Kay’s Winning Moment Relived On PCHtv.com

In January it will be a year since I visited Kay Fleitz of Albuquerque, NM and presented her with a Big Check for $10,000.00.   Her winning moment was one of my favorites – for several reasons: First, she recognized me right away (always good for one’s ego). Second, her reaction was so immediate that it was clear that she had been dreaming about an experience like this for years.  And third, as she smelled the roses the tears flowed in a way that would convince even the most cynical TV viewer that this was a real person who was truly surprised and totally unprepared for the Prize Patrol to knock on her door.

Kay told me then – and has told me repeatedly in our ongoing email correspondence – that she is “an ole softie” who cries when she sees the emotional scenes in our Publishers Clearing House TV commercials.  She just wrote to tell me that tears flowed once again when she watched our latest Million Dollar SuperPrize winner Julie Laughlin’s winning moment.  And no wonder: Julie announced to her Michigan neighbors, bystanders, reporters and the PCH Prize Patrol that she was on the verge of losing her house. 

You can watch the winning moments of Julie and many other lucky folks whom we have surprised with roses, balloons and Big Checks at pchtv.com.  And I’m quite sure that Kay’s winning moment will again be featured in our upcoming TV ad campaign that goes on the air in late December.

Keep your eyes open for this TV campaign.  It will be one of our most exciting ever!  It will urge TV viewers across America to go to pch.com and enter the Publishers Clearing House Sweepstakes at once to win probably the grandest grand prize in our long history.

But YOU don’t have to wait until late December to enter; you can get a head start today — and everyday — right now at pch.com

So don’t delay!  Enter at once – and YOUR winning moment could be next!

Dave Sayer

Executive Director

PCH Prize Patrol

26 thoughts on “Kay’s Winning Moment Relived On PCHtv.com”

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  2. Sandra. Logan says:

    PCH I am happy for all the winner s’ of 2013 I am praying that I be one of them My finger crossed so keep up the good work and drive saftety Prize Patrol.

  3. jessica caceres says:

    Hi, my name is elizabeth. I have 5 children; my daughter is going to be 9, the only girl i have. She had a heart surgery when she was a baby. i’am not working and my husband works only when jobs are available. i just hope one day i could win the pch so my family wont have to worry about money and i will have in case of emergency for my daughter on the side. Thank You PCH… I will search all day until my fingers fall out! LOL… Good Luck to everybody!

    1. PCH Customer Service PCH Customer Service says:

      Hi Elizabeth,

      In order to receive your Publishers Clearing House sweepstakes entry on PCH Search&Win, you must be signed in to our website at http://www.pchsearch.com. To sign in, simply click the “Sign In” link and enter your e-mail address and password. If you are already signed in, your name will be displayed in a welcome message on the upper left hand corner of the page.

      On the first search that you perform on any given day, you will receive an entry into our sweepstakes. This is confirmed above your search results. It is not necessary to click on any of the search result links to complete your entry.

      You will receive a maximum of one entry into the sweepstakes and a maximum of 25 chances (one per search) for the PCH Search & Win instant prizes per day. You may enter every day if you wish.

      If your PCH Search & Win search is a lucky winner, you’ll see a page that looks like this instead of your search results:


      We don’t use pop-up windows, so you don’t need to change any settings on your computer.

      For more information on how to enter our draws, please click on the “How to Win” link on the top our website or use the following link: http://search.pch.com/about

      To see our Official Rules, you may click on the “Official Rules” link or use the following URL: http://search.pch.com/rules

      Additional information on the prizes you are entering for, and your odds of winning may be located under the “Sweepstakes Facts” link or clicking here: http://search.pch.com/facts

      Happy Searching!
      Jodi @ PCH

  4. kenneth johnson says:

    hi,guess what a scam from pchasia contact me about 2 day a go about winning 2 million dollar asking for $47 to claim my winning.

    1. PCH Customer Service PCH Customer Service says:

      Hi Kenneth,

      That definitely sounds like a scam! At Publishers Clearing House we do not notify our winners by email, regular postal mail or by telephone. All prize winners of $500.00 or more would be notified by registered mail and all winners of $10,000 or more would be notified in person by our famous Prize Patrol.

      At PCH, we are highly concerned about reports of scam artists using our name and good reputation to try and deceive consumers. Let me assure you there is absolutely no connection between the real Publishers Clearing House and the fraudulent party who contacted you claiming to be associated with our company. If you are contacted and asked to pay any amount, for any reason, to claim a prize, you have not heard from the real Publishers Clearing House.

      Anyone who believes they have received a suspicious email using our name and logo, may forward it to our fraud reporting mailbox, abuse@pch.com and anyone who believes they have been the victim of a fraudulent contact using the name of Publishers Clearing House, may contact us immediately at our toll-free number 1-800-392-4190. We also encourage consumers to visit the Consumer Affairs section on our website at info.pch.com, where there is more valuable information on how to protect oneself and avoid falling victim to sweepstakes scams. We also recommend that you also report this incident to the National Fraud Center at http://www.fraud.org

      Stay Safe!
      Jodi @ PCH

  5. Parish Mack says:

    I’m just going to get straight to the point. I don’t want to give you a sad story about my life so all I’m going to say is I’m determined to win this Publishing Clearing House. I’m not going to give up and I have faith that I’m going to win. Happy Holidays! Can’t wait to see you guys at my house!!!
    Parish Reshawn Mack aka Mr. Determination, Savannah GAP.S. I’m going to win 10,000,000 on December 25th from Publishing Clearing House I just know I will!!


    Dave Sayer
    Executive Director
    PCH Prize Patrol & All PCH Family,
    Merry Christmas to all of you! Thank you for sharing with us these most interesting stories as it makes me realize how One’s Life can change in an instance! God Bless You All for everything that you continue to do!

  7. Vickie Plasterer says:

    Dear Sharon,

    I am glad to hear that your son will be receiving Christmas Gifts. There are many children, and families who will have nothing. Not a Christmas Meal; not gift one.

    I encourage everyone that can to make a donation to Toys for Tots, sponsored by the US Marine Corp, and/or to your local food bank where families without food can get some welcomed relief.

    This has been a very difficult year for so many people; in one way or another.

    Right now, I am recovering from my 27th surgery in three years. I lost my job, (my BELOVED career of 15 years), FIVE years ago; when I had a falling down the stairs accident at home; which almost cost me my life, but for the wonderful Doctors and God. I am now disabled, but I am ALIVE.

    We lost our home and personal possessions to a fire that began in our walls in the early AM hours. We were fortunate that we did not lose our lives. We were also fortunate that we had enough Insurance on that old house, that we were able to buy (mortgage) another small home.

    Our ‘NEW’ OLD home has so many problems; every time we turn around something else major is going wrong. However, it is what we could afford, and it does still provide a roof over our heads. Do you know the many wonders of masking tape (LOL)

    My income gone, my husband’s company announced, TWO and 1/2 years ago, that ALL managers and middle managers had to take a rather LARGE paycut, and there would be no raises until further notice; if they still wanted to be employed.
    We are blessed that at least my husband is still working, AND we do have medical insurance which pays a large portion of my medical debts.

    We still have medical debts, and pay a co-pay amount equaling $880.00 per month just for all of my medications.(14 different prescriptions, three times a day). These added expenses, and majorily reduced income, means we can no longer go out to eat, go to the movies,take a vacation, buy clothes and shoes, except when ABSOLUTELY Necessary. My husband learned how to cut our hair, and we had to cut the grocery bill to less than half of what we used to spend.

    Along the way, when we were doing without, we made new and wonderfil discoveries.
    We learned how to GROW vegetables and now we share a portion of our property and have a community garden; shared with our neighbors. We volunter to pick up trash at our local park, and donate the aluminm cans and plastic bottles to the library; who then sell them in exchange for funds that improve our small local Library; for our FREE entertainment. We have family and friends game night at least once a month. Everyone makes a small dish of some sort, and we SHARE in a meal and laugh the day or night away. The problems we each face do not enter into the fun. We never really knew our neighbors until aftr my accident. Now we are each others greatest supporters.

    Sharon be happy that you have your son to love, and that you can give him 2 Christmas gifts this year.

    I am ALIVE this Christmas and have the great fortune to be ‘talkng’ with you.

    I wish you and your family a VERY MERRY CHRISTMAS. I Hope your lives improve the way you would like them to in the New Year. Here’s to Good Health, Warmth and Love.

  8. Sharon Davis says:


  9. Vickie Plasterer says:

    Mr Dave Sayer and the Prize Patrol have to be the most recognized, and welcomed, faces in America. Who hasn’t seen at least ONE PCH TV commercial, or received at least ONE Entry to win at PCH. It has to be only the most die hard skeptics who don’t believe in the PCH Prize Patrol and Dave Sayer and the wonderful gifts they bestow on families. I know I BELIEVE. I try not to miss even one opportunity to enter every PCH sweepstakes I am aware of (and actively seek). Of course my seeking days are over, since I use PCH Search to Win as my PRIMARY SEARCH ENGINE and HOME PAGE. I have never failed to find exactly what I am looking for by using PCH Search to Win as my search Engine. Heck, you have them all combined; which prevents me from wasting time going from one search engine to another. Not only am I saving time, but I am also given so many opportuites to win everytime I use my computer to search for something. MY past few weeks of Christmas shopping has involved PCH in most instances. Whether I am looking for something or shopping at the new SHOP and WIN site. In addition I play games most days at PCHgames, or I am entering the PCH LOTTO, of playng Wonderland at PCHgames. It seems most everything I do these days is PCH something. Are PCH stocks available to the Public?


    I hope I actually get to share that sentiment with you in person on Christams Day ! My husband has to work on Christmas Day, so I will be home alone, and somewhat sad becasue of it. PCH would turn my frown into BIG SMILES if they come to visit me on Christams Day. Be careful where ever you are going that day. The weather in the Midwest is going to be COLD,and SNOWY. There is a winter storm brewing which, our weather man in N.E. Indiana told us this morning, may churn out fairly heavy snows on Christmas EVE. PLEASE DON’T LET that STOP YOU. Memories of Wisconsin? I’ll be here waiting with hot beverages and a warm home.

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