$10,000 St. Patrick’s Day Sweepstakes Is All Green

The $10,000 St. Patrick’s Day Sweepstakes entry opportunities are being delivered so make sure to keep an eye out.

People from all over the U.S. and Ireland try to keep the luck of St. Patrick’s Day on their side in all sorts of ways (usually in ways that involve overusing the color green). Turns out folks in Illinois celebrate their St. Patrick’s Day by dying the Chicago River green.

Are you feeling the luck o’ the Irish in ya? Well one PCH lover sure will—and you don’t even have to have anything green at all. You see, Publishers Clearing House is giving away a big cash prize of $10,000.00 this St. Patrick’s Day, March 17th!

This prize from Giveaway No. 1805 is going to be personally awarded by the Prize Patrol. Though we didn’t have time to paint the blue blazers for the holiday, the Prize Patrol will still be awarding the GREEN.

But for a chance to win this cash prize, you have to enter from one of the special Bulletins. They will be promoting this exclusive, online-only cash prize. If you already receive bulletins from pch.com, you will soon be seeing opportunities to win big. And if you’re not getting bulletins from pch.com, simply go to pch.com … enter … and make sure you indicate that you want to receive opportunities to win from PCH.com.

How much fun would you have with a $10,000.00 St. Patrick’s Day sweepstakes prize? With that kind of money, you could treat your family to a new home entertainment system, pay off bills, put the money in your retirement account, or even take a vacation to Ireland. All we know is that the winner of this St. Patrick’s Day sweepstakes prize will have one of the most exciting St. Patty’s Days ever!

1,456 thoughts on “$10,000 St. Patrick’s Day Sweepstakes Is All Green”

  1. barbara says:

    That would so nice to win on a lucky day. Like St, Patrick’s day. I am wishing I do…..

  2. Theresa Cote says:

    GOOD LUCK For entry on PCH Search&Win-ST PATRICK Day prize, $10,000 EVERYONE. I’D LIKE TO WIN TOO. Theresa Cote

  3. Dan Breland says:

    I would like to buy my sixteen (16) year old daughter a used car.

  4. I pray I win, but good luck to everyone.

  5. Jazzminah Warner says:

    I would just LOOOOVVVVVEEEE to win $10,000.00 then i could support my 3 week old baby and my family!!! I could then move out this horrible place im living in and get me a way better place that my 3 week old son, husband, and I can live happily in!!!!! I will be crossing my fingers and pray that i win!!!! As many times i be on the PCH website, i should win!!! well GOODLUCK TO ME AND EVERY1 ELSE!!!!!!!

  6. Joyce says:

    I am Irish…What a true green joy that would be…WOW $10,000.00 green ones…YAY…

  7. I wish this would happen, but I know it never will. but any way I wish all good luck…

  8. joann says:

    my church is in a little building so we our wanting to build a new church so if i win we will paint some of the inside and out side green.praying to win a new church.

  9. Crystal Moore says:


  10. HELENE BASSETT says:


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