Enter the Publishers Clearing House Sweepstakes Online for Riches Beyond Belief

Enter the Publishers Clearing House Sweepstakes online at pch.com for a chance to win a mind boggling One Million Dollars A Year For Life SuperPrize!

American author Horace Greeley is credited with penning the line “Go west young man” back in 1865. The west is where he thought rich opportunity existed — agriculturally — for the person who was ambitious enough to leave the increasingly-developed eastern U.S.

To translate that phrase into smart, politically correct, 2011 language, I would say this: “Go to pch.com, men and women of all ages.”

Whether you go east, north, south or west, you’ll have a hard time finding a richer opportunity– financially — than you can find RIGHT NOW at pch.com.

That’s right! Just as seen on TV, if you enter the Publishers Clearing House Sweepstakes online at pch.com and you could win what could be the biggest SuperPrize in our history: $1 Million A Year For Life!

The deadline for PCH online sweepstakes entry is February 15th. While some might be tempted to procrastinate, thinking that date leaves plenty of time to enter the sweepstakes, they would be forfeiting more opportunities to win. Wise old Horace Greeley would not approve! You see, our Official Rules allow you to enter every day and thereby increase your chances of winning. In other words, you can enter today, tomorrow, the day after that and every day until February 15th – while the procrastinator might only enter once and thereby have only one chance to win.

So don’t waste a minute. To enter the Publishers Clearing House Sweepstakes online click on this link to pch.com and get started! Whether you live in the east, north, south or west, it would be my great pleasure to arrive on your doorstep on February 28th to announce “YOU have just won A Million Dollars A Year For Life!”

Good luck!


Dave Sayer


P.S. To the many bloggers who wished me well for the new year, my sincere thanks – and my apologies for not responding to each one individually. Happy New Year to you all. As mentioned in my December 25 blog, I am retiring from “active duty” at Publishers Clearing House; but I will still be posting blogs every now and then and re-joining the Prize Patrol from time to time in 2011 as a Prize Patrol Ambassador.

1,668 thoughts on “Enter the Publishers Clearing House Sweepstakes Online for Riches Beyond Belief”

  1. Maria E. Rodriguez says:

    I have been entering Publishers Clearing House sweepstakes and buying products from this company since 1976. I do not want 10 million nor 7 million nor 5 million nor
    1 million for life. I only want to win enough money to pay off our debts and help our children if possible. My husband and I are trying to live on social security and medical
    insurances and everything else keeps going up, but our fixed income does not
    increase so that we can keep up. Just 25K or 50K would be appreciated. Thank you
    for your excellent service and for my magazines and other products I have purchased over the years!

  2. Connie Hiatt says:

    I would be so grateful to win the top prize ! So many people I could help !

  3. cottie lopez says:

    A Guadalupe I am ready to ride for tonight for the giveaway is 6085 for the Lincoln Mark II plus I like to answer my giveaway for 6900 for $7,000 a week for life on October 21st 2016 plus I’m in training for the 1 million for tonight giveaway 6085 I am in it to win it I hope and I pray that my dreams come true for me and my family has been a long journey I am a VIP member have been won Publishing Clearing House in December 10th 2010 I hope and I pray that our dreams come true waiting for price for child to come with the big check maybe on top of the waiting list on his tab check saying Guadalupe Lopez on it for either $5,000 a week for life or $7,000 a week for life pray that our dreams come true for me and my family in Jacksonville Florida I am Insurance securing all my giveaway numbers 6884 400000 8035 Vermillion 6900 for $7,000 a week for life 6085 for 1 million I am hoping and I’m praying that tonight will be my night thank you so much Publishers Clearing House what a little bit Lopez Show Now from Jacksonville Florida I am dedicated evening morning night and I leave so bad to make my family’s dreams come true October 21st 2016 for the giveaway or 6912 turn into giveaway 1400 thank you so much

  4. I’m so ready to win get new ride buy our house give my son an husband something really nice I’m here to win it all let’s finish this I love u PCH AWESOMENESS PRIZE CONTROL!!!!!

  5. Terrie says:

    im in it to win ,i know im going to win soon been entering for 10 years or more its my turn financial freedom getting a house, cruise ,car helping my family,thats my dream.Terrie Thomas

  6. Don Yates says:

    I received a PCH notice in my spam, but when I clicked on it to claim, it didn’t open.

  7. Sharon A. Lenzi says:

    I want to inter for Publishers clearing house contest,

  8. august -24 -2016 10;am I give anything win to be winner prize patrol show up at my front door my dream come true I pray for year I mary

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