$15,000 Holiday Sweepstakes Surprise From The PCH Prize Patrol

What better way to celebrate the holidays than by surprising a lucky Publishers Clearing House Holiday Sweepstakes winner with $15,000! Though holiday travel may at times be slow and stressful, the Prize Patrol was nothing but excited to get to Gallatin Tennessee to bring Trudy Dinkins her $15,000 Holiday Sweepstakes surprise!

Gallatin Tennessee is familiar territory for Dave Sayer, Executive Director of the Prize Patrol, who visited the same town only a year ago to surprise Janet Theriaqu with a BIG$10,000 PCH check!  With Dave Sayer as our navigator, we were confident we would find Trudy this Tuesday afternoon.

With local newspapers and television news stations along for the ride, the PCH Prize Patrol easily found Trudy’s house and was prepared for the coveted PCH Winning Moment!  We anxiously knocked on the door looking for our sweepstakes winner which excited the adorable family dog, alerting Trudy that something was up….and that something was the PCH Prize Patrol standing outside her door with flowers, balloons, and a BIG oversized $15,000 Holiday Sweepstakes check!

Just a moment later, Trudy opened the door and exclaimed “Praise The Lord, Thank You Jesus!”  Trudy has waited for this moment for years, saying this money is truly “an answer to prayers”.  She works as a Hospice Nurse and has two children and several grandchildren that count on her, so this money is very much needed.  Trudy plans on using her new found money to pay bills, give back to her church, and to treat herself to a trip to the spa.

Visiting Gallatin Tennessee this holiday season was truly a present for the Prize Patrol.  Being able to deliver money to such a kind and deserving person as Trudy Dinkins was touching, exciting, and made for a truly memorable PCH Winning Moment.  Congratulations Trudy and thank you for entering the Publishers Clearing House sweepstakes!

This lucky winners’ winning entry came from a mailed package…Judy simply returned her entry by the deadline, and just like that…she’s $15,000 richer this holiday season.  Don’t miss your opportunity to enter the Publisher’s Clearing House Sweepstakes.  Simply go to pch.com to join, and you never know, the Prize Patrol may be showing up at your door next!  Happy Holidays everyone!

~Danielle Lam – PCH Prize Patrol

508 thoughts on “$15,000 Holiday Sweepstakes Surprise From The PCH Prize Patrol”

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    PCH I Hope I Am Your 15,000 Prize Winner, I really could use the money since I am out of work and need surgery.

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