Deborah Holland PCH

Deborah Holland PCH

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  1. Erik marquez says:

    High deborah its Erik Márquez not Mrquez

  2. reginald dixon says:

    Hi ,Ms Holland, My is Reginald Dixon I can not return email because of school district computers. please call me at (412)482-7018 so I my talk to you about claiming prize that belong to me Thank You. Mr. Dixon Have a nice day!

  3. Richard Figone says:

    I need the name’s of ur team members right now I’m talking to a Mr. Dave Sayer and I need to know who’s on ur team because I’m thinking this is a scam because I was told by someone that thier not supposed to contact u personally or I might be wrong please let me know so if I can say I’m sorry

  4. Hi Deborah Holland, how are you doing? This is Paul G. Carlson…Yes, I want to win $10,000.00 every week for life and double $5,000.00 every week for life Gwy. No. 4900 on Nov. 25th. I really want Big Check SuperPrize to deliver to my house and walk up the front door and knock knock the door. Surprise me PCH Team come to the front door. Deborah Holland, I have put lot of my entries. You better check my entries go thru to PCH Control Service whatever is. Please recheck again. I can not waiting PCH Team to my house to deliver Big Check SuperPrise. Please help me to win this time. U hope is will be my luck this time.

  5. dear deborha please pick me as the next winner so i can help my husband and daughter,we lost our home and we dont have any money because of mrdical bills and other expenses,please let my family make it financialy,thank you very much,mrs knapp

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