Deborah Holland PCH

Deborah Holland PCH

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  1. Teresa Repp says:

    batch# 7736382 email # 1102923 is this real or a scam? I received this email today june 10th Teresa

  2. Jon. S says:

    Dear Ms. Holland,

    My name is Jonathon Shereston. My ID# is 002518781923. My order# is 3053225943110. I just received one more letter from PCH saying that the game has been extended to July 25th. In the 2 previous letters you said that by June 30th the company was going to make a decision who wins or who lose.

    I was very happy because, at last, there was going to be a decision.

    Let me tell you a little about me. I’ve been unemployed for a while and I am living in a small room with my parents who are helping me out. So you can understand that money is running extremely short. But I make a sacrifice. If my name is leading to something positive.

    I keep buying as much as I can, even though I need the money to buy my baby’s diapers. But I like the game and I try it but I’m disappointed.

    And now I’m disappointed again. Right now, I think this is a cruel game bc your letters is making me believe that I was going somewhere.

    So, could you kindly tell me what happened to the opportunity from the 30th of June? Or is this what the game is supposed to be? That you can say I’m about to go somewhere and then then opportunity is taken away.

    I do everything I can to participate in the game. I even send it express mail so it doesn’t get lost. I would like you to tell me how is this game and what happened to the 30th of June.

    Thank you,

    – Jonathon

    P.S my email address is only for you, not to sell it to anybody else. My email address is private.

  3. Hello Deborah Holland, Executive Vice President.
    I have received a Letter Of Intent for $5,000.00 a week for life. Ms Holland, Can you Authorized for Release my Letter of Intent, because I know you is a Contest Officials at Publishers Clearing House. It is PCH Intent to have the Prize Patrol to personally visit my home at 421 River Street, Paterson, NJ 07524.



  4. Alicia Caraballo says:

    Please my friend Deborah i need your help i receive letter of intentar i want to win i need it any prize will be good in this moment i need help. I am doing my best with this little phone. Because i need help in this moment. I think that using a phone i wont win nothing because i just hear of computers. I dont have and i dont know how to use. Faith moves mountains. So come on down prize patrol South Philadelphia Faith Please help Come On Down

  5. Deborah Holland, I have a concern regarding the PCH Lotto. I have called into your tech service to fix the Adobe Flash Player on the PCH website. PCH tech support guy stated there is a issue for person’s with Apple/MacBook pro laptops where the PCH website Flash player will not work. Funny I have had this laptop for over a year and a half and the PCH Lotto page flash drive will not bring up the graphics to play the lotto. I want this fixed since I want to win tokens and also show I want to win a sweepstakes. So, can you light a fire under the inspiration to have some integrity to fix the problem?

  6. Hi Deborah Holland , I have received your email in reference of a letter of intent. And I’m in PCH sweepstakes Notice Data 06/21/2016—-06/30/2016 I Dennies. Carver. accept the the matching number and the prize (s) is approved to be given to the select winner my reference ##0239250858 & I’m in this for a financial freedom from giveaway #6900 I have been selected as the full owner of this prize .

    Thank You
    Dennies Carver

  7. Earl says:

    Me to this is what I recieved,

    Attn: PCH Winner,

    Your Winner #: 10398393

    Reference #: 3838382922

    Batch #: 3009290101

    You have been selected through your e-mail as our finalist winner Dated 20th of June, 2016.

    For more information and claims directives do contact our agent Deborah Holland on address ( )


    (Publishers Clearing House)

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