Danielle Lam Prize Patrol

Danielle Lam Prize Patrol

180 thoughts on “Danielle Lam Prize Patrol”

  1. Jim Allen says:

    You swallow 2 gallons of cum a day, don’t you?

    1. maybe you do but. I do not

  2. Yeah…good luck with that…I’m starting to believe what angel said

    1. Jim Allen says:

      Bryan, I think Danielle needs someone to shoot a thick, salty load of cum down her throat. That guy would be a REAL sweepstakes winner!

  3. Janice Evans says:

    Hello I would love to see PCH patrol at my door it would be a pleasant surprise.

  4. Who knows….maybe one day I will be a winner…I just don’t like all the negatively…. If u don’t play that’s ur problem

  5. Angel Mercado says:

    I came to terms that pch.com has you seaching just like madoff made you think you would become rich. Keep thinking that PCH will make you rich. The only one getting rich is pch. Think about it before your next search.

  6. Would love to see the prize patrol come back to the Permian basin…oh oh it would help out a lot…and if I’m chosen half of the winnings would go to the children’s hospital… God bless to all

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