Danielle Lam Prize Patrol

Danielle Lam Prize Patrol

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  1. JACKIE says:

    can you please tell me why the lotto game is not submitting my numbers..
    it keeps saying that the games are not played..BUT I DO PRESS SUBMIT AND PLAY MY FAVORITES.,BUT UNDER THE DID I WIN..IT SHOWS NOT PLAYED..

  2. James McCormick says:

    Hello Danielle. My name is James McCormick. I contacted pch customer service. I asked if I win. For prize patrol to meet me at my moms apt outside by bench. Her name is Shirley an she wants to play pch to
    Her phone number is 216-661-1995. Please keep this on file in case I win

  3. I am a 72 year old handicapped man who is with pch for over 40 years. I get a wwinning notice every year. I need some medical magic to rid horrifying every day pain in my aching body. I am just a number with your millions of your pch
    Recilients. Please hear my little voice crying out with my heart. Please in the name of our colossal God
    .” Have me a a winner of the pch contest. Plus I will take the crew out for victory dinner at mama leons/ in new york. Plus I have made a victory song for you guys. I will sing this for you. My email is/ creatorcreator.psimon@gmail.com

  4. hey Danielle>>Ime still here and ready to win>>

  5. alisa white says:

    What it would mean to me if I win it all. It would mean alot,mostly financial security to take care of my child and me but first thank god for the blessings,but I would.retire..

    1. alisa white says:

      A kind person recently said well you are due for a big win then it’s nice to get motivation especially after being in it to win it for 19+ years. But I will reserve my happiness for when pch show up at my door..

  6. alisa white says:

    Hey DANIELLE I like all the live feeds,you look stunning in your gown. You go miss thang. By the way Todd Sloane created the prize patrol.

  7. alisa a. white says:

    June29th,2016 it would be great after 19+ yrs at it,but anyone’s GUESS?

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