PCH Blog Followers – What Do YOU Want To Know?

Being the newest member of the Publishers Clearing House Prize Patrol, I am honored and excited to get to know the wonderful people out there who follow and support the Publishers Clearing House Sweepstakes.  PCH fans follow and contact us through facebook, discussion boards, letters, and of course through this wonderful PCH blog.  Blog follower’s responses give great insight into a person’s personality, interests, questions, wants, needs, hobbies, etc.  I find it extremely rewarding knowing that there are wonderful people out there who support our company and have truly become our internet friends.

Following each exciting Prize Patrol trip where I deliver BIG checks to lucky PCH Sweepstakes winners, I come home (or get a head start at the airport) and write a blog post sharing all the exciting and interesting facts of the big winning moment.  People always want to know details like, did we get lost finding the winners house?  Were there any funny stories through our travels? And of course everyone wants us to explain the reactions of our winners when they opened their door to the PCH Prize Patrol with that BIG check and balloons!  I look forward to sharing each unique and exciting sweepstakes winning moment with the PCH blog community.

Since (unfortunately) winning moments don’t happen every day, I came to thinking about what else our blog followers want to hear about in the meantime.  But why guess what you are interested in…I figured, I’ll just ask!  So I am here to ask you – what do YOU want to know about Publishers Clearing House?  So my future blogs are in your hands!  I look forward to hearing your feedback . Thank you everyone and HAPPY NEW YEAR from the Publishers Clearing House Prize Patrol!

PS:  A special thanks to everyone for welcoming me with open arms, kind words, and many “hellos”.

~Danielle Lam – PCH Prize Patrol

76 thoughts on “PCH Blog Followers – What Do YOU Want To Know?”

  1. Janie Salas says:

    Hi, PCH staff I just wanted to know I necer win cash only bonus oppurtunity. Why is that even on scratch off.

  2. Hi I just left a long message to you and it did not get posted !?, Anyway Zander was trying to help me find the links to the winning numbers but neither of us realized that you cannot check the pch lotto numbers on a tablet I only found this out just now, so I am asking if you ever EMail people if or when they win , even on the lotto? That would be awesome if possible, And when you see Zander please tell him why I could not get to any of the winning pages, and tell him thanks for me♡From one of your greatest fans,Thank You Danielle☆ Pamela

  3. Hi Danielle,I just discovered that I cannot check my pch lotto numbers on my tablet, I had to look them up on a desk top. Anyway,Zander kept trying ,bless him to help me but neither of us knew at the time about the tablet. So I need to know can you EMail the winning numbers to us? That would be awesome if possible. Thanks so much ,a great fan Pamela

  4. Frank Carter says:

    I’ve been putting in entries everyday for almost a year. Hopefully God blesses me to win. COLUMBUS, OHIO BABY GO BUCKS!!!!!!!!!

  5. james ceurvels says:

    why can’t I be notified of how many entries in the PCH contests under the Freedom of Information Act I should have the right to know how many entrance I have in this

  6. Gary Rinker says:

    PSST ! Hey PCH tell Dave S.
    I want to WIN & WIN BIG
    Thanks GR


    madam victoria
    your reply not in order as because i have reported to abuse@pch.com they received the mail they informed this an scan but i wnt to inform you that i was the regular player of pch lotto and have your commercial mail about winning . how you you admit it was scam
    please note that allmy data hacked by breakaway courierrs services u.k. conduted by mr cook bruke
    mr.cook and mr dave sanched $52000.00 against my winning prize which please note

  8. christine williams says:

    I’ve been wondering y’all been awarding prizes all over the US but Ms hasn’t had not one person to win is it that this state is poverty

  9. ioneellis says:

    See PCH The word on that blog is supposed to be like doll baby But instead put the word dog I don’t know if I should talk on his microphone on this thing because it look like a don’t put the right words with a long But everything is beautiful about this child I wish you could see her on Queen Latifah show I wish you had her of something to take so you could have caught it and seen it you would you really would love to see her sing

  10. ioneellis says:

    PCH sweepstakes I really enjoyed something beautiful today I was watching the Queen Latifah show Any young child came on to sing Her name is Lexie Walker My god what an angel She looks like one of those dogs I would take and put under my Christmas tree Her voice was so mellow Beautiful Like a whole field of lilies She sends me to heaven today Because her voice is just that strong Have you ever close your eyes and just mellow out And you feel like you’re floating Oh god I wish you could hear her sing I know I suppose the talking about the game but right now I am so fascinated with this little girl Now thats what you call a winner A winner from the womb of life God bless her and I know she going to make it to the top But I will say this I’m in it to win And to make it to the top That little girl’s voice when you go to sleep you would actually see her because she was so beautiful She’s an angel standing by God’s side And she’s a very special precious child I wish her mother and father of plenty of joy and happiness

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