Mega Millions Jackpot Winner Called Wife Out of Bed

Last week’s Mega Millions jackpot winner, Jim McCullar, called his wife out of bed when he realized he’d won. He was pale and shaking, but OK, when he hollered for her to get out of bed.

Here at Publishers Clearing House, our PCH Prize Patrol has surprised sweepstakes winners under all sorts of conditions. Some, like Jeff Jones from Attleboro Massachusetts, have been called out of bed by the ringing doorbell, while others have opened the door in bathrobes or pajama pants. Each and every time, though, the Big Check was a very welcome wake-up call!

Publishers Clearing House has awarded over $225 Million in sweepstakes prizes and we’re not stopping there! In fact, this month we’re offering a huge $1 Million A Year For Life SuperPrize! That’s what I call “mega!”

Why did we go all out this time? We wanted to kick off the New Year with a giant jackpot prize amount to encourage people to enter the Publishers Clearing House Sweepstakes.

Something else that should encourage folks to enter the PCH $1 Million A Year For Life is that it’s absolutely FREE! Mega Millions jackpot winner Jim McCullar bought his lottery ticket at a supermarket, but there’s no purchase or fee necessary to enter or win the PCH SuperPrize. It’s like a “free lottery“.

Recent news stories about the Mega Millions jackpot prize have reported that a second winning ticket, sold somewhere in Idaho, has not yet been claimed. If that winner doesn’t come forward to claim the winning number within the required time limit, he or she won’t be declared a winner and will forfeit the prize money. At PCH, if an eligible matching winning number is not timely returned for our $1 Million A Year For Life SuperPrize, we will hold a second chance drawing to randomly pick an alternate winner of $1 Million. Either way, a new Publishers Clearing House millionaire winner will be announced on TV and online at on February 28th.

So, what are you waiting for? Enter the PCH $1 Million A Year For Life Sweepstakes and on February 28th you could win a “mega millions jackpot” of your own!

Good luck!

Deborah Holland PCH
Deborah Holland

Executive Vice President

PCH, Publishers Clearing House

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