Deborah Holland PCH

Deborah Holland PCH

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  1. kit a basham says:

    the first shall be last and that the last shall be first D@C30

  2. angela. stubblefield says:

    Hi debra , i was wondering if you soulf open a door, for me and my sister. All weve had was each other. Weve had a rough life being bounved around like we were garbGe when we were young due to alcholic parents .we raised ech other. With the love knowing we support each other e. motionally . My sister has parkinsons and suffer from rickets. Watching her getting sicker. Is tearing me up. I also hVe vascular heart fisease. We need to move to a better place. Know we can live comfortable and cleaner. I want my sisterto have a nice home i would care of ot was a small one bedroom shack as long as its all ours. Obe been doing all i can my health is bD . Please help us god bless you debra

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