Pyramid Solitaire PCHgames Online Tournament

It’s time for another exciting online tournament from PCHgames. This one-day tournament features one of our most popular online games, Pyramid Solitaire. Try to dismantle the pyramid shaped pile of cards to win the game in this exciting version of solitaire! The cards are dealt with 21 cards into a 6 row pyramid shape, starting with a single card on top. Keep the number 13 in mind, you are looking for pairs of cards that have a value that totals 13. Available cards are not covered by any other cards. From the available cards, remove and discard by clicking and dragging your mouse on all the Kings individually, and all the pairs of cards that total 13.

We’re giving out three cash prizes to the top three scorers: $1,000, $500, and $250. The top 25 scorers in this online tournament will receive 1,000 bonus tokens and all players will receive 10x bonus tokens for each game played! Don’t forget that you must register at for your high scores to be considered for the cash prizes in this one-day online games tournament.

Here are some tips that may give you an edge:
- Memorize which cards match together so you can match them faster instead of performing calculations in your head to equal 13
- Look at the cards in the Pyramid to figure out which cards will not be available in the draw deck. For example if you see three Queens in the pyramid, you know you will only get one Queen in the draw so you should focus on removing cards blocking the Queens to allow you to remove more Aces.

What are you waiting for? Head over to PCHgames now to participate in this exciting online tournament and give yourself the opportunity to win up to $1,000 cash! Who knows, maybe 13 is your lucky number.

Good Luck!
PCHgames Team

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gail block said...

I am the first to comment here YES the first. Well a labtop i can really use one for when i start back to school again please take alittle money off my school bill

angela grady said...

that would help me get on the right track

deldena smith said...

I want to here form you pch if i wone any entry this is deldena

    PCH Customer Service said...

    Hi Deldena,

    Winners of $10,000 or more will be notified in person by our famous Prize Patrol and winners of anything under $10,000 will be notified by Certified letter or Express letter. Best of luck!

    Rod @ PCH

Vickie Plasterer said...

I TRIED, I REALLY tried, but my hands are not as quick on the mouse clicker as I would like them to be.
Adding cards to total 13 was not the problem; I saw them everywhere, but just could not break them free !

I watched other very skillful players really rack up the Tokens and High Scores, but for the life of me, I could not clear any higher than the third row from the bottom.

I began to wonder if maybe having a touch screen P C or Laptop would make a difference.

OH WELL, it was fun, kept me busy, and I learned how to play another FREE game at

I can’t wait until we have another Backgammon tourny.

Backgammon, 52 card pick-up, Artic Solitaire, Klondike Solitaire Gold, PCHmoneybaggz, Spin to WIN, The Prize Patrol game, Disco Bowling, 5Roll, and a few others, I have down to a science. My husband enjoys the Majong circuit.

Today IS a GREAT DAY for racking up 5X the TOKENS playing any number of Free card games, and the day has just begun.
I am hurrying to get my kitchen work done, and will put on my first load of laundry. Got my husband’s lunch all packed, and ready to go. Coffee is made, and muffins are out of the oven. I am just waiting for his smiling face to appear from his shower. I can kiss him good morning, and then sneak in a game or two while he gets his dose of morning news.

I AM going to rack up the free tokens today, and apply them to the sweepstakes I have already entered.

HAVE A FUN DAY everyone, maybe I’ll ‘see’ you at the games!

Vickie P
Markle, IN

Big Lib said...

How come trophies are no longer being awarded? I had two for Backgammon yesterday (tokens and high score) and got neither.

Why do top scores and tokens reset everyday, when they used to reset just once a week, when the trophies were awarded?

How come the “History” category on Prize Patrol no longer works?

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