Deborah Holland PCH

Deborah Holland PCH

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  1. Hi Deborah, Yes it would be such a big blessing for me and my family to win $10,000.00 since we never won anything before, my six grandchildren would love to go on a trip together. happy Halloween!!!

  2. Gerome says:

    Hi Deborah. How it would be a blessing for me and my five kids as a single father

  3. Zastawnik, Christopher says:

    Just want to see if this comment show up with the others

  4. wow who would have dreamed you would be so adorable

  5. jessica lambert says:

    Good luck everyone

  6. Debra M Rolland says:

    is it real

  7. rennetta dixson says:

    What A Blessing It Would Be For The Dixson Family!!!

  8. Frank Guzman says:

    Hi ! Deborah, yes who wouldn’t want to win a million dollars, I would that way, I can really get a real home for my kids, to call their own, and those that are in need, of food, and shelter, winter is not so far away, and people out there, still need help, from hunger and shelter, clothing etc..

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