Daily Instant Win Opportunities On Bingo Charms

For those of you who have been playing Bingo Charms, you’ve surely noticed the special sparkling fruit at the center of your tree. This mesmerizing fruit is the instant win fruit that grows just once a day giving you the chance to win a cash prize of up to $1,000 instantly. You only get one chance to win per day so that means that you’ll have to come back every day to see if it’s YOUR lucky day. You can see some of the recent lucky winners by clicking on the “Free Prizes!” button on upper-left part of the screen.

Cash prizes aren’t the only great reward that the magical instant win fruit can give you; maybe you’ll earn extra Lady Bugs or Leprechaun Gold! One way you can use these prizes is to buy that card charm or table charm that you’ve had your eye on. What’s so great about card and table charms? They can help you turn your luck around if you’re having trouble scoring a Bingo today.

Remember, your instant win fruit grows once a day, each day so play Bingo Charms every day for a chance to win great prizes and don’t forget to check back for the latest Bingo Charms news and more great tips! And don’t forget that playing Bingo Charms with your friends is half the fun – just click on “Invite Friends” on the right side of the game.

That’s about it for today. Tell me about your favorite charm that you’ve had the chance to use and which ones you’re dying to earn in the comment section below.

Charmingly yours,

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Evariste Kalisa said...

when i left Rwanda i had hope that my tears stay behind me. for those who i couldn’t do anything to help, please forgive me. may one day we will share the days of joy. hope , and experience

love you all


michael rolle said...

GoodMorning..PCH i’ve got a Bingo Playing bingo Charms Crosby- gave Out a Mighty reward, for this One. i’ve also earned Level 5 playing bingo Charms and Completed a quest at it and at each Level Presents, New Challenges, and Opens Up additional, Opportunities to get lucky! “ITS FUN TOO PLAY” i’m gonna Try my Luck again “TODAY” :)

She.Talks.Now. said...

Okay, I am soooo confused. When will the winner be announced for prize giveaway 1400 (Ultra-combo Prize)???

Because on the sweepstakes rules it says it ends 2/29/12.

    PCH Customer Service said...

    Hi She.Talks.Now.,

    All draws are awarded on the date specified in the Sweepstakes Facts that comes with each entry as per our official rules. In the event of an “Advanced Look”, a SuperPrize number is drawn and, if the winning entry has been returned, the prize is awarded. If the winning number was not returned, the prize rolls over to the next draw date. If the prize is not awarded on any of the “Advanced Look” draw dates, the prize will be awarded on the end date specified in the Sweepstakes Facts.

    Chris @ PCH

dwayne dixon said...

i want to be the winner for today.

Nancy Sexton said...

Glad the Bingo Charms is mentioned, because for some odd reason I have never been able to do anything with it. I logged into my facebook account, clicked on “Play Now!” and the webpage went blank and then just blinked at me! Nothing would come up!

I’ve not been able to contact the customer service dept. since my login credentials don’t work!

What shall I do?

Meanwhile, I’ll just keep playing and entering the sweepstakes daily as I do!!

God Bless everyone!!


Beverly Zebrow said...

Was there a November 3oth PCH combo winner ($5000 per week, etc) as advertized? If so, where do I obtain the information about the winner?
If not, Why?


    PCH Customer Service said...

    Hi Beverly,

    Unfortunately, the winning number was not returned in this “Advanced Look” drawing for the Ultra Combo Prize, therefore the prize was not awarded at this time. The winner of the $1 million second chance drawing was Julie Laughlin of Grand Ledge, MI.

    Rebecca @ PCH

ruby archer said...

xmas will be a normal day at my house, we won’t have a xmas, thats all right it is gods birthday, we will give thanks to god that we are still living and some day we will be able to see him and celabrate his birth. thank you lord, for saving my soul thank you lord for making me whole.thank you lord. ruby and tracy archer

Roma Sue Noffsinger said...

Good Day to you all and Good Luck..I need a Leprechaun to Help me win PCH.com Big Check..Maybe he can help me Win..They say Leprechaun are Lucky and I need all the Luck I can get..Thank you have a Gloryess Day..

Marilyn Joan Hadey said...

I just pled that bingo game, when it ends, how do you start another game

    PCH Customer Service said...

    Hi Marilyn,

    Once the timer has elapsed on your Bingo Charmes game, you can either share your score by pressing “Share”, or press “Skip”, then press Begin game.

    If you are having problems, please contact our Customer Service team about this issue via our “Ask Us” form at: http://pch.custhelp.com/app/, with what occurred and any error message you received, as well as the following information so that we can investigate further:

    - When did the problem start?
    - What happened when you refreshed?
    - Your operating system (i.e. Windows XP, Vista, etc.)
    - Your web browser and version (i.e. Internet Explorer 7.0)
    - Your version of FlashPlayer

    Jodi @ PCH

katherine clyde said...

no comment i hope i have funny playing your game a why i can ,t get in to your games to play

Carole S said...

The Bingo/Play to Win was out of order all week-end. It appears no one was available to take calls or fix problems. When will Bingo be fixed. The few players that could play a few games felt that they were robbed of tokens. Site gave false Winner notifications. Couldn’t tell if cards were bought and or playing. Games were out of sink with other players. Very unhappy with your lack of maintenance of the game. Do your sponsors know about your neglect.