Lottery: PCH Vs. Mega Millions

On January 4, 2011, out of the thousands or maybe millions of lottery fans who invested their money, time and effort into entering the lottery, two of them won The Mega Millions Jackpot. The prize was split between the two lottery winners who lived in Washington and Idaho, respectively.

Something I found interesting was that this Mega Millions lottery Jackpot was actually supposed to be valued at $355 Million. It only rose to $380 Million after people bought $25 Million more in lottery tickets. According to an MSNBC article about the lottery winners, the weekend was when the most people rushed to buy these tickets. One waitress and cashier in the article even cited that there had to be at least 500 or people waiting on a huge line, leading out the door.

This also brings out a great point about PCH that makes Publishers Clearing House Sweepstakes too good to pass up! We don’t ever charge people money to enter contests and sweeps. Not only are ALL of them free, but the process of entering to win is much easier. Especially with this unbearable winter weather, how many of you actually enjoy piling on layers of clothing to walk the dog, let alone trek to the grocery/convenience store to buy a lottery ticket?

And our ways to enter sweeps online include useful tools, too! You can enter to win sweepstakes with our search engine, PCHSearchandWin, play tons of fun games at PCHGames, and access the original sweepstakes hub at All these sites make entering to win your favorite contest easy and accessible from your home, school or work!

Did you wait in line to buy one of these lottery tickets for the Mega Millions Jackpot? Let us know in the comments. One thing is for sure, you’ll never have to wait in line or spend any money whatsoever to enter the Publishers Clearing House sweeps!

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    I have been playing for some time now the list of games and prizes I never see awarded and I go to the winners sit why not let several people win instead of 7,000 a month for life in case people don’t know you guys make big money off the ads that run that people play day after day so peoplr that play are bringing in income I learned this from someone who let me know how a lot of programs get wealthy people are hurting some cannot work so to them this is a job making money for phc but they don’t know that

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