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Promotions of magazine values abound here at Publishers Clearing House, but have you ever thought about the real value of magazines?

The other morning when I sat down with my bowl of steel cut oatmeal, sliced over-ripe banana and mug of freshly brewed French roast coffee, instead flipping on CNN for the latest headline news I flipped open a magazine. Piled atop a heap of mail on the kitchen counter, its red-framed cover with a black and white silhouette of a pregnant woman and a headline touting the first nine months’ influence on one’s eventual adult health caught my eye. Relishing in the nostalgic silence of an announcer-free breakfast, I embarked on my mission to speed-read the featured story, not really thinking about magazine values or any other values for that matter.

En route to destination page 51, I paused to read a thought-provoking article on the meaning of free speech under the First Amendment. Next, I shuddered through must-know facts about the recent bed bug epidemic. Shaking off that crawly feeling, I started turning again, only to encounter another “deep dive” detour at a report about the inspiring efforts of a female oceanographer to protect diverse undersea species and their ocean habitat.

Page after page of well-written articles about super-interesting topics, and I hadn’t even made it to the feature story yet! Upon arrival, page 51 didn’t disappoint, either. I was genuinely impressed by the amount of value in this magazine. I hadn’t read an issue of TIME magazine cover to cover in quite a while but right then and there I decided to get back in touch with my values.

The ever-present stream of news and information on television and online has many benefits, and I’m a big proponent of the easy access! On the other hand, the pure joy of reading well-written, in-depth exploration of topics like those found in this magazine is one of the magazine values that can’t be equaled on-screen. It’s a different kind of entertainment – probably stimulates a different part of the brain – maybe there’ll be an article about this in the next issue of TIME magazine.

Of course, if you’re looking to explore the entertainment value of magazines and other magazine values, there’s no place better known for magazine values than Publishers Clearing House. Why not try out a magazine subscription at

Happy reading!

Deborah Holland

Executive Vice President

PCH Publishers Clearing House

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Roger Lane said...

Wow can’t hardly Wait until oct 31, I’m looking for the prize patrol team to show up at my door. Did anyone win the new Lincoln mks with the trunk full of money wow what a prize.? Thanks team

Cindy Bonneau said...

Why have I been buying so many different Magazines since May 2009? A smile from my co-workers
is why. This has become “MY OWN MORAL FUND” for the people I see almost every day!
Our job at Home Depot is very stressful, standing on concrete 9 hours a day and trying to give the BEST customer service is hard to do when your feet hurt most of the time. I noticed the moral of my co-workers going downhill last year-and frankly I work off of them, if they aren’t smiling neither am I, so I came up with an idea: I decided to start getting magazines for our break room, I didn’t even tell my store manger what I was doing, he found out recently though especially with all the different magazine we have in the breakroom now.
Now I walk in the break room and there are smiles on my co-workers because they are actually taking their breaks and reading the 17 magazines I have gotten this past year and I really didn’t spend alot on them.. I love hearing my co-workers say: “Thanks for getting GQ, Better Homes & Gardens, Family Circle, Entertainment Weekly, Golf Digest or Bon Appetit for the recipes I am going to try tonight…Can I take this one home?” It goes on and on. They are thinking of other things instead of Home Depot all the time..even if it is just looking at the pictures instead of reading the articles. It just wasn’t work for those few minutes!
The latest one I got was “Field & Stream” $5.00 for 1 year subscription from PCH, I always look for the BEST deals PCH has to offer each month.. This one I bought because a co-worker was talking about a fish trip he just took. Nothing I am going to read but he will! The one I enjoy is” Everyday Food by Martha Stewart” which is the size of Reader’s Digest and has recipes that uses ingredients I normally have in the house without running to the store to get new spices I will never buy again.
Frankly, since the rush for Christmas this year, it is so nice to see Halloween Magazine Covers in our break room instead of Christmas decorations-and I can’t wait till November issues come out…MORE RECIPES FOR THANKSGIVING!
Since I have given so many smiles to my co-workers this past year. This Christmas, I will be sending a subscription to “Disney Princess “ to my granddaughter because I remember when I use to get magazines when I was younger (National Geographic, Reader’s Digest,Smithsonian, Ranger Rick, Boy’s Life etc .etc)Better then Video games that our children are involved in now. I actually READ it cover to cover and couldn’t wait till the next month till I got the new one. There is no extra shipping cost-so I save and then I can buy something else for her, since I work so very hard for my money I want to get the BEST value for my money. And a magazine subscription just keeps giving for an ENTIRE YEAR and no added costs except a smile at the other end each and every month for a year!
Thanks PCH you really do give alot with each magazine subscription more then you realize! *smile*


PCH Family,

WOW! This PCH Blog is probably one of the most informative sites I have been on! I love it! Plus, it gave me insight into all of the different advantages a person can have if “WE” apply them! I especially like the one about making PCH Search&Win your HOMEPAGE! And about using! I had no idea! Also, I can not close without mentioning the products that were discussed. “It caught my attention when you all spoke of the Fuller Brush! I had to laugh cause I have really long, long hair. It is almost to my knees now and when I saw that I was all excited and thought, “Yes I do need one of these products!” You all Rock! As I have also mentioned in the PCH facebook, new addition to entering a Daily Entry. I am excited to be seeing all of the great advertising design you are doing! Again, with such Class! Love you all and My best to you and your families! GOD BLESS!

dwayne said...

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michael smith said...

i dont know what to say i just that i win thats all :)

michael smith said...

i dont know what to say i just pray that i win thats all :)

dwayne said...

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Dolls House said...

I know this is really boring and you are skipping to the next comment, but I just wanted to throw you a big thanks – you cleared up some things for me!

Duda Cuka said...

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Dorothy Cooksey said...

I would like to buy a magazine, but have it mailed to my granddaughter, who is in college, but billed to me. How do I do this?

    PCH Customer Service said...

    Hi Dorothy,

    There are two ways that you may order a magazine as a gift. If you would prefer to be mailed an invoice for your order and make a payment once the invoice is received, just visit our website at and click on the “Magazines” link at the top of the page. On this page, you will find the link to “Send a Magazine as a Gift” located on the left hand side of the page. Here, you’ll find a full selection of magazine titles of varying interests from which to choose.

    If you do not mind making a payment for your order online at the time that you place it, just visit and locate the magazine you would like to order by clicking on “Magazines & Books” or by entering the name of the magazine in the “Search” box near the top of the page. Once you have found the magazine you wish to order, just click on “Add to cart”. When you are ready to check out, you will be prompted to enter the billing information that you would like to use for the order, and you will be provided with an option to use a shipping address that is different from the billing address.

    Rebecca @ PCH

Leonard Larson said...

Looking forward to being picked for some prize.
PCH has some merchandise not seen elsewhere. but postage is too high, it should be charged by the weight, not the money amount of the merchandise !

DeLayne Perry said...

Hi Deborah, ordered my hubby a mag today.. I usually don’t order magazines …

Jorge Ramirez said...

thanks a lot for the magazine update’s and yes they are the best value some of the magazines that i have seen are really cheap versus retail and you cant beat that goo thing for being a PCH benifit member :]

joanne leone said...

I just rcvd your magazine order w/ sweepstakes entry, there is a magazine I want to order but it is not on any of the coupons ? the magazine is Disney jr I do want to mail the letter back so I can be and be entered so what do I do ??? please email me

chsrles vann said...

it would be nice to have all my scratch cards and bonus games to shoe up instead of spending lost of time searching or it

Bill Conway said...

I saw playboy on sale one time and now can’t find it anymore….hope it comes up again so I can order it….

Henry said...

i have received several magazine that I did not order, I do not read , I get my books on tape from the found. of the Blind and have since 1984 . if they are coming from you please stop immediately. They are not wanted and are not being payed for. if this is not your mistake then please dis regaurd.

greg dorrell said...

does life magazine still exist I just loved the photography

greg dorrell said...

I also love time magazine

bill robertson said...

I have tried dilligently to order a magazine from PCH on line. This is apparently not possible. I’ve clicked on every button on your websites and have yet to see a list of magazines, or a way to order. This seems most strange. Any explanation?

Jim Wilkerson said...

Wow! I just want to shop for magazines. Can you provide me with more links to waste my time?