Cyber Monday 2010 Introduces Great Deals at PCH ShopandWin

PCH’s ShopandWin is here, just in time for Cyber Monday 2010!

How to Win Prizes at PCH's ShopandWin

After countless hours from the team here at PCH, we have finally launched our new website,, just in time for Black Friday 2010, Cyber Monday 2010 and the holiday shopping season! ShopandWin is a whole new online shopping experience here at Publishers Clearing House, where you can win prizes just for browsing! Every day there’s a Deal of the Day super discount offer and Daily Prizes. For Cyber Monday 2010, we’re offering some great deals, PLUS, there will be a winner every hour, with prizes like  a Nintendo® Wii, Laptops, cash and more!

For those of you who don’t know, one of the largest online shopping days in the year is the Monday following Black Friday, and it was dubbed “Cyber Monday” by Marketers in 2004.

Our ultimate goal in setting up this new site was to have it available by Black Friday and Cyber Monday 2010, so we all put in many extra hours just to get it ready for you! The holiday shopping season can be stressful, so to help you have some fun and relieve some stress we have an overload of prizes to give away! You won’t want to miss our special Cyber Monday 2010 prize giveaway, where there will be a lucky winner every hour!

We’re thrilled to introduce ShopandWin to you.  And I must say, after having read every product description personally while working on the development of this new site, I have picked out a few favorites for this holiday shopping season, such as 50 percent off a Toshiba® Blu-Ray™ player, or 75 percent off a Sunbeam® Vacuum. I love getting deep discounts like that on brand-name quality items and I hope you will, too!

To all of you online shoppers, make sure you check out our deals on PCH’s ShopandWin, and who knows, maybe you’ll be a lucky winner! Happy hunting this Cyber Monday 2010!

Liz D.

PCH ShopandWin

11 thoughts on “Cyber Monday 2010 Introduces Great Deals at PCH ShopandWin”

  1. Teresa Johnsoni says:

    I’m going to check it out pch shop and win site for great bargain Cyber Monday 2015
    as well as enter the pch win for life sweepstake 2015.

  2. maria diaz says:

    i,m so happy b on n give me the chans to win my feature n my kids good bless u all the personal they working togeder on this program thanks u loveya maria diaz

  3. becky says:

    hello pch, my name is becky elledge. i add u from facebook, i am full deaf. i want to win, i need house and car, i not lke live with mom lol, i dont have a car that i need. and pay my old bills and pay to mom. i was tried pch sarch but not work some how. i hope i win $5,000.00 a week for life/ i pray. thank. god bless u.

  4. Vickie Plasterer says:

    the NEW PCH SHOP&WIN site took me by surprise when I WON $5.00 in the hourly give away, just as I was browsing the DEAL of the DAY. I could not purchase the Blue Ray DVD player that was ON SALE that day, however I will go back on Payday, and make a purchase of a couple of things that I want to get family members for Christmas; that happen to be priced quite affordably. Unfortunately, I could NOT purchase that DVD player when it was the Deal of the Day. However, I did some comparison shopping, and even though the price has gone up, it is still priced lower than other sites where I would have thought the price for that DVD player would have cost less. I’LL BE BACK for Certain !!

  5. krys webber says:

    i do not have account number but it is imperative that someone in your accounting dept contact me. i received a letter regarding something i have no clue that pch said i owe on …i do not remember the transaction so someone get in touch with me

    1. PCH Customer Service PCH Customer Service says:

      Hi Krys,

      You can contact our customer service team who will be able to help you further. Their number is (800) 645-9242. You can also contact our customer service team by visiting:

      Addison @ PCH

  6. jarren k says:


  7. Deborah Holland Deborah Holland says:

    Thanks for trying out our new Shop and Win site! We’re all very excited about it! The products are great quality and the special Deal of the Day feature give you extra discounts on selected items every day! Plus, the chance to win prizes just for browsing makes shopping at Shop and Win a lot of fun!
    Deborah @ PCH

  8. Valenda Johnson says:

    Cyber Monday 2010…
    Deals at PCH ShopandWin
    Love this site… and even though I can not afford anything right now… it is always nice to just window show… I will share this with all my friends…Thanks for the new site!

  9. gail block says:

    heading over there to see what u have

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