$5,000 a Week for Life – Where Did it Go?

For many PCHers the $5,000 a week for life big prize of 2010 is something they’ve been dreaming about. After PCH Blog readers read about the $5,000 per week for life PCH online sweepstakes opportunities, we hear countless stories of how $5,000 a week for life would solve their hardships and restore hopes and happiness

The $5,000.00 a week for life PCH sweepstakes is probably one of the most popular searches that PCHers look for, but one that may be more exciting is the $1,000,000 a Year for life sweepstakes that’s going on now. Million dollar online sweepstakes opportunities give PCHers hope to change their lives with big payouts certainly worth the free entry!

Even though the $5,000 a week for life sweepstakes is exciting, the $1 Million a Year for Life sweepstakes has also been gaining lots of praise from PCHers. One example lies on the PCHSearchandWin Fan Page, where tons of PCHers just like you are voicing out on how they would prefer to use the millions in sweepstakes money. The choices are: Go on a shopping spree, Pay off your bills, Donate to a charity, or All the above. To see what other prize choices, PCHers picked and to let us know which option you would prefer, visit the PCHSearchandWin Fan Page.

And while you’re exploring our Search&Win tab for the lifetime sweepstakes poll, spend some time telling us if you’d want to win $1 Million per year for life rather than the PCH prize of $5,000 a week for life.

Either way, PCH is ready to give away $1,000,000 a year for life on February 28th. Please don’t forget to enter our fabulous new million dollar sweepstakes before February 15th which is the last day to enter!

The “Prize” Queen

1,397 thoughts on “$5,000 a Week for Life – Where Did it Go?”

  1. Migdalia says:

    My dreams are my Son’s dreams they are saying PCH would change our Future life. Hope and Grateful 🎋 😆 Hope 🎋 😆 believe thanks 💖 💕 💗 never ever Give up! 😊

  2. Daniel Riffle says:

    Great I’d like to win,we’ve had very high medical expenses in the last 5 years and the well is running dry

  3. I want to win $5,000 a week give that special person a dream of their life Aug.31

  4. Paul Ouwinga says:

    I want the $5000 a week for life!! Come on baby, make it happen!! :) August 31, 2015 is my lucky day.

  5. carmen white says:

    I would preferred to win the forever prize on august 31 of 2015 and i want to thank you for this opportunity of the life time.

  6. Nancy Erickson says:

    Im disabled and i am always overdraft.
    My ssd isnt enough.
    I would love to see you at my house
    With a giant check, balloons and flowers
    To tell me i won $5,000.00 a week for life
    I could teally use it. Please. Please please
    I cant get to my pc. Downstairs.
    And i can only play on my phone
    But im finding old emails in my junk files.
    I would take the prize money. And share with
    My significant other. Of 26 years.
    He takes such good care of me. Id love to be able to give him a better life.
    And i could get my treatment and transplant.
    And we can have a better longer life together.
    He WORKS two jobs AND takes care of me.

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