Publishers Clearing House and McDonald’s – Millionaires in Common!

Unemployed and out of luck – Publishers Clearing House Winners in all types of financial situations have relished in receiving that big check worth anything from $5,000 to $1,000,000. Similarly, there was a recent story about Jonathan Kehoe; a local Wisconsin man who become a “MCMillionaire.” He inherited the title after winning a McDonalds sweepstakes where he scored $1,000,000, – a prize very similar to the Publishers Clearing House SuperPrize!

Kehoe said it was his nephew and limited budget that lead him to McDonalds where he would pick up a snack, and unbeknownst to him, the Million Dollar Prize. If hunger brought that sweepstakes winner to McDonalds, then what brings people to Publishers Clearing House and their online sweepstakes? Current PCHers may have first noticed Publishers Clearing House from the TV commercials, which most recently advertise the PCH sweepstakes prize as $1 Million a year for life (you can enter to win that now, as a matter of fact). Or they could have heard of PCH as a child; maybe while watching other family members “sweeping” through the mail.

Another similarity PCH winners have with the McDonalds sweepstakes is their location! In fact, PCHSearchandWin’s very own Online Marketing Development Coordinator, Danielle Bertellotti, has been to Wisconsin as part of the famous Prize Patrol! She manned the PCH van and travelled with the other members of The Prize Patrol team to deliver a “Big Check” to one of the many lucky winners.

Do you live in Wisconsin or want to see other PCH Winners from Wisconsin? Check out the following PCH Winners:

Diana Lamoreaux Bayfield, WI $10,000.00 Nov-2009

Mrs Linda Shapiro Manitowoc, WI $10,000.00 Nov-2009

Ms Dolores E Terry Salem, WI $10,000.00 Nov-2009

And if you want to see how Diana Lamoreaux of Bayfield, Wisconsin reacted to the beloved Prize Patrol, check out the YouTube video: .

The “Prize” Queen

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