Deborah Holland PCH

Deborah Holland PCH

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  1. Robin Doss says:

    Ready to win the Money Ms Holland!

  2. Donna says:

    Dear Mrs Holland How are you today I am so excited that I heard from you my beneficial no is 15-35-04 I am in it to win it as you can see 7,000.00 a week for life my numbers is 4900,4950,4650,5035 I am thank you form my bottom of my heart thank you and god bless all of you at pch

  3. Cary says:

    Ms. Holland thank you for The Beneficiary Claim 15-35-04. Yes I would love to win the GWY.4900=$2,000,000.00 on 08/31/15. I’m excited and praying for this moment to become a reality. Once again thank you and have a blessed day.💐

  4. Caroline Himes says:

    DearMrs Holland how are you, I’m doing good because we hear from you and I know your heart has always helped the community!! I can’t thank you enough for being here for ME and my family!!!! Its like a dream come true,(( you are)) I can’t thank you enough for wanting to help my family as you are!!! Mrs Holland I just love you!! My family just loves you!!!!a real blessing .Thank you,thank you Thank you!!!!!!Caroline Himes spring hill Florida

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