Ultra Combo Prize $5000 A Week For Life PLUS $1Million Cash!

I just got back from shopping with my wife – at Costco. If you are not familiar with this chain it’s quite the place to stock up on huge quantities of virtually anything you can think of: food, clothing, household goods, health and beauty aids, appliances, even carpet and vacations. It works best for people who have a large family or a lot of storage space.

Some people dismiss shopping at Costco saying “It’s fine if you have the room to store a lifetime supply of Dixie cups or dental floss.”

Well, a lack of storage space shouldn’t be a problem if you win a LIFETIME SUPPLY OF MONEY from Publishers Clearing House with our newest Ultra Combo Prize! Your friendly neighborhood banker or investment broker can always help you out if you don’t want to keep it under the mattress. And what a supply it could be! If you win our new Ultra Combo Prize, the PCH Prize Patrol will arrive on November 30th with $1 Million in one lump sum. After that you’ll receive $5000 a week…for life!

Yes, that staggering cash windfall could happen for YOU. But you’ve got to enter the Publishers Clearing House Sweepstakes by November 16th to be eligible to win this fabulous lifetime ultra combo prize.

So I encourage you to enter at once. But don’t enter just once: enter today, tomorrow and every day – which will give you more chances to win.

Entering is easy. A simple click here on this link to pch.com will get you started!

Don’t delay! That November 16th deadline will be here before you know it.

Good luck!

Dave Sayer
Executive Director

1,619 thoughts on “Ultra Combo Prize $5000 A Week For Life PLUS $1Million Cash!”

  1. candance chambers says:

    5 thousand a week an 1million to spend an get my dream home and new furniture an anew Odysseus van 2013 an to finally move in my own home would be ;awesome in itself an then actually move in my very own home will be awesome before thanksgiving an christmas then this will be my christmas present.to myself if my numbers are called 4900 an 3080 .

  2. clifton gee says:

    I want to win $ 10,000 a week for life Nov 25th been playing a lone time,no 4900

  3. marielis viamontes says:

    Hoping win,$5,000.00 plus more,wishing win always.

  4. Paul Roberts says:

    I,ve been doing this for over 26 years,one day I hope to win,so to pay off all my debts

  5. Marie Bailey says:

    I really need to win, I.m totally disabled and really need help to get into a home I can actually move around in with ramps, and big door ways, PLEASE Help me.

  6. Jon says:

    If this minted to be? then it will be, he knows my heart!!!!

  7. Wanda Mullins says:

    This would be comfortable! WM

  8. Charles Conley says:

    Gotta win this prize, been trying so long and hard to win it.

  9. Veronica Godinez says:

    Please PCH bless me with this wonderful gift, so I can help myself and other.

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