2011 Off to A Sweepstakes Winning Start For A Lucky Missouri Woman

Winning the Publishers Clearing House Sweepstakes sure changed Malenda Gibson’s luck.

2011 did NOT get off to a very good start for Missouri resident Malenda Gibson. On New Year’s Day one of her several dogs, a rather large barrel shaped one, got in Malenda’s way and caused her to fall over him and — WHAM – break her leg!

Jump ahead to Thursday, January 13, when Malenda’s luck changed considerably. There she was laid up at home, her leg in a cast up to there, immobilized with a walker in front of the TV when her son Tyler said, “There’s a couple of vehicles pulling in. Let me see who it is.”  Seconds later he was back to report “Mom, I think it’s Publishers Clearing House.”

Sure enough. There we were — with roses, balloons, champagne AND a Big Sweepstakes Check … for $25,000!

The route to the Gibson home was not easy for us.  Our advance camera crew had scoped out the destination prior to the Prize Patrol’s arrival at the local florist where the roses and PCH balloons were being prepared.  “We better take our four-wheel SUV,” they informed me.  “The road out there is icy, and there’s a lot of fresh snow on the very long driveway to the house.”  Their recommendation turned out to be a very good one.  As trusty as our Prize Patrol van is most of the time when delivering sweepstakes prizes, its front-wheel drive wasn’t up to these treacherous conditions.  We might have wound up in a ditch — or worse.

It’s customary for the Prize Patrol to draw the winner from inside the home to the front door so we can videotape the sweepstakes winning moment in day-lit splendor.  But this was not possible because of Malenda’s condition.  Plus the temperature outside was bitterly cold!   Even the hardy Gibson dogs wanted to get inside for some warmth.

And boy did it warm up fast when the Prize Patrol walked in!

Malenda’s first words were “I don’t believe it.”  Then she cried “You’re kidding!  Is this for real?  Oh my gosh!”

We assured her that what was happening before her eyes was absolutely real, not a commercial she was seeing on TV.  “It really does happen!” Malenda exclaimed.  “And I recognize you too,” she said realizing that she had seen me in mailing packages and on TV leading the Prize Patrol to winners’ doors.

Malenda could only shake her head, saying “Amazing” — to which Tyler nodded in wholehearted agreement.

Before long husband Mark and son Garrett were home from work and had to agree that Malenda’s persistence in entering the Publishers Clearing House Sweepstakes, both by mail and online, had really paid off.

The local newspaper was also present, and you can see their coverage at this link: http://www.vernonpublishing.com/Leader-Statesman/Main/

So a year that started off with bad luck has already turned into a lucky year for the Gibson family.

How’s your year going so far?  It’s only January — which means there’s lots of time to take advantage of the 2011 prizewinning opportunities at pch.com and our growing network of “Play and Win” websites.  A simple click here will get you started.

In show business they say “Break a leg” to bring good luck to opening night.  Malenda might not agree; but I’ll pretend that all of you reading this are in show biz and wish you luck by saying …

Break a leg!

Dave Sayer

PCH Prize Patrol Ambassador

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cherrilynn bisbano said...

Congratulation Melinda that will help you heal with a smile

Lori Erickson said...

Congratulations Malenda,
It sounds like your luck has changed for 2011. I hope you have a great year. It was good to see someone win unexpectedly in January it gives others something to dream about. All the best to you and yours.

gail block said...

Not going to say a thing just MISSOURI this makes hmmmmmmmmm big winners i will blog it

Michael Rolle said...

Such a wonderful Ending for the Gibson, family it truly goes to show bad accident had taken place but good thing happens to good people when something bad has happen moments like this is Considered a “miracle” even tho the pets she love sent to her rescue! a Surprize in return to mrs. Gibson even One she could’nt have even imagine. the Prize Patrol Arrived at her doorstep Ready to make Smiling Faces good things Sure happens for a good reason !!!is that she WON!

Valenda Johnson said...

Congrats…to Malenda Gibson and Family…sorry to hear about your accident (your leg)… but, what a wonderful bandaid to cover it all… I mean the PCH-Patrol handing you a surprise check for $25,000.00… What a wonderfuld dream come true…I pray that you leg heals well and that you enjoy your winnings…God bless you!!!

Vickie Plasterer said...

A BIG HAPPY CONGRATULATIONS to YOU Mrs.Malinda Gibson !!! SO sorry about the leg!
I wish you a speedy recovery.

I loved reading this Blog as we were told to JUMP ahead to January 13, 2011. I’ll bet that Malionda would have wanted to be able to JUMP ahead, instead of having to lay on her sofa with her broken leg propped up on pillows.
AH, But now Malinda, YOU CAN AFFORD to BUY the BEST and MOST COMFORTABLE PILLOWS AVAILABLE to Prop up your leg, and to tuck under your head and back. You’ve got to keep that circulation flowing and the swelling absent.

Since you NOW have the money, may I suggest that you sign-in to the new PCH
SHOPAndWIN.com site.
I happen to know that there are some SUPERIOR PILLOWS AVAILABLE there for a very LOW COST, (AND a BIG BONUS, NO SHIPPING FEES!) There is a JUMBO PILLOW that would be perfect for your situation now and even after you recover. (I would buy two)

I hope you at least got to order in your favorite meal as you celebrate YOUR BIG WIN !


Vickie P.
MArkle, IN

I am not giving false advise when it comes to the type of pillow that feels the best.

I have been in your situation, Not having tripped over my doggy, but with having to prop the leg(s) up due to fractures.

I guess that your poor doggy is seated right there by your side; every minute watching your every move so that you do not get hurt again.

colette wallace said...

Congratulatons Melinda. I’m glad Dave Sayer made your dream come true. Get well soon and enjoy your windfall. Bless your heart.

Teresa C. said...

Congrats………..To you, hope your leg heals fast so you can go SHOPPING!!!!!! I keep waiting for PCH to come to my house. I can only dream!!!!

Lisa N. said...

Hello & congratulations to you Malenda & family!
Owwwch I hope that you get well soon! I’m sure that u r on your way?
Malenda, your dogs weren’t in the pic?


Dave! How r ya? I knew some1 would think of an suv!
was it 1 of those nice hybrids that you were possibly giving away?:(LOL

I’d sure love for my entries to pay off! I’ve entered just about in ev. which way.hehe

PCH, not sure I heard that u were headed out!:)
surprise surprise!

How’s everyones new year coming along?


Rochelle Poke said...

Con grated I just want to say that I’m so happy for you and your family.I’m from MO too I no that God is in the blessing business.He is soooo good.
God Bless and keep you and your family.

maria platt said...

i am so happy for you my mother and step father are from missouri and they have won too.