Try Shop And Win PCH’s Brand New Website!

“Take my advice, try Shop and Win, PCH’s Brand New Website!”

-Elliot M., PCH Online

I did a bad thing at work.

I went on the internet to “surf” for a few minutes and it became almost an hour!

Thank goodness I was at PCH’s brand new website, Shop and Win, at, so I could claim this foray was “job-related.” I just wanted to see what the new “shop and win” experience was like. Well, you can do just what the name says – shop for what you want and get opportunities to win. And, to add to the amusement, there’s a comic little genie that tells you about featured items and special deals.

shop and win genie

At Shop and Win there’s a winner every hour, with a fun countdown clock that ticks off the minutes and seconds until the next hourly winner is announced. A huge balloon bouquet explodes when the newest hourly winner’s name is revealed. Today there’s a chance to win $1000.00 cash to pay your bills, which is something everyone could use!

I’m a big movie fan, so I checked out some of the DVDs at PCH Shop and Win. There were comedies, dramas, family movies, inspirational, and more. I saw GLEE: The Complete First Season … I’m going to have to get that for my 15 year old daughter. Then I saw Iron Man 2 and made a mental note to get that soon.

The AS SEEN ON TV section was packed with popular items. They had it all — SnuggiesTM … Pillow PetsTM … the Pasta BoatTM. It’s ironic that I now buy all my AS SEEN ON TV stuff on the internet and not from TV!

Then I noticed the DEAL OF THE DAY. Each new day brings a new value. It could be a high quality Olympus® camera, a popular magazine like Woman’s Day, or even an irresistible fragrance like Burberry® Classic for Women – Eau de Parfum Spray.

Finally I found myself shopping in the magazine and book section. I ended up getting Sci-Fi Magazine, since I’m a big science fiction fan, and a fascinating title called Scientific American Mind.

When it comes to PCH’s Shop and Win, here’s my advice … check it out now. Just make sure you keep an eye on the clock!

Happy Shopping!

Elliott M.

PCH Online Creative Department

23 thoughts on “Try Shop And Win PCH’s Brand New Website!”

  1. Carla M Antee says:

    Is it still available

  2. Maple L Melton says:

    Why did you stop shop and win? That was my favorite I love shop and win every day something new and special. l love having the UPS man come to my job every day I love the saving I love nice and cheep please bring it back

  3. pat valosky says:

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  5. How will I know if I do win something or even the make my day a roller coaster? Hoping to win something. Loretta Edmiston

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  7. I like this new blog. I am hoping to win a new camera that you are giving away. Also hoping to win the giveaway for big $$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$ You should have received my certified mail today. Hoping to hear from you soon. Loretta Edmiston

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