A Halloween Treat Could be Coming Your Way!

Want to get a Halloween Treat from the Prize Patrol? Wow! That would be Spooktakular!

With all the stores selling their costumes, masks and candy, and with homes already displaying pumpkins and decorations, it’s clear that Halloween is just around the corner.

That also means that the time is drawing near for the Publishers Clearing House Prize Patrol to go somewhere in the USA, knock on a lucky person’s door and say: “This is no trick! We have a Halloween Treat for you. Here’s One Hundred Thousand Dollars from Publishers Clearing House!”

We won’t be dressed like goblins or witches or SuperMan – although a Prize Patrol visit is about as SUPER as you can imagine. We’ll be in our usual blue blazers, and we’ll have balloons, roses, champagne and a Big Check! You won’t have to ask who we are – you’ll recognize us from our TV commercials. And we won’t scare you. Everyone thinks we are about the most welcome house guests you could ever hope to see.

One hundred thousand dollars would sure buy a lot of Snickers bars!  Or, maybe a new car or fund a college education!  Whatever the winner wants — it’ll be loads of fun deciding how to spend all that cash!  Here’s the important thing for your chance to get in on this super duper treat: To be eligible to win this “Spooktakular” $100000 Halloween Treat you must enter the Publishers Clearing House Sweepstakes by October 21st.

You can enter at PCH Search & Win or at pch.com. The entry deadline for the Spooktakular $100000 Halloween Treat prize is approaching fast, so don’t delay!

And, just for fun, let us know what YOU would do with all that Spooktakular cash if you’re our $100000 Halloween Treat winner!

Good luck!

Dave Sayer

Executive Director


49 thoughts on “A Halloween Treat Could be Coming Your Way!”

  1. Denisse Pizarro says:

    I would love to open up a soup kitchen to feed the homeless and grow into an organization to shelter and provide opportunities to help them find jobs and a place of their own. One day I will be able to do this.

  2. hey its me elizabeth dever i am going to enter for the big one here in a minute because it will be the first day of my new life for me

  3. ruby archer says:

    it probably won’t happen but i still have faith that i will get to meet the mad men, i will be watching for you like i said i need to have a new ramp , a walk in tub , and a chair with a tray,and a lot of other things. i hope i get to meet you . ruby archer

  4. If i won 100,000.00 i would but me a house in the country,and pay off my school loans ,bills,etc and continue my education. Also I would help my family and friends out as well and donate money to charity organizations such as grouphomes for adolescents,animal shelters,and the fire department. And i will live happily ever after.

  5. Carol Lontine says:

    If I won the @100,000.00 Halloween prize money, I would do some things around my house to spruce it up then hope I would have enough to build a small enough barn for my 13 llamas. Need a safe way to keep them out of wind, rain and snow!! I would not blow the bucks on a vacation as I don’t want to go off and leave my llovin’ llamas!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  6. Jennie M Shunk says:

    We have had the same house for 33 years. Yes, we still owe alot of money on the mortgage. Yes everytime we thought we would get out of debt with the mortgage someone needed help. It needs so many repairs. We had 7 children grow up there along with many neighbors and realatives. Everyone needs help now and then. We are old now and would like to continue to live here. Social Security just dont cover the expenses. However I personally have never known anyone who ever won a big prize like this. I doubt often, that these are really ligitiment and real contests…..Anyway thanks for the thought!!!!!!!!

    1. PCH Customer Service PCH Customer Service says:

      Hi Jennie,

      At Publishers Clearing House every entry received is processed in accordance with our Official Rules, and no purchase is ever necessary to enter or win.

      Each entry received has an equal chance of winning and we never know who our next winner may be. Our winners are as varied as the faces you see in our famous television commercials coming from all walks of life, ages, ethnic backgrounds and regions.

      Real people really do win. And by the way, the winners you see being surprised by the Publishers Clearing House Prize Patrol in our TV commercials are not actors but the actual people at the actual moment-of-winning.

      You can check out some great winning moments by visiting us at http://www.pchtv.com.

      Jeremiah @ PCH

  7. kareba mcmillan says:

    If i won the Halloween money, i would pay off all my debts and take my whole family on a nice vacation. Then come come home by me a house and open up my own catering business.

  8. ann hall says:

    I would pay off the bills and sleep better at night or during the day. Winning the monies would mean so much to me. I had to take off this week due to surgery so the money would also pay the anethesia and physician bill.

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