Black Friday 2010 or Any Day Would Welcome A Big Check!

This Black Friday 2010, start the day off with an online contest entry in the PCH Sweepstakes. Your bank account might thank you!

In the retail business Black Friday 2010, the Friday after this Thanksgiving, is the day that shopping malls look forward to because – if sales are good – their annual financial prospects for the year go into “the black” rather than into “the red.”

I don’t know whether you’re in “the red.” Almost everyone is at some point in time. But a Big Check from Publishers Clearing Housewould surely be welcome no matter what the state of your bank account.

As head of the PCH Prize Patrol I’ve awarded hundreds of Big Checks to prize winners of the Publishers Clearing House Sweepstakes, and every single one of the recipients has been grateful that they had the good sense to enter our contests. “Why not?” they say. “Somebody has got to win. Why not me? And it costs nothing to enter? What do I have to lose?”

That’s the spirit! Whatever day of the week that we arrive at your house, believe me, it will be a happy day — because your finances will be a lot better off than the day before. With the proceeds from a PCH prize award, you’d be in the black and Friday, or any other day you want would be a good day for shopping without worries. With a huge PCH SuperPrize win, you could treat yourself and still have money left over for long term financial security!

So, this Black Friday 2010, before you start shopping for bargains, make sure you send in an online contest entry for the fabulous Publishers Clearing House Sweepstakes. It’s free and easy at You have nothing to lose — and possibly millions to gain!

Wishing you the best of luck!

Dave Sayer

Executive Director


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Beverly Mosbet said...

What I want on BLACK FRIDAY is for my mother who by the way has entered every one of PCH sweepstakes for the last 40 years, to be able to open her front door and have all the PCH Prize Patrol Members be at her door with the largest check ever before she gets too old to enjoy it!!!. Keep up the good work PCH I love the games.

Charlene Wilcox said...

Whooooooooo Hoooooooo I just love PCH.Why not?lol! Good Morning PCH Employees.Have the Best Day Ever-God Bless All!

Michael Rolle said...

GoodMorning PCH, ive Never have been to One of the Super Black friday’s Event!Shopping Spree, But a Super Prize Event,Visit Can be a Chance to Change all that from a famous Prize Patrol Elite Team, it will be Better days to Come.

angela grady said...

i would thank god if the prize patrol show up to my door and shout out black friday

Nancy Sexton said...

Make that a very COOL Tuesday for me!!! It would be such a wonderful blessing if PCH Prize Patrol were knocking at our door on Tuesday!!! We may even have some Thanksgiving vittles to offer ya!!! Well . . maybe!!

We’d certainly have the Lord to thank for such a financial windfall should it happen!!! And we’d surely be tirelessly and FOREVER thankful!!!

God Bless everyone and ALL of PCH!!!


shirley berry said...

thank you for the great opportunity of one day having a blessed life and a blessed life where iit would be a blessing to otherrs as well as my self thank you so much. graciously ms. shirley berry

shirley berry said...

i probably fall to my knees and thank god for his blessing and to thank pch for them helping me get a winter coat and jeans longjohns head accessories and to get tags insurence on my car thatts been parked approx. 3 months. it would be a great day…….

Donald McGann said...

From Don McGann, Nov.27,2010
Dear PCH Contest Team:
Genuine thanks for your cordial & effective handling of awards. I am deeply grateful to all of you. Ideally for me, would be for the Patrol to combine this award with the prospective visit on November 30th. Your generousity is phinomenal and handlinar admirable.
Still hoping,

Marci Kleinfield said...

The person who is the winner are they notify before the big day to sign a affidavit or is it sign on the day the prize is rewarded

    PCH Customer Service said...

    Hi Marci,

    The winner would sign the affidavit at the time that they are presented with their prize. The Prize Patrol likes to surprise our winners, so we do not notify our winners ahead of the prize delivery date.

    Rebecca @ PCH

colette wallace said...

Black friday or any day I’m sure anyone including myself would be very happy to receive any amount from Dave Sayer . The prize one gets will help them very much of their current needs. In my experience I got it during the time when I andother people needed it most. But we can not receive this check unless we enter or return our sweepstakes entry. Before I was skeptical until I won. Then I believe that the PCH are for real. So I keep on entering and sending until I win again. Then I can say that Lightning can hit twice and nothing is impossible if one is patient and has perseverance. I am hoping, praying. and wishing to meet Dave Sayer again with a bigger check so I can believe and tell everybody thatthe possibility of winning twice can happen. I also wish all of you the very best of luck.So let’s keep entering the sweepstakes by mail, phone and computer.

j.k said...

every day is black mon tue wed thur fri sat sun for me,reason for that i enter every day,and every day is a must…hahahaha

sondra gayhart said...

Happy Holidays to all PCH Fans and Patrol Team !!! Happy Holidays to all across the world. May your stop at my lovely little town ( I hope you come)*Well Dream BIG), be a plesant one. Come on Elite team to my door!!!!!!!

Chana Jones said...

I sure wish it was me, but you know I have to live my days by the Grace of God, cause he is the only one that can get me through my financial situations right now. There is always someone out their that is worst off then me, God Bless the person that deserves it the most. Love you PCH!

Samson M said...

Hey Dave! I am waiting to give you a big hug with your company in few days.
And there the relationship will begin. Ride safely.

Ethel Daniel said...

Do anyone of you have an idea who won the Publisher Clearing House lottery on the 26th & 27th of Novemwber.

cpm said...

I am not giving up…never in so many years–I will always DREAM of this win! Even though my friends and family think I am crazy for believing in a sweepstakes win! Well I do! Ever since I saw Dave and his team on Oprah–I knew I can never give up…Dreams do come true! When I win…my first book will be how to play a sweepstakes… no matter who thinks it is ridiculous…the next book will be how to manage weealth responsibly….I’ve learned my lessons of debts.
Thanks PCH for helping me to continue dreaming at my age.

michael smith said...

i dont know what to say if i get a big check? hmmm how i act if i get a big check i mean idk i never won anything in my life i guess i be happy and thanking god because he bless me with the money because he answer my prayer and i will thank pch for all there help but i guess we will see just have to have faith

Charis Williams said...

I think I would pass out if pch showed up at my door. I have never won anything and all my friends tell me I am wasting my time, I will continue to enter and pray even $500 is a blessing to a single mom with no family. Good Luck everyone and if you win please remember to pay it forward!!

Wanda Conway said...

Have been looking forward my winning since 1987. Still nothing happened for that long years. Sometimes can’t get thro my computer that won’t work, even not know how it made it work right. Hope wish me good luck winning in 2010.

Louise Pavlusky said...

I honestly think I would faint if PCH showed up at my door. I am hoping Prize patrol will come to Southern California. If Im not here and you show up Im usually not far from home.
Safe Travels to you folks.

Nell Bell said...

well im hoping to see who the winner is…if i can find it on my local chanel then i may have some be relive if they showed up at my door. i dont have life insurance and i have 3 small kids and cancer. so id be happy knowing they would be okay financially if i wasnt here. But how often does that happen? we all seem so untouchable when it comes to the lottery and sweepstakes.