’t even made it to the feature story yet! Upon arrival, page 51 didn’t disappoint, either. I was genuinely impressed by the amount of value in this magazine. I hadn’t read an issue of TIME magazine cover to cover in quite a while but right then and there I decided to get back in touch with my values.

The ever-present stream of news and information on television and online has many benefits, and I’m a big proponent of the easy access! On the other hand, the pure joy of reading well-written, in-depth exploration of topics like those found in this magazine is one of the magazine values that can’t be equaled on-screen. It’s a different kind of entertainment – probably stimulates a different part of the brain – maybe there’ll be an article about this in the next issue of TIME magazine.

Of course, if you’re looking to explore the entertainment value of magazines and other magazine values, there’s no place better known for magazine values than Publishers Clearing House. Why not try out a magazine subscription at

Happy reading!

Deborah Holland

Executive Vice President

PCH Publishers Clearing House

32 thoughts on “Magazine Values at Publishers Clearing House”

  1. love winning at pch

  2. Don Olds says:

    from Don Olds….I take Time also, and I also read it cover to cover. I also take playboy. My wife started giving me annual subscriptions to playboy 15 yrs ago. I also read that cover to cover.
    I happen to have a Brail Playboy,
    volume 27 August 1980 Number 8. I don’t remember how I got this, but it really is a conversation getter. I think a woman friend gave it to me years ago.

  3. roger waters says:

    used to paste stamps for good deals on mag subscriptions. whatever happened to the old pch? can’t even get the mag dept to come up.

  4. Joseph Mace says:

    I wish PCH would offer a selection of magazines based on your choice prior to the magazine offer. As a farmer and poultry raiser I would like to be able to select that area to have offers given to me based on my selection choice. I want to read magazines on farming and poultry not TIME or muscle and fitness.

  5. Stephanie Martin says:

    I want to order 3 magazines at the fantastic rates. But #1,how do I get back to the magazines and #2 it seems like it won’t order more than 1. Please help. Thanks, S Martin

  6. Maryann Hunt says:

    How the hell can you order magazines when your website provides no way to get to them? I have been trying all night to order some magazines and all I get is those silly sweepstakes ads.

  7. Jim Wilkerson says:

    Wow! I just want to shop for magazines. Can you provide me with more links to waste my time?

  8. bill robertson says:

    I have tried dilligently to order a magazine from PCH on line. This is apparently not possible. I’ve clicked on every button on your websites and have yet to see a list of magazines, or a way to order. This seems most strange. Any explanation?

  9. Annette says:

    When will PCH add an offer of Bon Appertit magazine to it’s list?

  10. greg dorrell says:

    I also love time magazine

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