Danielle Lam Prize Patrol

Danielle Lam Prize Patrol

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  1. airrion T. Galloway says:

    Im really praying to see you all at my door it would be a blessing most people say I hope well hope isn’t as strong as faith and I know many of these amazing people want to win but I know GOD is going to bless my family My fiancĂ© family and our baby girl our college education and the people around us. I claim it in his name because life after highschool is hard

  2. kevin teague says:

    Yes Danielle I’m going out tonight with with too celebrate her last test on her online collage class hope I can steal do my online entry tonight I will have Wii Fiji so I hope it will be well god bless til then

  3. You – Danille Lam and David and Todd are very important people that people love to see come to their door.

  4. lorrie velez says:

    :* :* love yal danielle hope to see yal ; (

  5. lorrie velez says:

    I hope to see yall to help my family in need and others love yall so much

    1. Hope to see you Danielle My sister will be proud of me

      1. I’ve been playing everyday

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