Black Friday 2010 or Any Day Would Welcome A Big Check!

This Black Friday 2010, start the day off with an online contest entry in the PCH Sweepstakes. Your bank account might thank you!

This Black Friday 2010, start the day off with an online contest entry in the PCH Sweepstakes. Your bank account might thank you!

In the retail business Black Friday 2010, the Friday after this Thanksgiving, is the day that shopping malls look forward to because – if sales are good – their annual financial prospects for the year go into “the black” rather than into “the red.”

I don’t know whether you’re in “the red.” Almost everyone is at some point in time. But a Big Check from Publishers Clearing Housewould surely be welcome no matter what the state of your bank account.

As head of the PCH Prize Patrol I’ve awarded hundreds of Big Checks to prize winners of the Publishers Clearing House Sweepstakes, and every single one of the recipients has been grateful that they had the good sense to enter our contests. “Why not?” they say. “Somebody has got to win. Why not me? And it costs nothing to enter? What do I have to lose?”

That’s the spirit! Whatever day of the week that we arrive at your house, believe me, it will be a happy day — because your finances will be a lot better off than the day before. With the proceeds from a PCH prize award, you’d be in the black and Friday, or any other day you want would be a good day for shopping without worries. With a huge PCH SuperPrize win, you could treat yourself and still have money left over for long term financial security!

So, this Black Friday 2010, before you start shopping for bargains, make sure you send in an online contest entry for the fabulous Publishers Clearing House Sweepstakes. It’s free and easy at You have nothing to lose — and possibly millions to gain!

Wishing you the best of luck!

Dave Sayer

Executive Director


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  3. well im hoping to see who the winner is…if i can find it on my local chanel then i may have some be relive if they showed up at my door. i dont have life insurance and i have 3 small kids and cancer. so id be happy knowing they would be okay financially if i wasnt here. But how often does that happen? we all seem so untouchable when it comes to the lottery and sweepstakes.