Danielle Lam Prize Patrol

Danielle Lam Prize Patrol

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  1. MAY BEEBE says:


  2. Vanessa Miller says:
    June 24 2016 at 4:09 pm
    I have played to long. and now all my tokens. gone now I have to stared.all over just because. you all din’t send me. no email of my games now that. I have a new email it’s not.fun any moor.

  3. Kay says:

    Good luck everyone, to who may win, congratulations and enjoy.

  4. Vanessa Miller say:
    June 23, 20016 at 638 pm
    I wont to no why have. I not got my. email the one I all ways play now. I have a new email that I sent. ya’ll and I no that. ya’ll don’t want. me to start over. i’m kind of sad because I have. not got my email. in a hole month whats going.on with that I will see the clue. on the June 29 2016

  5. Hi Danielle,

    Looking forward to meeting you June 30 when the Prize Patrol arrives in Saxtons River!

    I’m joking of course, what with the 100,000-to-1 odds, or whatever, but I guess it could happen. I do have a couple of questions, “just in case”:

    1) From the start, my address has been listed as P.O. Box 744, Saxtons River, VT. This actually is my mailing address, located at our post office downtown. The street address for our home is 41 Corey Hill Road, in Saxtons River–about a mile away. Just for the record.

    2) When I paid my first invoice about a month ago, I included in the return envelope the results of a scratch-off contest that was included with my invoice. I was amazed. to match one of the three amounts that were hidden under the circle: It happened to be $1997.21. As I say, I included my result with my check, but have not heard anything since. Was this an actual “winning” number?

    All best,

  6. Bobby Ward says:

    WHEN WE FEEL HAPPY..It feels better
    Than, any feeling in this World…
    Happiness is just around the corner!

    1. Kay says:

      I agree,

  7. karen Street says:

    Daneille , My family Thanks the world for you ! And everyone that”s in the Prize Patrol Is The Best ! You help people with all there dreams to come true ! We believe one day or dreams will coma true also ! We thank the Lord for what we have each day ! We give Thank everyday ! We pray to the Lord some days To Give us help some days ! We still thank him for what we have ! AMEN .

  8. Sally G says:

    I play the Mahjongg toy chest game…and I have minutes left and it shuts me down. I want to win but I think at this rate it won’t happen. ‘DOOMED !!!!

  9. William says:

    I play everyday and no wins $ only tokens. I have been told one day on Intergam I’ve won 1st prize and 2. This was last week. What’s up

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